Monday, March 27, 2006

Sponge Worthy?

After getting so many e-mails from you folks about the latest news that the Dolphins have invited Vince Young to work out next month, you're all wondering where I stand.

Are the Dolphins really thinking about using their pick on Vince? Will he even be there at 16? If you've read the Godfather's latest rant, you know he thinks it's do-able.

First of all, let me just say this about Young: He's going to be a great QB in the NFL. He's still ranked number 2 in our QB Draft projections right after Leinart and right before Cutler.

But the most unfathomable thing to me is just how excruciatingly bad Young's representation have botched his draft stock. Who's representing this kid? Howard Dean?

After winning the National Championship against ESPN's Pronounced Greatest College Football Team Of All Time, Young could not have been hotter. Then, the Wonderlic fiasco happened. Then, he didn't work out at the combine although most football scouts advised him to do so. Then, during his pro day individual work outs, he only did half of the things that are done at the combine. And instead of taking advice from more scouts about where to run his 40, Young ran on his own chosen track -- and scored a lower time than expected. "Eeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!"

So now his stock is suddenly said to have taken an Enron/Martha Stewart-like dip. Some have said that as the 2006 Draft goes on, Young will drop much like Aaron Rodgers did a year ago. And now, thanks to the latest Dolphins news, many are saying, "Vince Young will be ours!" But remember: The Dolphins only have one pick in day one. That pick suddenly looms very large. Who is worthy of that pick? That will ultimately be decided by the Nick-Tator.

So, here are my thoughts (finally!)

1.) Let's see, you have the Titans, Jets, Raiders, Bills, Lions, Cardinals, Browns, and Ravens all conceivably needing a franchise QB and all picking ahead of your Miami Dolphins. Not picking Young is an invitation for these QB-challenged GMs to getting fired (well, except maybe Matt Millen, who apparantly will never be fired ever.)

2.) The Dolphins are not the only team hot on Young. Every team except the Redskins attended Young's pro day workout.

3.) The NFL allows teams to invite a large number of prospects to workout for them prior to the draft. Young seems to be the "biggest name" invited so far by the Fins, but he certainly won't be the only one.

4.) Being the shrewd coach that he is, Saban wants to weigh all his options. He has always said he likes drafting the best available player and having Young as an understudy to Daunte Culpepper would be ideal.

5.) The fact is, no matter what, Saban will look to shore up the Fins larger needs on draft day. With Culpepper on board, the Fins only have one pick on day one, meaning that one pick is very valuable. As I said above, whomever the Dolphins look to pick, he will have to be worthy of that pick. Not sure Young falls in that category to be honest. I expect the Fins to have their backup QB already set by then and they have more pressing needs on the offensive line, the outside linebacker position, wide reciever depth and a need for a young defensive tackle. Look for the Dolphins to fill one of those needs even if Young is still sitting backstage with Howard Dean next to him, manning the phones.

Young is a pipe dream. So I think we should all curb our enthusiasm here. The reality is, Young will be long gone by the time our number rolls up. And I think if he is, for some reason, still there, Saban will trade the pick to someone who desperately wants Young for more draft picks. Maybe the Bears or, hey -- the Vikings! They've proven to be pretty stupid. Why not? I think Saban wants that 2nd rounder he gave up for Culpepper back (although he does not regret it).

Vince Young a Dolphin? Not happening.

But below I've written scouting reports on who the Dolphins should target for QB in the Draft:

1, JAY CUTLER, Vanderbilt

Strengths: Cutler has made a name for himself with a very strong arm. At 6-4, 225, he fits the mold of the archetypical QB. Has has shown a knack for being athletic in the pocket, for taking hits and for making the right pass at the right time. Cutler has a nice delivery and an underrated quick release. He has also shown great abilities in leadership and other intangibles that create a solid make-up for a successful QB. Even while playing with lesser talent on his own team in college, he has proven he can be the type of leader who comes up big in the clutch.
Weaknesses: He is a raw player who has lacked the right coaching in his career to prepare him well enough for the NFL. He’s a gun-slinger, which means he can be reckless and wild if not coached properly. His mechanics need some tweaking and he lacks the pedigree for winning shown in Leinart and Young.

