Monday, April 30, 2007

Dolphins Draft Grade

Dolphins Draft Grades Are In:

-Yahoo Sports: A+ (“First three picks should all become starters quickly… Beck could be ready by opening day.”)

-Mel Kiper Jr: C (“Passing on Brady Quinn was ridiculous.”)

-Football’s Future: C- (“How you can pass on Brady Quinn, who would have been a steal at nine, is beyond me. Ginn was a reach, and I feel John Beck quickly became overrated as the draft approached.”)

-NFL Draft Scout: D (“This was hard to figure. The Dolphins have plenty of needs yet they used their first pick on an undersized receiver. Right now, Miami looks bad.”)

-The Dude: C

This draft will always be remembered for the Dolphins passing over Brady Quinn. In future draft broadcasts, when they show those past draft montages, the first clip of 2007 that they’ll show is commissioner Goodell saying “With the 9th pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select Ted Ginn Jr …” Quinn uttering, “That’s surprising” under his breath and Chris Berman making some kind of hippopotamus mating sound as he expresses his shock.

This draft will make or break Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller’s tenure with the Miami Dolphins. This draft will either get us where we want to go, or set us back another decade.

In ten plus years, passing on Quinn will either have people calling Mueller and Cameron geniuses, ala Scott Pioli and his drafting backup Michigan QB Tom Brady in the 6th round of the 2000 draft … or they’ll be calling it our Sam Bowie moment.

Fair or not, Ted Ginn Jr. will always be compared to Brady Quinn, even though they don’t even play the same position. And if QB John Beck doesn’t pan out and he becomes the next Jim Druckenmiller, the fans and media will always look back and say, “We coulda had Brady Quinn” just before setting torches to the practice bubble in Davie.

I’ll say one thing about Mueller and Cameron: they have balls the size of the Goodyear airships that fly over Dolphin Stadium during every game.

No matter what happens, this draft will never be looked at as trite. Not for the Dolphins. It will always be looked at as the draft where we had Quinn delivered to our door step and we refused to sign for the package. If Quinn goes on to have a Hall of Fame career while Ginn and/or Beck turn out to be just average or worse, 2007 will be the defining moment for this franchise in the new millennium. If this draft class doesn't pan out, these Dolphins will fall from the NFL's summit of “franchises with rich tradition” like the Cowboys, Redskins, Steelers and Packers and will be hurled into the pile of refuse of incompetent perpetual losers like the Cardinals and Lions.
So grading this Dolphins draft class can’t really be done today.

Check back in 3 to 5 years. Where we’ll either be looked at with envy, like we all do with New England. Or we’ll be the laughing stock of the NFL for years to come.

Cam, Randy … you better know what the hell you’re doing!

But for now, I’ll give this Dolphins draft a grade of C.

(C is good. I was a C student and look how I turned out!)


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perspective: Ginn & Beck Could Be Real Deal

I was able to calm down and re-think the Dolphins draft. Read my article over at The Phish Tank where I re-cap the first day and make an argument that maybe the Fins made the right moves after all.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dolphins Draft Pants Party (Live Blog) Round 2

Goodbye Dan Marino

Back For Round 2. The Dolphins have 2 picks in this round ... so we get to see them f-up two picks in the same round. Very rare. (Remember, hit Refresh to see the updates)

Dolphins fans are ready to riot over Cam and Mueller's passing over Quinn for Ginn. Cam tried to calm the masses in a brief press confrence that can only be discribed as awkward. The fans attending the Dolphins draft party won't let him talk as they boo and jeer and chant "Brady! Brady!" What a mess. It makes me wanna laugh. Then I realize this is all really happening and my head explodes. See the mad mob video here.

Cam assures us that Ted Ginn and his family will be really good. I heard his Mom is a devastating blocker.

More angry Fins fans speak out.

So proud to be a Miami Dolphin fan.

Still with me? Let's go. Onto Round 2 ...

3oth Pick: San Diego Chargers select... WR Craig Davis, LSU. I like this kid a lot. Good pick for the Bolts. They seem to know what they're doing... maybe I can be a Chargers fan. By the way, LSU is kicking ass today. They're the new UM of draft day.

Bears on the clock... some say they could pick up one of the QBs we're supposedly looking at.

Keyshawn is showing signs of strain... much like a bank robber trapped inside a bank with the cops and SWAT outside. He's been sitting next to these ass-clowns all day... he's gonna pop.

Keyshawn just snapped at Mel Kiper Jr.

We could see Keyshawn kill a man before the day is through.

Greg Olsen is going to go to Chicago. Great pick for them. A friend of mine who is a big Bears fan was hoping they'd land Olsen without having to trade up for him. Maybe I can be a Bears fan. They're a year removed from the Super Bowl and their front office seems to know what they're doing.

(By the way, I know the 2nd round hasn't started yet. But I decided to kick it off early in case the Dolphins are one of those teams rumored to move up late in the first)

31st Pick: Chicago Bears select ... TE Greg Olsen, The U

Mel Kiper just compared Olsen to Todd Heap. Heap has been a source of frustration for me on the fantasy football front. I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying...

True story that just happened: My Dad just stopped by. I opened the door and he said, "What the hell happened?"

I told him the Dolphins screwed the draft.

He shrugged and said, "Jack-asses." Turned around and left. My old man drove several miles to tell me the Dolphins are being run by jack-asses.

That's Dad. Always perceptive.

Roger Goodell just told us that this has been the longest first round in NFL Draft history. That explains the smells imminanting from my body.

32nd Pick: Indianapolis Colts select ... WR Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio St. Ted Ginn's teammate. I think he actually had more receptions and yards than Ginn last season. I think I'm going to be a Colts fan.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Mr. Personality! Bill Belichick! He and Chris Berman are making jokes with each other. I think we've suffered long enough today, Fat Man .. let's move on...

33rd Pick: Arizona Cardinals (from Oakland) select ... DT Alan Branch, Michigan

Buffalo moved up to the 34th pick. Traded with the Lions...

34th Pick: Buffalo Bills select .. LB Paul Poslust ... Postlek ... Poscaca ... Posluszny, Penn St.

35th Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select .. OT Arron Sears, Tenn.

ESPN just showed John Beck, Trent Edwards and Drew Stanton. Miami will pick in 5 selections. And among these three remaining quarterbacks, they will take ..... WR Joey Heckert, Queens College... Or maybe a long-snapper ...

36th Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select ... QB Kevin Kolb, Houston. WHAT??? Philly and Miami are officially infected with the Rick Spielman virus. Crazy. Eagles fans are pissed. Not as pissed as Dolphins fans. But pissed nonetheless.

Well, one less QB on the board.

37th Pick: SD Chargers select ... S Eric Weddle, Utah

The ESPN ass-clowns are now giving it to the Eagles front office jackasses. Giving the Miami front office jackasses a bit of a break.

38th Pick: Oakland Raiders select ... TE Zach Miller, Arizona State. Good pick. The Crypt Keeper has had a solid day so far.

39th Pick: Atlanta Falcons select ... OG Justin Blaylock, Texas

Ok. Miami's next.

Some names still on the board: QB John Beck, CB Chris Houston (whom I love!), WR Steve Smith (whom we could've gotten here had we gotten Quinn instead of the punt returner).

40th Pick: Miami Dolphins select: QB John Beck, BYU

Know what? Good pick. He's the guy they wanted all along and some scouts say he's not far off from Quinn. Does this excuse them reaching for Ginn Jr with the 9th pick? Absolutely not. But I'll take it. I like this kid a lot. He was among the top of my QB wish-list along with Quinn, Kolb and Stanton. So I am very happy with this pick. Way to make up for it, Muel.

