Monday, April 16, 2007

Culpepper’s Days Numbered?

All throughout this off season, we’ve been seeing and talking about how the new Dolphins front office has shown very little confidence in Daunte Culpepper. And now, more than ever, it seems that the failed experiment that was once affectionately known as Culpepper-the-Dolphins-Savior is about to end.

First off, there’s Armando Salgero, who wrote in his blog on Friday:
"...I suddenly realized Daunte Culpepper doesn't have much of a future as the Dolphins quarterback anymore…I am seeing new coach Cam Cameron distancing himself from Culpepper. It's not so much what he says about Culpepper, but rather what he doesn't say…Even if Culpepper were healthy, there is a big question whether he's the type of quarterback Cameron would want running his offense."
Then, there was Sunday’s article by the Sun-Sentinel’s Alex Marvez:
"A source said Saturday the Dolphins are set to make another run at acquiring
[Trent] Green from Kansas City and a trade should be completed this week…The addition of Green would likely spell the end of quarterback Daunte Culpepper's tenure with the Dolphins."

So this week, we could see some big changes at the quarterbacks spot (again). We could see Green become a Dolphin and we could see Culpepper getting the shaft.

At this point, there’s no use in crying over Green becoming a Dolphin. It seems pretty imminent. It’s just a matter of when and how much we’re going to give up for him. We just need to accept it. What the hell else can we do? Having Trent Green isn’t the problem so much as giving up a valuable draft pick is. But, to Randy Mueller’s credit, he hasn’t caved into Chiefs’ President Carl Peterson’s ridiculous demand for a 2nd round pick. Not yet, anyway. At this point, Peterson is going to have to settle for something no higher than a 4th rounder. Which I think would suck. But what can you do? If I'm Mueller, I'm not giving Peterson anything other than a 6th or 7th rounder. Peterson's the one under pressure here. He wants to unload Green before he's forced to pay him his $7.2 Million. Peterson's the one sweating here. And he's the one that's going to have to blink first.

Once Green becomes a Dolphin, it seems obvious that Culpepper needs to go. The Browns and Lions are both interested in Green, but he will only come to Miami. That tells me he knows something. That tells me, he knows the Dolphins QB job is his. That tells me, Culpepper will be gone. It also tells me the Dolphins will draft a quarterback this year. Someone who will be relegated to learning under Green while Green manages the store for a while. (Or at least until Teddy Bruschi cold cocks him and knocks him into early retirement. Cabbage.)

I guess I can live with that.


We have no choice but to live with this. The FO has apparently made their decision. Culpepper is gone and Green is in. I was one of those who thought C-Pep would be a good thing for the Phins, but that was with a different system and different coach. I wonder if Green's contract will include a retirement package. If he thinks he'll be able to handle himself with our non-existent o-line, he's got another thing coming (like Bruschi).
I agree. At this point, there's just a lame-duck feeling surrounding Culpepper. And you can see that Cam never really embraced him as his starter. Green and Cam know each other from their Redskins days and the familiarity will help a lot. I can see Green being our QB 1 maybe 2 years tops while we train the rookie. But, like you said, no more than a 6th round pick.

It's sad to see Culpepper's career take a bad turn like this. I was also very much looking forward to him being a Dolphin and lighting up secondaries. But Dick Saban and his cronies rushed him back too soon. Physically, mentally, the guy was never ready. But more than that, Cam's system is different from what Culpepper could provide, even if healthy. Now it's up to Green and if he can play the way he has in the past, then we'll be decent. Just need an O-line to protect that cabbage!
This is like when you finally come to the realization that you're never going to end up with the sexy football jock and instead have to go home from the dance with Duckie, the nerd next door...

i guess i'll have to just deal with it...

Why do we have to accept it??? Green is just another team's cast off... like Fiedler, Feeley, and Culpepper!

I'm sorry but I can't accept it. This is absolute bullshit!!! A 37 year old, washed up concussed QB is NOT the answer! I'm so fucking tired of this lame ass franchise and their infatuation with re-treads!!!
Trent Green not being the answer really depends on the question you're asking. Who is going to come in and take us to the playoffs this year? Trent Green is not the answer.

However, I don't know anyone available who is the answer to that question.

Who is the most familiar with Cam Cameron's system and will be able to mentor the young QB we draft on the first day of this year's draft and best prepare him for a successful career? Trent Green is the only person available who is the answer to that question. If the price is right, 6th or 7th, go for it.

This isn't as much about Green and Culpepper as it is about the QB of the future. I'm glad this team is finally realizing that you have to build through the draft not free agency and trades.
The aquisition of Green isn't as important as the QB we draft and please God we better draft one. Having followed this team for 41 years I can still remember when we drafted a QB who had missed most of his senior season with a blown knee and everyone was pissed because they thought he would never even get on the field. He did get on the field and by the way broke and set quite a few records. In the NFL today the change is that the system seems more important than the player (except in Green Bay) so they don't want someone to win the game just not to lose it (Harrington) by throwing to the wrong jersey.

The QB we draft can definitely learn from Green (the biggest if only positive)on how to manage the offense with his brain and not just a rocket hanging from his shoulder (C-Pep).

The OL has got to gel together and keep him (Green) out of intensive care until the drafted QB is ready.

I agree with Brian...there is nobody out there that can QB this team to the playoffs this year because we are missing other important factors i.e. no #1 WR





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