The Dude's Notes: Cutler was my early favorite coming into this year as a possible pick for the Dolphins. I knew Matt Leinart would go first or second, meaning the next best option for the Fins was Jay Cutler. But the national exposure has been very big, very fast on Cutler, which means his stock will shoot up as Draft Day approaches, perhaps too much to be within reach for Miami. He may not have been as successful as the other two guys, but he did play for Vanderbilt. Not his fault. More than anything, this guy reminds me a lot of a young Brett Favre. A raw, cocky, gun-slinging QB who just needs to be corralled and taught properly by the right coaching staff. And it sucks that he’s getting so much exposure by the press because he’d fit in perfectly with what Nick Saban is trying to build down here.

CHANCES OF THE FINS GETTING HIM: Among the Top 3 QBs in the draft, Cutler would seem the best fit for Saban’s Dolphins. But with not much to bargain with, and with other teams also in the hunt for a QB picking ahead of the Dolphins (Lions, Cardinals, Ravens, to name a few), it leaves little hope that he will still be there at the 16th pick.


Strengths: Croyle has shown a knack for reading defenses and has an extremely strong arm. He has good size at 6-3. He’s intelligent and calm in the pocket and has great leadership abilities. Croyle is also a great athlete with solid mechanics and is an accurate passer. Like most of the prospects, he’s raw but the right coaching can make Croyle a highly successful QB in the NFL.

Weaknesses: The biggest down side to Croyle is his durability. He has a history of injuries going back to his high school career, including a dislocated elbow and a torn labrum. The most troubling of the injuries have been his torn ACL's in both knees, which doesn’t bode well for someone who has yet to take a snap at the NFL level. His experience level is also of some concern and he’ll need to bulk up some if he want to survive a long career in the NFL. While his height is good, he’ll have to bulk up that 205 lb. frame to be on par with today’s NFL quarterback.

The Dude's Notes: Croyle has all the tools needed to be a solid QB in the NFL. His most impressive attribute is that cannon-arm he throws with. And the intelligence and leadership qualities are all there. But the injuries, size and durability are a big concern and he has "possible bust" written all over him. That doesn’t mean he will be a bust – he could very well be a huge success in the NFL – it’s just that the risk is very high with this kid. Still, he might be worth a look if he’s available in the second round and there’s a reason why he’s ranked so highly on most Draft and NFL scouts’ charts. If he’s available in the second round, I say let’s take him.

CHANCES OF THE FINS DRAFTING HIM: This all depends on how he performs during the combine and what the Dolphins learn about the health of his knees. He’s an intriguing option who’s being held back by those nagging doubts about his toughness. But I’m going to venture a prediction here and say that Brodie Croyle will be the next quarterback for your Miami Dolphins (If they can’t land Leinart, Young, or Cutler). This would be a bargain pick and a QB the Dolphins could eventually build around.


Strengths: Whitehurst has all the intangibles: arm strength, size (6-4, 225), solid mechanics and delivery. He is a natural athlete who doesn’t possess a lot of speed, but can make the right moves in the pocket and he has shown good escape-ability from oncoming defenders. Whitehurst is intelligent and is a solid on-field leader. He’s proven durable over his career and has shown a very strong sense of competitiveness as well as grace under pressure.

Weaknesses: Whitehurst can be a little unnerving in his decision making. While he has been cool under pressure he has also shown the opposite, making bad decisions when the pass rush is heavy. His career has run hot and cold and he has taken unnecessary risks at times. Whitehurst will need to be weaned slowly into the NFL level and will need a lot patience and development by the right coaching staff. He will be a project for whoever drafts him but the potential is there.

The Dude's Notes: Whitehurst has good pedigree. His father is former Green Bay Packer quarterback David Whitehurst (played in the NFL 1976-83). His hot-cold career bothers me a little but maybe it’s coaching and maturity that he’s lacked. He looked very good at the Senior Bowl, out-performing other hot prospect quarterbacks. He told 790 The Ticket’s Joe Rose that he was only at 80% health-wise in that game and will look to make some noise at the Combine. He has all the tools but will need a lot of grooming and will be a bit of a risk. He does remind me a little of Cleveland’s rookie QB Charlie Frye, whose pro career has yet to show us anything.