Also ... I called it! Yip.

The ESPN guys are marveling at the Cam Cameron meeting with Dolphins fans. "Like quelling a mob!" Berman said. "Your first pick with your new team and the fans are already coming after you." Steve Young blurted.

Mortensen just called Beck a "tall" Drew Brees.

Next Fins pick will be #60.

John Beck is a Mormon, by the way, and spent a few years on Missions. Well ... at least he won't cuss in the huddle when Ted Ginn runs the wrong route.

John Beck: Oh fudge sticks, Ted! Run the gosh-darn route properly, guy!

Ted Ginn: Hey f#$% you, man!

John Beck: I'm sorry I said 'darn.'

There's our future, folks. The next Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

Panthers took C Ryan Kalil with the 59th pick. Damn. Figured he would fall to us. Not that that the numbnuts in the FO would take him or anything. But, whatever.

60th Pick: Miami Dolphins select: C Samson Satele, Hawaii

Could be that the Fins had Kalil in their sights and maybe settled for Satele instead? The Bears Olen Kruetz was a second round pick. Maybe we got another Kruetz? Maybe.

Satele had a solid Senior Bowl. He's athletic and a solid player. He could also move over to guard if needed. A solid pickup, especially if he can help fill the gaps we have on OL.

Third Round

71st Pick: Miami Dolphins select: RB Lorenzo Booker, FSU

This could be a potential steal pick. Obviously they had Booker rated higher than Michael Bush. Many scouts say he was mis-used at FSU and played behind a poor offensive line. He was expected to be another Warrick Dunn. Booker is a fast player who should be a nice change-of-pace back behind Ronnie Brown. Miami is adding speed to this team, that's for sure.

So now, what happens to Ricky Williams? He'll likely be reinstated. But maybe he becomes trait bait?

And when do we start addressing the secondary and offensive tackle?

Dolphins' next pick: 4th round, # 108


Ted Ginn Jr.

WR Ted Ginn Jr.

For whatever it's worth, maybe this highlight reel can makes us feel a little better:

You can also read the scouting report on Ginn that we did over at The Phish Tank for our MVN mock-draft. I can't believe we got it right.

I also called Ginn a sleeper pick in my final mock draft.

See you during the second round...


MSD Dolphins Draft Pants Party (Live Blog)

What this Dolphin team needs is MORE COWBELL!!!

And with that, we live blog the draft... I'll start at 12:00...

Ok ... here we go. (Hit the REFRESH key to see the updates)

The opening montage ... Rocky music ... cool low voice ... over-dramatic sequences .... Did any one else catch the Brady Quinn slow motion shot when he's all wet? Is anyone else as turned on as I am?

All the casts of characters are here. Chris Berman, who will be sweating gravy in about an hour or so, is introducing everyone.

Jets fans boo Keyshawn's introduction. Gotta love Jets fans.

Mel Kiper is introduced.... He's fired up. They've pulled him out of his box in Bristol and wound him up. Chris Berman sweats gravy but Mel Kiper doesn’t sweat. He percolates. The guy lives for this day and when it finally arrives, he’s wired up like a crack head on Red Bull. He can pick up AM radio in his giant hair he’s so wired. Robin Williams thinks Mel needs to relax.

Commerical. I'm gonna grab a pastelito.

Commissioner Goodell is introduced. He looks like he just killed a man in the green room. Goodell is a bit of a bad ass.

The Raiders are on the clock. They will use their entire 15 minutes just to piss us all off.

Al Davis, aka The Cryptkeeper, is calling the shots from his cobwebbed chair. He wants JaMarcus. I think they should go with Calvin. How can you not?

(Ron Jaworski has a big face. Not a big head. Just a big face.)

FIRST PICK: Oakland Raiders select ... QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU

Now it gets interesting.

Calvin is laughing. Laughing hard. Looks like Calvin is going to Detroit. Either that or he's still "experimenting" in the green room.

I just got an e-mail from Roger Goodell to no longer make the joke I just made about Calvin above. He threatened me with something along the lines of stringing me up by my testicles, or something ...

SECOND PICK: Detroit Lions select ... WR Calvin Johnsin, GT. Best. Player. Period.

And look! Lions fans watching the draft in their stadium! Yes, America. They believe!


A shot of Brady Quinn with his girlfri ... uh, beard.


THIRD PICK: Cleveland Browns select ... OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin.

Holy crap! Brady is within shot!!! And I don't mean that in a gay way. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sal Pal just said Tampa Bay has an interest in Brady Quinn and his beard. Could be a ploy to force Miami to trade picks. Or could be that they take him since, you know, they have Bruce Grodkowski and a guy who's spleen exploded last year playing quarterback for them right now. And Jeff Garcia (speaking of beards).

FOURTH PICK: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select ... DE Gaines Adams, Clemson

The Buzzsaw is on the clock. I predict they'll take Levi Brown.

Good lord, sweet Baby Jesus, I hate Sean Salisbury (jewchew!)

FIFTH PICK: Arizona Cardinals select ... OT Levi Brown, Penn State. Told ya!

So, do the Fins trade picks with Washington? I think it depends. If the Redskins take anyone else other than LaRon Landry, then Quinn to Miami is even closer. If Washington takes Landry, then the Vikes could grab Quinn ... we'll see ...

Rachel Nichols. Ah. A repreave from the somewhat mannish Suzy Kolber. Nichols is not hot in the traditional sense but, you know, I'd make her my beard.

LaRon Landry and his pasty white agent are on their cell phone, pumping their fists. Seriously, Landry's agent looks like he was up all night doing enough blow to kill a rhino.

Looks like Landry is going to Washington. The suspense will continue because Quinn is sitting somewhere on Minnesota's draft board.

Seems like whatever Washington offered Muel.. it wasn't enough.

SIXTH PICK: Washington Redskins select ... S LaRon Landry, LSU

The mannish Suzy Kolber is interviewing Quinn's leathery agent, Tom Condon. He thinks Minny will take Peterson.

Adrian Peterson is on the PHONE!!!!

SEVENTH PICK: Minn. Vikings select ... RB Adrian Peterson!


Why does ESPN hate Miami? They've been doing everything possible to get Quinn to go anywhere else ... Trey Wingo= Jackass. Michael Smith=Voice of Reason.

Big Face says Quinn will be coached well in Miami. I've been saying all along, the marriage would be perfect. Now if only no other team offers antyhing to Atlanta for their pick ... we're good to go ... Trey Wingo put that scenario in my head. Trey Wingo=Dickhead.

EIGHTH PICK: Atlanta Falcons select ... DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas


NINTH PICK: Miami Dolphins select ... WHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTT?????????

WR Ted Ginn Jr, Ohio State

I just threw up on my key board.

Meet the new boss, Dolphins fans.

Same as the old boss.


DAMN!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!!!!!



Ok. I've calmed down. My couch and coffee table are now joined as one across the room.

ESPN is rubbing it in. The Dolphins made a huge mistake here. And you know what? ESPN is absolutely right. I don't care that Quinn might be rated lower than the other QBs to the Fins. This is THE guy. And how can you possibly have Ginn rated higher than Quinn? How can you reach for a one-legged punt returner at 9??? How can you be sure the other QBs will even be available to us in the later rounds? The Dolphins screwed the pooch here. But I'm not shocked. They've been reaming us fans for the last decade.

Could be that Randy and Cam have John Beck, Trent Edwards, Drew Stanton or Kevin Kolb rated higher than Quinn?

Or it could be that they have fecal matter for brains.

Yea. That's what it is. What else can it be?

Anyway ... I'm taking a break from the live blog and will resume with it when the Dolphins make their next pick in the 2nd round. See you guys then.

Now excuse me while I go stick my head in the oven.


Friday, April 27, 2007

We Interrupt Fins Draft Rumors For An Important Announcement…

One last reminder for you to join me tomorrow as I live-blog the NFL Draft and make a total disaster out of this site.

It’ll be my first time live-blogging. It’ll be like we’re watching the draft together. Except that we can’t see each other. And you can’t see how I look unshaven with pizza roll crumbs all over my chest and beer stains on my shirt. And my smarmy comments will be what keeps you entertained and will make the time go by quick.

Alright, I know, it’ll probably be a debacle… but it’ll be fun.

I’ll be starting at 12:00 PM and I’ll be watching the ESPN coverage. Why ESPN? Because most people don’t have NFL Network AND ESPN personalities make easier targets to bash and make fun of AND I’m a masochist who likes to hear Chris Berman drone on and on and reveal to us the pick exactly one second before the commissioner makes the announcement. Plus I really think Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are going to go 12 rounds of bear-knuckle boxing with each other. AND I think Keyshawn Johnson will be a train wreck of an analyst.

So, come join me at noon as we watch this thing unravel all the way up to the ninth pick and possibly beyond.

Also, last chance for you to enter the MSD Draft Contest. I have about 114 entries already, so get in on the fun dammit.

See you guys tomorrow.

Until then, keep checking the post below for any breaking news, rumors and more false reporting from PFT!


MSD Draft Pants Party (Pre-Party)

Well, this is it. Draft Day eve. Keep it here as I'll be posting rumors, news and miscellaneous whatnot throughout the day right here.

Also, today's the last day to submit your Mock Draft Contest entry. And a reminder to join me tomorrow as I'll be live blogging the draft right here. JD from SporTech Matter is going to be at the Dolphins training facility at the Fins Draft Party (Look! JD in a bubble!) and will be sending me pics for me to post here during the live-blog. So, MSD has got you covered on all goings on for your Miami Dolphins draft crap. Weee.....

Now ... on with the bullets:

Updated 5:53 PM

- The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins placed a call to Brady Quinn today. Quinn said he received a voice-message from QB coach Terry Shea. While Shea helped Quinn prepare for the NFL combine and this could be interpreted as a courtesy call to one of his students, the Herald speculates that the call was made to make sure Quinn knows he's Miami's number one choice and that they'll trade up for him should he fall pass No. 3 (or maybe even before that?).

This same article says that the early report from PFT (see below 3:25 PM) that the Raiders had a deal in place with Quinn is NOT TRUE. ProFootballTalk. Pfft. ProFootballLIES! I say. Anyway ...

Updated 5:40 PM

- My third and final Dolphins Mock Draft Rounds 1-7 has been posted over at The Phish Tank along with a prediction on how Brady Quinn will fall to the Fins at 9. I also list 3 Dark Horse picks AND a couple of bold predictions. Sheck it ow, mein...

Updated 5:34 PM

- Armando Salguero is confirming that the Chiefs are willing to accept a 4th round pick from the Dolphins for Trent Green. Salguero says that this is a sure sign that Carl Peterson wants to get a deal done before the draft is over. That means Mueller has to stand his ground even more. Accept our seventh or f%$# off! Salguero predicts a deal will be done by Monday.

Updated 4:50 PM

- PFT have addressed what we covered here in what John Clayton said about the Trent Green talks. Clayton said that the Chiefs are willing to now take a 4th round pick for Green and PFT says that that would be a fair deal. BUT ... I say to PFT, "What you talkin' bout Willis???" The Dolphins do not have a 5th round pick. This makes their one 4th round pick even more important. Screw PFT and screw Carl Peterson. Memo to everyone: The Chiefs are NOT going to keep Trent Green. They are NOT going to pay him 7 million to be a back up and he is NOT going to accept a trade anywhere else. So Randy needs to remain steadfast. The Chiefs are going to have to release Green eventually. Or let pride take the best of them and get reamed by paying someone 7 million dollars to hold a clip board. NO 4TH ROUND PICK FOR GREEN!!!!

Updated 3:39 PM

- There are constant rumors that the Cardinals, who pick 5th overall, like OT Levi Brown more than they do OT Joe Thomas. (Here and Here.) Thomas could go as high as No. 2 to the Lions or, if the Lions take either Russell or Calvin, then Thomas would fall to the Bucs at No. 4. The Bucs have said that their second choice after Calvin is Thomas. This means Arizona would then take Brown at 5. So, with Quin, Russell, Calvin, Thomas and now Brown all gone ... what do the Dolphins do?

As a side note, Mel Kiper Jr. and the new kid Todd McShay are having another spirited debate on Sports Center. Kiper seems to be the more aggressive one. No doubt he fears this new young buck who is challenging his draft-guru supremacy. This is why I'll be watching ESPN's draft coverage. Could be that Mel and Todd have a Thunderdome-like battle right there at Radio City with McShay ripping Mel's still-beating heart out his cracked chest cavity while he turns to Chris Berman and Chris Mortensen and shouts a primal scream towards them. "Anyone else wanna dance with the Toddinator? What about you, With Me Leather Fat Man? I'll take you on too, Mr. I Make Shit Up For TV Ratings Mortensen! Arrggghh!!!!!!!!"

That should be awesome.

Updated 3:25 PM

- PFT is reporting a rumor that the Raiders are closing in on a deal with Brady Quinn. This flies in the face of all reports saying Oakland wants JaMarcus Russell. Could be just a rumor. Could be true. Keep in mind that last season everyone was saying Reggie Bush was without a doubt going to be the first pick to Houston. Then they screwed the pooch and drafted Mario Williams. As for Russell, I don't think he's on Miami's radar at all. Either way, he's not getting past the first 3 picks no matter what.

Updated 3:15 PM

- ESPN's Sports Center Special (airing now) has a few nuggets of interest. Michael Smith says his sources tell him the Raiders are going to take JaMarcus Russell with the first pick, even though they are really tempted with Calvin Johnson. John Clayton said that there is more than a 50% chance the Browns will take Brady Quinn with the third overall pick. He also said the Trent Green talks have made "some" improvements. According to Clayton, the Chiefs are relaxing on their stance for a 2nd rounder but are still not accepting Miami's offer of a 6th rounder. So the talks are moving but getting nowhere. There was also talk of the second-tier QBs moving up in stock. The talking heads there are saying that both Trent Edwards and John Beck are moving up rapidly and could even be late first rounders.

Whew! That's a lot of info to digest. But the breakdown is bleak for the Fins. With Cleveland taking Quinn, the Fins lose Brady. With Beck and Edwards moving up and being taken before Miami's second round picks, the Fins lose their plans A and B at QB. However, if the Raiders do take Russell, then that's one less team in the running for Edwards or Beck. So there's always a chance. But if either or both go before Miami's 6oth overall pick (with the Lions and Bears rumored to be targeting a QB with their second picks), then they're screwed on the QB front. There's always Drew Stanton and Kevin Kolb but the Fins don't seem to be too high on either of them (not sure why.)

Updated 1:07 PM

- The Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov reports that Ohio St. WR Ted Ginn Jr. is on the Dolphins' draft radar. This is especially true if the Fins trade Marty Booker, who is believed to be a chip in the on-going Trent Green trade talks. Me and my Phish Tank homeys drafted Ginn in our MVN mock. He's a divisive pick. But I am in the minority that likes him. He's not my preference. But I don't think he's going to be a bust by any means. All the stuff he's getting knocked for is fixable. But one thing you can't coach is speed. And speed kills.

- The Sun-Sentinel's Alex Marvez participated in a nation-wide NFL writers mock draft. His pick: Brady Quinn.