CHANCES OF THE FINS DRAFTING HIM: Unless he really shows a lot at the Combine, I’m not all that convinced the Dolphins will draft him. If they can’t land the other guys they have their eye on, I see them looking elsewhere for a QB (free agency, a trade) and using their 2nd pick as either a trading chip or filling another positional need.

Well, that's it. I guess we'll see come Draft Day.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Bring Back Fiedler! Nah ... Just Kidding. No, seriously ... I'M JUST KIDDING!!!

The loss of Gus Frerotte to the Rams was sort of a big one when you think about it. We're all hoping Daunte will make it by Opening Week in September -- he says he will -- be we do have to look into the Fins' backup QB a little more seriously than we have been.

You know, just in case. Now we're feeling that loss of Sage to the Texans aren't we???

The best backup QB in the NFL (Jon Kitna) signed with the Lions last week, meaning the best available options aren't all that great. BUT ... we need to take a close look at our options. Here are the guys I think the Fins should look into, ranked 1-5:

1.) Kerry Collins: He's a better version of Frerotte. His best days are clearly behind him but he still has a cannon for an arm and still has some gas left in the tank. With the right protection and the right weapons, Collins is a serviceable QB and would make a nice insurance pickup for Culpepper.

2.) Brian Griese: A comeback to SoFla would be nice for Griese. He's a fine QB who has had a run of bad luck with weird injuries throughout his career (tripping over his dog on the stairs!) and last year he was on his way to a career year before he was lost for the season with a knee injury. But he's healthy again and would make a solid backup.

3.) Joey Harrington: (yes, I'm serious) The former number three overall pick of 2002 and the much maligned Lions QB is reportedly available. Detroit released a statement saying they're "moving on" without him. Harrington is all about "potential" but he's clearly an NFL bust. Still -- and this is not a cheap shot -- he could eke out a solid career as an NFL backup QB if he can just stop making bone-headed mistakes. Plus, he's still young. Would be an interesting choice.

4.) Tommy Maddox: He was seemingly a one-year-wonder. But his experience is good and he can still throw the ball well. He's not a great option, but not a bad one either.

5.) Jay Fiedler: That's right ... he could be back, folks. But bringing him here would be a huge mistake. Just the thought of Fiedler being an injury away from becoming our QB again would be every Dolphin fan's nightmare scenario. It would be like living through the worst episode of the Twilight Zone ever: "The Return of the Giant-Eared-Armless Freak." No thanks.

Sleeper: Ken Dorsey: He's a home-town favorite and doesn't mind handing the ball off 28 times a game. He's heady, a leader, and the fans down here still love him. Why not? Well, he doesn't have an NFL arm. But he wouldn't be a bad option.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun With Killing Time While Waiting On Drew ...

Still waiting ... and while we're waiting we found this little nugget on All Time Sports Mustaches


Anyway, our boy Wand-stache barely made the cut. Must've been a "Bubble-Mustache."

Here's what was said about Davey Boy's Stache:

"Dave Wannastedt goes from job to job. The 'stache faithfully follows.

Peter: Like his career record, Wannstedt's mustache screams mediocrity. It's pretty much the most boring/least offensive mustache in sports history. If there were a 2005 college football team to compare it to, it would be Pitt — not quite a bowl team, but surely not a walkover."

I must say, that's the best commentary I've EVER read on Seriously. It was to the point, on the money and didn't pull any punches.

Personally, I'd pick Dave's stache over anybody else's in this column. Nobody else in the history of sports has quite as an original mustache.

Rollie Fingers? Yes it's unique, but we've seen those babies in many a silent-movie and cowboy epics.

Adam Morrison? You can open your high school yearbook right now and circle about 85 of those things. Or, better yet, drive down to Hialeah and throw a rock out the window and you WILL hit a face wearing an Adam Morrison mustache -- guaranteed.

Jake Plummer? Anybody who's ever seen a 70's porn flick would know.

I'm surprised Johnny Damon isn't in this thing. Did Steinbrenner burn all existing copies of Damon's pictures with the Red Sox already???