- Pro Football Talk reports that the Browns, who hold the No. 3 pick, are choosing between Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas (not Adrian Peterson, reportedly). So this means that Quinn falling to the Fins is still a real possibility. PFT also says that the Vikings, previously believed to like Quinn, are actually targeting LSU S LaRon Landry.

- Armando Salguero has an excellent post today on the latest pre-draft rumblings going on with the Fins. Salguero confirms that the Dolphins will try to trade up for Quinn if the gets past the 3rd pick. He also confirms that the Dolphins like BYU's John Beck over all the other second-tier QBs.

- I'll be posting my 3rd and final Dolphins mock draft over at The Phish Tank later today.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is John Beck Dolphins' QB of the Future?

The Palm Beach Post's Greg Bedard and Edgar Thomson both say that out of the second tier of quarterbacks entering the draft Saturday, the Dolphins like BYU's John Beck the most.
"The Dolphins favor John Beck of BYU. He's closest to being game ready. And at
25 years old, thanks to a Mormon mission, he's much more mature than the other
players. He's a guy you could feel confident in leading your team."

Of all the college football I watch (and I watch a whole hell of a lot of college football), Beck is the one guy I saw the least of last season -- only because BYU is hardly on TV. But I've mentioned here before that I like this guy. From what I've seen, I like him a lot. He's really accurate, cool in the pocket and looks to have a great head on his shoulders. I'd call him a poor man's Brady Quinn, in that he's not a big name and he doesn't play for a big program like Quinn. If the Fins are, in fact, targeting him. I can live with that.

Here's a brief scouting report on Beck:

- He's very accurate

- His passes are very crisp and he has a great touch with a very good quick release

- He has a pretty strong arm.

- He has nimble feet and good pocket awareness and can take a hit

- He's very smart and a savvy football player

In other words, he has all the makings of a QB Cam Cameron loves. Beck's draft stock has sky-rocketed in the last few weeks and draft-guru Mel Kiper Jr. has him ranked 5th, just under Trent Edwards, with his ranking rising by the day. Beck has also drawn comparisons to Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. And who drafted Marc Bulger when he was GM of the New Orleans Saints back in 2000? Randy Mueller.

We know the Dolphins are going to draft a quarterback this weekend. We know Quinn is their preference. But we also know that getting him will cost them picks. Which means Beck could be the man.


Culpepper Issues Statement

Daunte Culpepper issued a statement about his health and his status as a Dolphin via an e-mail to Sun-Sentinel beat writers. Funny, why didn't I get an e-mail from C-Pep?

Here are some of the highlights:
"As it pertains to being traded or released I don't get to make that call so I will await the Dolphins decision. I am sure that they will do what is in the best interest of the team. While those decisions are being made, I am continuing to do everything I can to prepare to play at the level of expectations of the Dolphins (if they keep me) ...

"When I was cleared to practice and play ahead of schedule that meant that my ligaments were stable. However, I was not 100% by anyone's evaluation in terms of mobility. During the Buffalo game of 2006, while being tackled, I injured my knee cap which had nothing to do with my three ligaments. ...

"As I continued to rehab during the 2006 season the pain under my knee cap did not go away. I visited my surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who gave me good news and bad news. The good news was that my initial three surgically repaired ligaments were progressing very well. The bad news was that I would need a scope procedure to fix the knee cap pain. The thought was that since I was in the midst of healing and not expected to play I might as well get it fixed. Dr. Andrews let me know that it would be 4-6 months of healing. In comparison to the major surgery to fix three ligaments this procedure was considered to be 'minor'. ...

"I plan on playing at a high level for a lot longer in this league, so I want to do what is necessary to get healthy and stay healthy. ... "

My thoughts: The only thing new I can gather from this is that Culpepper hurt his knee cap and, according to him, Nick Saban benched him because of that. Meaning his being benched in favor of that gun-slinger Joey Harrington had nothing to do with A.) his surgically repaired knee -- you know the one that blew up in Minnesota -- not being ready or B.) The fact that he both held on to the football like he was waiting for opposing defenses to stop playing and would throw it to the other team quite a lot when he did decide to pass.

Other than that, I gather nothing new here. You have to assume the Dolphins are well aware of all of Daunte' health situations, so they're gonna do what they're gonna do. And maybe this was just his way, as a "player agent," to get it out there that he's fine so that once he is cut (or traded) he can land somewhere and still be affective. (*cough* Oakland)

Your thoughts?


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dolphins Mock-Draft Rounds 1-7, part 2

Sorry for the lack of posts today. Work has me runnin circles.

In the meantime, there's this: I posted my Dolphins Mock-Draft Rounds 1-7, Part 2 over at The Phish Tank.
Take a gander and leave me a shout out, yo!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicago Rolls, Heat Down 0-2

Heat Fall to the Bulls 0-2

Random thoughts from Game 2:

- D-Wade is half the player he should be. This is no longer about Wade’s usual struggles against the Chicago defense. This is about a super star being hobbled by injuries. The bum shoulder and the knee tendonitis are killing his game.

- The Heat look old. This exactly what I lamented about when I previewed the 2007 season. Miami did nothing to get younger in the off-season or before the trade deadline. Pat Riley’s often stubborn insistence to stick with veteran players is now biting us in the ass. Zo looks spent, Gary Payton is 756 years old and Jason Williams is a mess. He injured his foot in Game 1 -- I know, shocking! -- and has turned into Sucky McSuckerson ever since.

- I’m all for the love fest we fans throw at Eddie Jones. But it’s time to say it: He’s playing with the deer in the headlights look right now. He’s lost out there.

- Say, here’s an idea: Why not start the NBA’s best 3-point shooter?


- It’s bad when we’re looking for James Posey to bail us out.

- We need more effort from the Crushernaut. He’s been invisible the last two games.

- Can’t believe I’m saying it, but ‘Toine’s hustle has me wanting him to start Game 3. Jesus, that's desperate. But true. This Bulls team is an energetic bunch and we need good ole Leroy Jenkins to provide some kind of spark for the geriatric Heaters.

- Games 2 and 3 are now suddenly the proverbial “must win games.” We win our home games, it’s a whole new series where anything can happen.

- Frustrated but not worried. These are the champions. I fully expect them to act like it in the next two games. But urgency is the key word.
And Rebounds.


Will The Dolphins Trade Up For Brady Quinn?

MSD Nation member and all around awesome dude, the handsome-sounding Brian, asked me an interesting question yesterday in the comments:
"There's talk of the Fins trading up with either Washington or Minnesota if
Quinn starts to slide. How much do you think we'd have to give up to make the
jump? The chart says an early third to get up to 6 (250 points) and a late third
to get up to 7 (150 points). Think either of those teams would be willing to
take just our third? Or in Minnesota's case maybe our 4th this year and a late
draft choice next year? Additionally, do you think we should make that move if
possible? I know you're high on Quinn."
His question inspired me to do two things: Think. And write. I don't do either one very well, but I did manage to squeeze out an entire article on the subject, which you can find over at The Phish Tank.

Will The Fins Trade Up For Brady Quinn?

Go read it. Tell me what you think.


Monday, April 23, 2007

Dan Marino Says Be Patient Dammit!

Monday Draft Bullets:

- The Great One tells us all to be patient. Listen to the Great One! Being a life long Dolphins fan and frequenter of blogs and forums, one thing I can say for sure about most Dolphins fans is this: They're an impatient and sometimes very unreasonable lot. But this is exactly what we need. Patience. Even with a new "offensive-minded" head coach, the 10 draft picks, the fact that this team will draft a QB somewhere in this draft, the aquisition of LB Joey Porter and the possibility of landing Trent Green ... it's going to take time for this team to become a true contender. Can the Dolphins turn it around in one year? Certainly. We have the New Orleans Saints of the world to show us it can be done. But the odds are against it. So if we end the 2007 season sub .500 again, don't bitch about it Dolfans. It's going to take time. So chill the hell out and let's have a little faith. Or Dan Marino will find you and kick your ass. Then he will find everyone you've ever known and kick their asses too.

- Fox Sports lists the top draft needs for the Dolphins. Somehow, quarterback was left off the list. Yet they manage to list a position I personally think needs help but most are ignoring: Defensive Tackle.

- We could be hearing "Allllrighhhtt Miiiiiaaamiiii!!!!" on the radio on Sundays again. WQAM will be broadactsing Dolphins games again. My question is, will they pair Jimmy Cefalo with Jim Mandich as the play-by-play and color guys? Talk about contrast in styles. One (Cefalo) sounds like he should be welcoming mourners to a funeral home, the other (Mandich) sounds like he's high on a cocktail of Moutain Dew, Coke, Diet Coke and actual coke. Should be fun.

- Ethan Skolnick says the Dolphins must take an offensive tackle with their first or second pick. Must.


Oh What A Week It Shall Be

- Heat loses Game 1 against the Bulls. The rebounding was atrocious, the foul trouble – um - troubling and all in all, the Heat were outplayed. Still, they were in the game the entire time and the Bulls couldn’t seem to put the boys away. And in the end, we were within 3 points and a rebound from taking it into overtime. So, I’m disappointed. But not worried. Game 2 Tuesday.

- This is quite a week for Miami sports fans. The Heat are in the playoffs defending their title and will be bringing the series to Miami Friday and Sunday. Oh and there’s a little shindig called the NFL Draft on Saturday and Sunday.

- My prediction on the Trent Green thing: A deal will not get done until sometime Saturday, while the draft is in progress. But only once Carl Peterson finally realizes he has zero leverage and decides to accept Randy Mueller’s offer of a 6th round pick. Supposedly, the perception is that we’re desperate for a QB. That very well may be. We are desperate to a degree. But we’re not stupid. Unless the spirit of Rick Spielman takes possession of Mueller’s soul this weekend, I don’t see Randy caving into Peterson’s “hard-ass” posturing (as cute as it may be).

- Just another friendly reminder to send in your MSD Contest entry (deadline Friday @ Midnight). So get to it. Even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing – and really, who does? – send one in. Steal Mel Kiper's mock draft, he's always right! Cut and paste a mock draft from another site or blog or make up names for all I care. Just get in on the fun. I’m enjoying reading the entries I’ve already received. And don’t forget to visit me when I live blog the draft Saturday and really take this blog to the next level (from the trash heap to the toilet bowl, baby!)

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Shaq Will Play TE For The Dolphins: Heat-Bulls First Round Preview

Bruised and battered warriors. Bruised and battered champions. That’s what the Heat are going into today’s first game of the NBA Playoffs in Chicago. It’s been a snake-bitten year for the world champs. Consider the following:

Only once has the core of last year’s championship run been on the floor at the same time in a game this season; Shaq, D-Wade and J-Will have started together only twice; then there has been all the injuries: Jason Williams, Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton, Jason Kapono, Udonis Haslem, James Posey, Shaq and, of course, D-Wade, have all missed significant time with injuries. Hell, even Pat Riley had to miss some time to recover from hip surgery.

The ecstasy that was June 2006 seems like a distant memory now. And the boys enter the 2007 post-season with a AA Arena-sized target on their backs. And they enter it in hostile territory.

We all know the facts. Wade struggles against the Bulls. He averages only 17 points whenever he plays in his home town of Chicago. The Bulls are notoriously physical and notoriously streaky. The Heat can be brilliant or downright frustrating.

But the one factor folks forget every season – especially last season – is the Shaq Factor. While Wade will struggle due to his still not being at 100% and with the fact Chicago plays him tough, this has to – and will – become Shaquille O’Neal’s show.

It was Shaq who stepped up last post-season against the Bulls. In Game 6 of the 2006 playoffs against Chicago, The Diesel pounded the Bulls with a 30 point, 20 rebound performance. While Wade was relegated to somewhat “average” status, Shaq picked up the slack – and whether it was pounding the rock down the middle or making 4 or 5 excellent passes to open teammates, Shaq was the center-piece of that series. And he’s going to have to be again. This first series needs to be Shaq’s series. And he knows it. And he will act accordingly.

Dan Le Batard recently had a 10 question session with O’Neal.

The final two questions:
Has there ever been a more physically gifted athlete in sports than you?
“Never. Nobody.''
I've always thought you could have been the NFL's best tight end . . .
I would have to agree with you. I like physical contact, and I have great hands. If the Dolphins want to sign me, three years and $25 million. Throw it up like an alley-oop. I'll go get it.

Go get it, Big Aristotle!

Prediction: Heat in 6

(Sorry, but no time for a movie-themed preview for this round. I’ve got a crazy busy day today. I’ll make it up to you next time.)

Heat-Bulls First Round Series:
GM 1: @ CHI, Sat., 3:00 PM
GM 2: @ CHI, Tue., 8:00 PM
GM 3: @ MIA, Fri., 8:00 PM
GM 4: @ MIA, Apr. 29, 1:00 PM
GM 5: @ CHI, May 1*
GM 6: @ MIA, May 3*
GM 6: @ CHI, May 5*



Friday, April 20, 2007

The Dude's Dolphins Mock Draft 1.0

If you haven’t seen it yet I --- wait –-- the boss is standing over my shoulder. Excuse me while I type away on my keyboard and look busy.

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Okay. He’s gone. But before he left, he asked me to do some things for him. Which means I’ll be away from the PC probably for the rest of the day running errands for his fat ass.

Anyway, to keep you occupied, if you haven’t seen it yet, head on over to The Phish Tank and take a gander at my Dolphins Mock Draft Rounds 1-7, Part 1.

Let me know what you think, you savvy Dolphins dudes and dudettes. I’d appreciate it.

I’ll be back to wrap up the day’s news and give my weekly wrap-up. Until then, you can find any breaking news over at SporTech throughout the day. You can also join in on the picture caption fun over there as well. Tell me my entry isn’t comedy gold!

Anyway, catch you guys later.

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Dolphins Fire RB Coach Bobby Williams

The Dolphins have fired RB coach Bobby Williams. Williams, if you recall, was asked by Nick Saban to come join him and his staff in Alabama (or Alabami, if you prefer). Williams decided, instead, to stay with the Dolphins. The Dolphins did say they would honor his contract this year but gave Willaims the boot anyway.
The timing is a little strange because teams fire guys right when the season ends or right when the new guy arrives. Doing it right before the draft and when most teams' staffs are already set is a little shady. But I guess they have their reasons.

By the way, Miami's rushing attack was ranked 22nd last season. That's partly because 420Ricky was in Canada, partly because Ronnie Brown danced a wee bit much instead of attacking oncoming defenders, and partly because Ronnie got hurt on Thanksgiving Day. And, oh yea, partly because our offensive line sucks ass.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Got 10 Picks

Wednesday Afternoon Bullets:
The Dolphins did not match the Rams' offer for punter Donnie Jones. We now have 10 picks in the draft. So, there you have it. Thus bringing an end to the most controversial item ever talked about here on MSD. Oh yea. Dolphins punter talk was the most divisive item ever talked about here on MSD. I'm such a contentious badass blogger.
Our friends (friends or friend?) over at The Phinsider likes Brady Quinn as much as I do. And he figures the chances of getting him are better now that the Lions and Bucs are reportedly talking swapping first-round picks.