Anyway, Dave's mustache is unique. It starts out strong (like all his seasons with the Dolphins) and then, suddenly and inexplicably, gets scraggly and thins out (like all his seasons with the Dolphins) then just fades off into a different form. Weird.

And unique.

He's got my vote. Anyway .. that's all for now.

This is what Drew Brees has turned us into ... zombies who kill time by surfing the net for crap like this.


P.S. Is anybody else disturbed by the obscene height difference between Wannastedt and Zach Thomas in the picture above? That's freaky. The 'stache truly is a potent and powerful entity!

... Fear the 'stache


Wasting Away Again In Margaritaville

One of our all-time favorite Hurricanes just signed the biggest deal so far during the NFL Free Agency period. We thought this was pretty big news, but since it's not directly Miami sports-based, we relegated the story here to the Daily Dose: Edgerrin James signed with ... the Cardinals?
And, meanwhile, we still sit inside the dank MSD offices, in front of our computers, waiting, wondering, hoping, wishing, pleading for some QB news, at the mercy of Nick Saban's Gestapo PR machine and Drew Brees' ponderings, mullings, musings, contemplations, noodling and chewing over his choice between the levys or South Beach, we sit and drink (cause there ain't nothing else to do while you wait), and we came up with this:

A Conversation With Drew Rosenhaus ... ... ...

MSD: We hear that the Broncos and Cowboys are front runners for Terrell Owens. Where do the Dolphins fit in all this?


MSD: Do the Dolphins have any shot at all in landing T.O.?

Drew: Next Question!

MSD: Is T.O. worth the headaches? Should a team gamble on giving him a lucrative contract?

Drew: Listen! Terrell is going to do what's in the best interests of Terrell and his family! He has to feed his kids! He needs a roof over his head! Terrell is the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL! Terrell is going to get what he deserves and the smartest team out there will be the ones who give it to him!

MSD: Terrell Owens has kids?

Drew: Next question!

MSD: Can we ask you about your other client, Edgerrin James?

Drew: Next ques ... uh ... oh .... uh, yea!

MSD: Why the Cardinals?

Drew: Because the Cardinals were the best fit for what Edge was looking for!

MSD: And that is?

Drew: A place where he can feed his kids! And a place where he can win football games! That's what Edge cares about! He loves to win! And the Cardinals give him the best shot at winning!

MSD: What about the Colts? They're more successful than the Cardinals.

Drew: Next question!

MSD: How will he do playing alongside your other big client down there, Rod Tidwell?

Drew: Rod is the consumate teammate! He's the greatest receiver in the history of the NFL! I got him that big contract because he deserves the best and he's got the best looking out for him!

MSD: Uh, Drew ... we were only kidding. Rod Tidwell is a fictional character from the movie 'Jerry McGuire.'

Drew: (silence)

MSD: Drew?

Drew: (silence)

MSD: Drew?

Drew: Next question!

MSD: So really, why the Cardinals? He just left the Colts who are always a Super Bowl contender.

Drew: That's what all the experts will have you believe! But I, the Greatest Super-Uber-Agent-insider-source knows exactly what is happening in the NFL! I AM the NFL! It's so obvious that the Cardinals are going to win the Super Bowl next year! And it will be because of Edge -- the greatest running back in the history of the NFL! The Colts?! Please! They won't even win the Wild Card! The Cards all the way!

MSD: Really? Do you want to wage a bet on that? Say, a hundred grand?

Drew: Next question!

MSD: Come on now, Drew. Everybody knows the Cardinals are lousy and have no offensive line.

Drew: Listen! Edge is a great running back! He's the greatest running back in the history of the NFL! He and Willis McGahee both! And Clinton Portis too! And if Edge doesn't run well in Arizona, it won't be Edge's fault! It'll be the offensive line's! And they will have to pay the consequences!

MSD: Yea -- that's pretty much what we just said ... sort of. The Cards' O-line stinks. Why would Edge ... Edgerrin ... James leave a good team to go to a crappy one?

Drew: Next question!

MSD: Okay ... one final ...

Drew: Next question!

MSD: ... question ...

Drew: Next question!

MSD: Who would win in a hair-off? You or Mel Kiper Jr.?