- I just posted my full Dolphins Mock-Draft over at The Phish Tank. At post-time, I hadn't heard yet about the Donnie Jones thing, so use your imagination on how the Fins will use that 3rd 7th rounder.

- We'll find out tonight if the injury-riddled Heat will play the Cavs or the Bulls in the first-round of the NBA playoffs. But don't doubt the Heat. You doubt the Heat and Pat Riley will find you and beat you with a shoe.
See you guys tomorrow....

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Draft Stuff

Wednesday Draft Stuff:

- Randy Mueller says that the Dolphins' draft day approach will be "best available player." Which I completely agree with. Yes, there are a ton of needs on this team and yes that first pick should, ideally, be on offense. But best player available is best player available. If there’s a great future stud there – like an Amobi Okoye – you take him. This is how you build a football team. 1983 Dolphins? They had a quarterback (2 actually) that led them to the Super Bowl just the year before. Yet they took Dan Marino with their first pick. Even Mueller, when he was running things in New Orleans, took Deuce McAllister with a first round pick even though the team already had Ricky Williams on their roster. The recent sexy/popular pick on most expert mock drafts have Penn State OT Levi Brown going to the Dolphins. Now that Mueller has made his draft philosophy known, I am even more convinced than ever that Miami will pass on Brown.

- Still nothing on the potential Trent Green trade. The headline reads "No progress, but talks continue." What does that mean?

Carl: I'll give you Trent Green for your 2nd round pick.

Randy: No.

Carl: Oh. Hey! Howsabout you give me a 2nd round pick for Trent Green?

Randy: No.

Carl: I know! I know! Ill give you Trent Green and ... now listen to this ... all you have to give me is your second round pick! Ah? Ahh??

Randy: No.

Carl: (sigh) ... Ok. Ok. I hear ya. Wait! Wait! I got it!!! I got it!!! I'll say something and you answer without thinking about it, kay? Ready ... and ... 2ndroundpickforTrentGreen GO!....

Randy: No.

Carl: Damn!

- LSU punter Chris Jackson had a private workout with the Dolphins yesterday. says the Dolphins may take a look at former Hurricanes punter Brian Monroe (subscription required, so take my word for it). In other words, don't expect the Fins to match St. Louis' offer for Donnie Jones.

- I'll be posting my first Dolphins mock draft sometime this afternoon over at The Phish Tank. All 7 rounds of how I think they'll go. So check it out later ...

- And, by the looks of it, I'm not the only one in-love with Brady Quinn. (Just don't tell Tim Hardaway.)



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stand Your Ground, Mueller!

Tuesday Bullets (updated):

- The Herald reports that, while the Dolphins and Chiefs are still talking, there has been no progress made in the Trent Green trade discussions. Basically, KC President Carl Peterson is stubbornly refusing to accept anything lower than a 2nd round pick for Green. Peterson said that he will wait it out, even up until draft day, if he has to. He also used our recent trade with the Patriots as an example of why he won't give up Green for a second day pick:

''I told Randy that they made a great trade with New England,'' Peterson said, referring to a recent deal that sent receiver Wes Welker to the Patriots. "They got for what we would consider a third wide receiver and kick-return specialist second- and seventh-round draft picks. I told him that I think a starting quarterback is worth that."
Look ... I'm tired of bashing Peterson for having his head up his ass. He's clearly trying to get the best deal he can for his team, so you can't blame him for that. Howevva ... Mueller needs to stand his ground here. As I said yesterday, Peterson and the Chiefs are the ones under the most pressure to make a deal here. They're the ones that will owe Green big money if he stays in KC, and Green has made it clear that he will make it very difficult for any other team other than Miami who wants to trade for him. He's already agreed to re-structure his contract with the Dolphins. But he won't do that with any other team. So -- I cannot emphasize this enough -- Randy Mueller needs to stand his ground and not give in to Peterson's demands. A 2nd round pick for Green is ludicrous. Ludicrous I say!

- The Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov has a minicamp wrap-up and also gives a shoutout to Cam Cameron's good-guy approach in contrast to Nick Saban's assholeishness:
"It is a pleasure to actually have press conferences again -- and not press
confrontations -- like we did with Nick Saban on a regular basis. Clearly,
Cameron is more comfortable in his skin than Saban, who has some serious issues
with public speaking and a clear distrust for everybody - not just media.
Cameron charms us with hokey sayings and compliments our questions without
answering them, but it's still nice to lose the daily tension that Saban brought
with him. The Alabama reporters can deal with that now. The players seem more
relaxed, too."
Fialkov (damn that's a pain in the ass to spell correctly) also writes that the verteran players on defense are still distrustful of Manny Wright until he can prove he's mature. He also reports that Anthony Alabi will get a shot at the left tackle position. And he gives some positive news about the Fins' secondary:

"Let's hope that no team decides to throw a lot of money at restricted free
agent safety Yeremiah Bell because he proved that he's a playmaker once Saban
finally started playing him last season. I believe that a more relaxed Jason
Allen will display the athleticism at corner now that Saban isn't sitting on his
shoulder pads. He's a huge corner and hard-hitter. A healthy Travis Daniels will
also improve this season so the defense is absolutely set."
- Armando Salguero predicts on his blog today that the Dolphins will take Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, if he should fall to No. 9:
"If Peterson is there, the Dolphins take him, assuming someone like Brady Quinn
or JaMarcus Russell are already off the board...I've been told the Dolphins are
not going to fall into the trap of counting on Ricky Williams ever again."
At first glance, this sounds batshit crazy. And no doubt there will be cries for Mueller's head if he were to draft Peterson. But if the scouts and "experts" are right about him, Peterson is going to be the next great running back in the NFL. And given the precarious spot the No. 9 pick is, and given the fact that the FO is not in love with Levi Brown and the fact that many feel WR Ted Ginn Jr. is a big risk to take at 9 and given the fact that Peterson is ranked in the top 5 in this year's draft prospect class ... it's not all that crazy. There are needs aplenty on the Fins. So it'll all come down to drafting to fill needs or drafting the best player available. It's an interesting little argument Salguero makes here.
- Speaking of the No. 9 pick -- here is ESPN's All Time Best No. 9 Picks in Draft History.
Fox Sports' Adam Schein writes about Brady Quinn and places the Dolphins as one of the teams likely to land him. He also suggests that if (when) the Dolphins get Green, drafting Quinn or another QB will not be on the Dolphins' agenda -- which makes no sense to me. Of course it will! Besides, the FO has already said they plan to draft a QB sometime during the first day. Schein also points out that Quinn says the Dolphins have shown the most enthusiasm for his services and that Quinn loves Cam Cameron's cerebral approach to the game:

"I actually think this is the best fit for Quinn. He can deal with the pressure
of being, yet again in South Florida, the next Dan Marino. And Quinn raved about
his meetings with Cam Cameron and the Dolphin brass and says Miami has, perhaps, shown the most interest in him. He loved the cerebral nature of Cameron and the Dolphin brass in the interviews."
Cameron and Quinn seem to be a match made in heaven. And I've read and heard that Cam is really high on Quinn. I wouldn't be surpised if the coach somehow convinces Mueller to make a move up the board to get him. The door is still very much open -- not by much -- but still.


- Taking a somewhat uncomfortable, but necessary, break from Dolphins news and Patriot-fan bashing for a second ... Fanhouse blogger Nick Dallamora is a student at Virginia Tech. He posted a piece on his experience during yesterday's horrible tragedy up in Blacksburg. It’s a poignant -- albeit frightening --first-hand account that really brings home the overwhelming feelings of distress, fear and, ultimately, profound sorrow for the students of Virginia Tech and their families. Give it a read.