Drew: Lisen! Everybody knows that my hair rules! My hair is the greatest hair in the history of the NFL! Mel's got nothing on my hair! I mean -- look at it! Is it not the greatest hair?! Am I not the greatest ever in everything?! Huh?! Am I? AM I?

MSD: Next question ...

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Friday, March 10, 2006


ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was reporting that the Vikings were moving quickly to trade away Culpepper, looking to get him dealt before the free agency period began on 12:01 AM Saturday. One hour after that initial report, Mortensen reported that the Vikings had found a suitor and that a deal was in place.

Of all the times you’d want a media leak to occur, this would be it.

Making things even more intriguing is the fact that these NFL “sources” were reporting that the mystery team involved in the trade was not the Oakland Raiders, as was first reported by Mortensen. That leaves the Dolphins as the logical front runner, although speculations range about the other team being the Detroit Lions, or the New Orleans Saints or the Jets and the Ravens. One of the more logical teams mentioned are the Arizona Cardinals because of Culpepper’s old Vikings coach, Dennis Green running things down there in Tempe.

But let’s assume it is the Dolphins. What does this mean?

First of all, it would mean we say goodbye to Drew Brees, who is supposed to come into town to visit Dolphins camp as soon as the clock strikes midnight – and one – on Saturday. This means that we are giving up the right to choose between the right quarterback for a quick fix trade that may or may not blow up in our face. With Brees on the market, and with the Dolphins reportedly high on his list of suitors, we at least had the opportunity to delve and dig and see if Brees was, in fact, a good fit down here or if we should move on to other options. But if the Dolphins are the team that has this deal in place, it means they would have pulled the trigger, rather hastily in my opinion, to get a lesser quarterback in Culpepper.

I say lesser only because I think Brees is the better QB. Sure, Culpepper has the big arm. But Brees has the better winning percentage, the better QB rating, is more accurate and more playoff experienced and more playoff-ready. He’s also younger than Culpepper and has proven to be adaptable. He has also proven he can win with lesser receivers at his disposal – something Culpepper has yet to show us. And Brees’ injury, as bad as it was, is not as serious as Culpepper’s.

Culpepper completely shredded his knee last year. Everything tore. The ACL, MCL, MCI and AT&T. Every ligament that a human being has in their knee was torn like pieces of confetti.

We have no preliminary reports on Culpepper’s rehab. Some say he’ll only miss mini-camp. Others say he’ll be out until mid-season!

With Brees, we have a renowned surgeon – Dr. James Andrews – telling us Brees will be back to normal by September.

There’s very little security in Culpepper at the moment. Prior to the injury, Culpepper wasn’t much of a pocket passer. Now he’ll almost exclusively have to be one.

Is Culpepper better than Gus Frerotte? Of course. Frerotte backed him up in Minnesota. He is a huge, HUGE upgrade to Frerotte. And Culpepper’s stats speak for themselves.

In 2000, his first full season, the man had a great year, throwing for 3,937 yards and 33 touchdowns. In 2001, he followed it up with a solid 2,612 yards and 14 touchdowns. 2002, 3,853 yards and 23 TDs – another solid season. His best season came in 2004, when he gave Peyton Manning a run for his money. Culpepper threw for a whopping 4,717 yards and 39 touchdowns. That’s Marino-esque.

And other than his 2005 season and his rookie season, Culpepper has not failed to throw 14 or more TDs in a season.

So the resume’ is intact. What’s left is the injury factor and the lingering doubts about Culpepper’s abilities playing without his old battery mate, Randy Moss. Still, his overall numbers don’t lie and it’s the possibility of having a QB down here who can flat out chuck the rock that could have Dolphins fans geeked about our offense again – a feeling we have not felt since Old No. 13 left the building.

If the Dolphins are, in fact, this mystery team, they will be a better team with Culpepper as their quarterback. No question.

I just wonder if they might be acting a little too quickly here. Reports have always been that Brees was on top of Miami’s off-season wish list and yet here, they might be making a trade that needs more than 24 hours to examine before pulling the trigger.

I understand Minnesota’s stance here. They want to get something in return – a draft pick perhaps – instead of letting Culpepper go and getting nothing in return. But the Dolphins need to weigh their options more. They need to bring Brees down here for an interview and they need to see who makes the better fit for the good of the team.