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Patriots Fans Are The Best

This is the "pizza-throwing" video from yesterday's Angels-Red Sox game. Most of you have seen it by now, I'm sure. But if you haven't, then why not waste 3 and a half minutes of your life and watch it now? (the NESN coverage is hilarious). You won't regret it.

"It's ultimately a tale of fans shit-talking each other
and one beleaguered Boston girlfriend just trying to keep the peace while her
drunken Red Sox boyfriend wants to fight. Basically, the guy who missed the ball
and received the pizza toss had, earlier in the game, been mocking the pizza
tosser for eating a pizza in the stands. So when he missed the foul ball, all
was fair game." [

One of the greatest mysteries of the Universe to me is not The wonders of DNA or Is there a God? or What's the meaning of life? or Will there ever be peace on Earth? No. The greatest mystery to me will always be why ... why on God's green earth ... oh dear Sweet Baby Jesus please explain to me why ... why have these New England uber-douchebags been able to enjoy 3 goddamned Super Bowl winning teams in the last 7 years while we've been suffering for 35 years waiting for just ONE???

Karma is a bitch. A mean-spirited bitch.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Culpepper’s Days Numbered?

All throughout this off season, we’ve been seeing and talking about how the new Dolphins front office has shown very little confidence in Daunte Culpepper. And now, more than ever, it seems that the failed experiment that was once affectionately known as Culpepper-the-Dolphins-Savior is about to end.

First off, there’s Armando Salgero, who wrote in his blog on Friday:
"...I suddenly realized Daunte Culpepper doesn't have much of a future as the Dolphins quarterback anymore…I am seeing new coach Cam Cameron distancing himself from Culpepper. It's not so much what he says about Culpepper, but rather what he doesn't say…Even if Culpepper were healthy, there is a big question whether he's the type of quarterback Cameron would want running his offense."
Then, there was Sunday’s article by the Sun-Sentinel’s Alex Marvez:
"A source said Saturday the Dolphins are set to make another run at acquiring
[Trent] Green from Kansas City and a trade should be completed this week…The addition of Green would likely spell the end of quarterback Daunte Culpepper's tenure with the Dolphins."

So this week, we could see some big changes at the quarterbacks spot (again). We could see Green become a Dolphin and we could see Culpepper getting the shaft.

At this point, there’s no use in crying over Green becoming a Dolphin. It seems pretty imminent. It’s just a matter of when and how much we’re going to give up for him. We just need to accept it. What the hell else can we do? Having Trent Green isn’t the problem so much as giving up a valuable draft pick is. But, to Randy Mueller’s credit, he hasn’t caved into Chiefs’ President Carl Peterson’s ridiculous demand for a 2nd round pick. Not yet, anyway. At this point, Peterson is going to have to settle for something no higher than a 4th rounder. Which I think would suck. But what can you do? If I'm Mueller, I'm not giving Peterson anything other than a 6th or 7th rounder. Peterson's the one under pressure here. He wants to unload Green before he's forced to pay him his $7.2 Million. Peterson's the one sweating here. And he's the one that's going to have to blink first.

Once Green becomes a Dolphin, it seems obvious that Culpepper needs to go. The Browns and Lions are both interested in Green, but he will only come to Miami. That tells me he knows something. That tells me, he knows the Dolphins QB job is his. That tells me, Culpepper will be gone. It also tells me the Dolphins will draft a quarterback this year. Someone who will be relegated to learning under Green while Green manages the store for a while. (Or at least until Teddy Bruschi cold cocks him and knocks him into early retirement. Cabbage.)

I guess I can live with that.


Friday, April 13, 2007

At This Rate, We Might As Well Just Call It A Season

Friday Afternoon Bullets:
Well, the snake-bitten Miami Heat continue to be, um, bitten by snakes. Dwyane Wade told reporters that, because of the tendonitis in his left knee, he can’t dunk.
"It's just real sore," Wade said of the knee. "The only thing I can do is
continue to do the therapy and then one day, I come in and it feels good. I know
it's not going to go away; I am just looking for a little relief."
Supposedly, the tendonitis makes landing a bit painful. So, there’s the good news heading into the playoffs. For the record, I did say Wade should’ve called it a year after he dislocated his shoulder. Now, we’re heading into our title defense in shambles and D-Wade's offseason is going to see more surgeries than Burt Reynold's face. As my friend Daniel Goldberg would say, "Oy vey!" Yes Daniel. Oy vey indeed.

- Startling revelations out of Tuscaloosa: Members of the Alabama sports media realize Nick Saban is an asshole! (And he still says “relative to” when he talks. What an asshole).

- Dolphins started mini-camps today. Here are some updates from the always excellent Greg Bedard. What stands out to me? Jason Allen is playing corner. Interesting. Jamar Fletcher 2.0 anyone?

- Wow. Plenty of feed back over my punter comments from yesterday. Mostly in e-mails as well as comments made here and over at Dolphins In Depth (if you noticed, I commented there and then someone called me a queer. Salguero's readers are the best!) and SporTech Matter.

Here’s my thing: I hear you about how good a punter Donnie Jones is. But look how sad we are. We’re debating the possible loss of a punter! We’ve gotten so used to the mediocrity of our offense and our propensity to go three and out on every possession that this is actually becoming an issue among Dolphins fans!? A dividing issue!? What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on around here??!! I’m sorry. But that’s just sad. Punters are a dime a dozen in this league and if the front office feels that the offer sheet is too much to match – for a punter – then I’m trusting that they know what they’re doing here. The argument is that Jones helps our defense because he’s a good punter. Fair enough, I guess. But – quick! – name the middle linebacker for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Ravens! Quick! – name the quarterback for the 2000 Ravens! Now – quick! Name the punter! Here's another test: Quick! - how many games did we win thanks to Donnie Jones' punting the last two seasons he's been here? (And don’t Google it either). See what I mean? He’s a punter for Petesake! Let. It. Go.

- Anyway, lost in all this silly Punter talk (sorry but it’s silly. I love you. But you’re being, well, just silly.), is Salguero’s take on what the Dolphins will/should do with the ninth pick. Salguero writes:

"Has anyone seen the Dolphins play lately? They do not score enough points to
win. It's been like that for about half-a-dozen seasons, which through no
coincidence, is about the time the Dolphins have been out of the playoffs."

Armando proposes we pass on defensive prospects like Amobi Okoye, Leon Hall and Alan Branch in favor of an offensive prospect. I somewhat agree with him. This is part of why I conceded to my fellow Phish Tank writers that we take Ted Ginn Jr. in our mock draft. We need offense. And, besides, this is a mock draft that has Joe Thomas going 8th to the Falcons. So, you know, that is as mocky as it gets. So we went with the sexy pick. And yes, this draft needs to be all about the offense.

Salguero also writes:
"...if the Dolphins do not land [Brady] Quinn in the first round, I'm told they will likely have Michigan State QB Drew Stanton on their radar in the second round."

Yessir. I have been touting Stanton here for a while. If we can’t land Quinn, I want Stanton. Some of you disagree. That’s fine. But he’s a hell of an athlete and has a hell of an arm. Go get ‘im Muel!

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MVN Mock Draft: It's Ted Ginn Jr.

After much debate, back and forth e-mails and extensive scouting reports, we at The Phish Tank selected WR Ted Ginn, Jr. in the mock draft.

We were sure OT Joe Thomas was going to fall to us. But the Falcons took him ahead of us. As I said in a previous post, this mock draft took some unexpected turns. In the end, it came down to Levi Brown, Leon Hall, Amobi Okoye, Alan Branch and Ginn.

The popular, safe pick would’ve been Brown. But I have deep reservations about him here. I’m just not sold on the guy.

Above everything else, the Dolphins need help scoring points. Their offense, if you haven’t noticed, sucks. And there will be plenty of offensive tackles to look at in the 2nd round and beyond. With guys like Calvin Johnson, Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell off the board, Ginn was the best pick to make here.

Anyway, come by and read our scouting report and reasons why we chose Ginn. Thoughts are welcome.

You can also click play and see for yourself:


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dolphins Are On The Clock (Updated)

Thursday Bullets:

- As I mentioned last week, is having their second annual NFL Writer's Mock Draft. We at The Phish Tank will be making our pick tomorrow morning. The mock draft itself has been a little screwy and unpredictable. Calvin Johnson went first to the Raiders, followed by JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn (argh!) and then, some surpirising picks -- Tampa Bay took DE Gaines Adams, then the Cards took RB Adrian Peterson, then Washington took S LaRon Landry, and the Vikings DE Jamaal Anderson. See who's dropping? OT Joe Thomas! Which means we'll be taking him if the Falcons don't. Otherwise, there's going to be fisticuffs among us Phish Tank writers because after Joe, there're a lot of disagreements. Anyway, come on over to PT and give us your thoughts. Then check in tomorrow morning to see our pick. If you want to see the draft so far, here it is.
- LOOK! PUNTER NEWS!!!! Wow. How lucky are we? Last week it was Olindo Mare news now it's ... that's right ... Donne Jones news! Yeee!! The Rams have signed Jones to an offer sheet. Which means if we don't match the offer, we get St. Louis' 7th round pick. I still can't believe some Dolphins fans actually debated the merits of Olindo Mare and losing him for a 6th rounder. They made cases like "touchbacks" and "reliable" and "I don't understand this move." (people ... HE'S A KICKER!!!!). But no doubt, there will be some debating about how we'll miss Jones' punting prowess. I say, see ya Donnie! Come on down extra 7th round pick! HE'S A PUNTER!!!!

- Brady Quinn "looked very sharp" in his private workout with the Dolphins. It looks more and more like Miami may try to trade up to get him. But they're going to have to leapfrog the Vikings and possibly even the Browns if they're going to get him. Dolphins fans seem to be split on this plan.

- Meanwhile, the Dolphins also had a private workout with Stanford QB Trent Edwards. Edwards' stock has been slowly climbing since the combine. And if the Fins can't land Quinn in the first round, they may look into pulling the trigger with Edwards in the 2nd -- although, I think their second choice would be Kevin Kolb, John Beck or Drew Stanton (and I would agree with either of those choices).

- The Dolphins may also look at WR with their first pick. They will host Ohio State WR Ted Ginn Jr. next week, according to the receiver's father. He might be a more realistic first choice if the Dolphins choose to go offense and choose to pass on OT Levi Brown. Ginn ran for scouts yesterday -- including Dolphins scouts who were present -- and clocked in a 4.38 40. That's disapointing for him. But he's still having problems with his bum ankle, which he hurt in the National Championship when his teammates mauled him during a celebration. Ginn's stock has been shaky ever since. Personally, I think he's too much of a reach for Number 9. But I do love his speed when he's healthy.

- Meanwhile, in Heat news: The Cavs and Bulls are in a race to see who will avoid playing the Heat in the first round.

That's it for now. Be sure to visit Phish Tank sometime tonight to give us some last minute imput on draft stuff.

UPDATE: The MVN Falcons went ahead and took Thomas. Son of a bitch! Didn't see that coming. So who's left? Levi Brown. Leon Hall. Tedd Ginn Jr. I'm not too jazzed about any of these guys. Come on over and let us know what you think.

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Heat Clinch! Hooray!


The Heat beat the depleted Wizards (barely) and won their 3rd straight Southeast Division championship last night. Miami is the only team to ever win the SE since the NBA split into new divisions. It's also their 7th overall division championship -- more than any other team in all of the NBA since 1996. That would be the first year Pat Riley was here. So before Riles, 0 division titles. After Riles, 7, 3 straight SE and 1 NBA title. But Pat Riley doesn't matter, right?

Anyway ... it looks like the Heat have locked up the 4th seed and, thanks to the wacky-stupid NBA seedings breakdown, they'll have to hit the road in the first round of the playoffs. Hit the road as division champs against a non-division champ. This is why the NFL is king.

While it was a frustrating game to watch, and while it sucks that Shaq and The Crushernaut are still out, it was still gratifying to see the guys pull it together and get the win and the division crown.

Even though it means absolutely nothing. Well, we get a pretty banner to hang in the rafters. But that's about it.



Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Today We Get To Find Out Who'll Kick Our Ass In 2007!

The NFL Network will unveil the entire 2007 NFL schedule on a special to be aired at 1PM Eastern this afternoon.

"Total Access will announce the 2007 regular-season playing schedule on a week-by-week basis, highlighting all the compelling match-ups."

So we’ll all get to see how exactly the Dolphins will end the ’07 season 4-12.

It’s always important to plan ahead.

Update 2: Well ... here it is. Your Miami Dolphins 2007 Schedule. With times:

Sept. 9 -- at Washington 1:00

Sept. 16 -- vs. DALLAS 4:05

Sept. 23 -- at N.Y. Jets 1:00

Sept. 30 -- vs. OAKLAND 1:00

Oct. 7 -- at Houston 1:00

Oct. 14 -- at Cleveland 1:00

Oct. 21 -- vs. NEW ENGLAND 1:00

Oct. 28 -- vs. N.Y. GIANTS (Wembley Stadium, London) 1:00

Nov. 4 -- BYE

Nov. 11 -- vs. BUFFALO 1:00

Nov. 18 -- at Philadelphia 1:00

Nov. 26 -- at Pittsburgh (Monday Night Football!) 8:30

Dec. 2 -- vs. N.Y. JETS 1:00

Dec. 9 -- at Buffalo 1:00

Dec. 16 -- vs. BALTIMORE 1:00

Dec. 23 -- at New England 1:00

Dec. 30 -- vs. CINCINATTI 1:00



Shaq: Attending his grandfather’s funeral.

Udonis Haslem: DNP due to injury.

Dwyane Wade: Still rusty.

Gary Payton: Torn left calf muscle.

James Posey: Shitfaced.

What’s all this mean?

It means a second consecutive loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

It means the Heat keep slipping in the standings.

It means another night of futility and frustration.

Never is a championship defense supposed to be this tough.

Posey was available for Tuesday night’s game, a day after being arrested for DUI. But he didn’t play well. What does a night in jail get you? 5 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist the following day. A very sober Posey said it all during post game. “Right now, our chemistry is not good.”

Thanks professor.

Antoine Walker did all he could, scoring 17 points. But the day we’re relying on ‘Toine to guide us through the darkness is the day we run into the wall. Hard. And break our noses. And, as Ira Winderman pointed out on his blog, “Alonzo Mourning appears to be running on fumes…” Nice.

So the Heat fall 3 games behind the Raptors for the 3rd seed and ever important home court advantage in the first round. They can at least look to clinch the Southeast Division with a win over the just as luckless Wizards tonight.

And we gotta hope the Bulls win the No. 2 seed now because this Heat team can barely face them when all cylinders are firing, let alone when half the team is sitting on the bench in suits and our super star is still half the player he can be. I do not want us limping into Chicago in the first round. That would suck the major ass.

Better to face Cleveland on the road at this point. Our chances are a little better. But, man. What the hell else can go wrong? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Mickey Arrison’s head exploded.
"We hope, and I hope, there's bigger and better things," coach Pat Riley said. "Certainly tonight was a step back."

Whatever it is, this bad mojo needs to turn around soon. Playoffs are right around the corner.



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