This is not fantasy football where you can just plug in a guy. I guess that’s what’s bothering me more about this report than anything else, the seemingly hastiness of it all.

Daunte Culpepper is a fine QB. His knee will be of constant concern, but I trust if any coaching staff can make it work, it’s this one.

Daunte Culpepper a Dolphin? I guess we’ll know in 24 hours.

Daunte Culpepper a Dolphin. Okay.

But I’d rather we took our time in shopping for our next QB.

And I’d rather we got Drew Brees ...

And stay tuned to the MSD as news breaks about this whole thing.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The Heat win their 10th in a row and this is all we have to say:

With 23 seconds left, the game tied. Dwayne Wade with the ball. Pat Riley calls everyone else to spread out to give Wade room. D-Wade then takes it beyond the lane, stops, and muscles his way up against two stifling defenders to scoop in the go-ahead (and game winning) shot.

He then runs down the court yelling, "That's what I do!"


Heat 118 - Wizards 112


Random Thoughts 3/8

Some random thoughts as I continue to wait for my copy of the 2006 Baseball Prospectus (they tell me it'll arrive March 20th or so) ...

The MSD's Office has DirecTV so we're watching baseball on ESPN. Yes, it's the World Baseball Classic and yes, I'm one of those people that actually like it and looked forward to it.

Here we go ...

Mexicans Hate A-Rod Too!
In the U.S.'s debut WBC match against Mexico in Arizona Tuesday, the Yankee third baseman was booed emphatically by the overwhelmly large Mexican crowd whenever he came up to bat or made a play on the field. He was the only U.S. player to receive such a response. Nice to know we can share not only our cultures but also our mutual loathing of Slappy.

MLB the Show
Have you seen these commercials for the new PS2 baseball video game, MLB the Show? They're pretty darn funny. Makes me regret paying $500,000 for my X-Box 360.

Clemens The Merc
Speaking of commercials, my personal favorite is the Roger Clemens one for the WBC where he says, "It's great that other countries are involved. But this is our sport. And I'm going to do everything I can to win for us. I'll be there for my country ..."

That's great! That is, until Panama offers Clemens $10 million and free air fare to and from Texas. El Rocket.

Ex-Marlin In The Booth
Ex-Florida Marlin Orestes Destrade is a commentator for the WBC. He did okay, but needs some help. Some things the Big O said in today's broadcast: "That was a great slide to first. Man! But it's not funny. I played some first base and a guy can get seriously hurt doing that." And he also dropped the obligatory cliche': "Pedroria was struggling there for a bit. But then he got the eye of the tiger and turned it on."

We love ya Big O.

Good Competition
This thing is turning out to be better than I thought it would. Yesterday's Dominican Rebublic - Venezuela match was electric. And our own Miguel Cabrera had a monster game with a big fly and some nifty Gold-Glove caliber play at third for Venezuela. The Cuba-Panama game was equally exciting. Seven hit batters, a lot of weird non-MLB base running strategies, extra innings and wire-to-wire intensity. And that Cuban second baseman ... a gamer. Somewhere in Tampa, George Steinbrenner is telling Costanza to go and sign that kid. Good stuff.

I'm not sure who I'm cheering for in this whole thing. On one hand, I am American. But, the Dominican team is loaded with some of my favorite players like David Ortiz, Miguel Tejada, Albert Pujols. The U.S. does have Dontrelle Willis. But half the team is the friggin Yankees. I guess ultimately I'll root for the U.S. but, like A-Rod, I'll be changing my stance between the U.S. and Dominican Republic about 13 times before this thing ends.

But for today, I'll root for our man Dontrelle. He faces Team Canada today. Can't wait to hear the fans of the Great White North boo A-Rod.


Monday, March 06, 2006

9 In A Row ... CAN YOU DIG IT?

The Heat win another thriller against another crappy team, beating the Bobcats 106-105 in OT

A few thougts from this win:

1.) THE CHUCKER: Jason Williams decided to take the ball game over in the 4th quarter when he scored 10 of his 24 points. He went 10 for 19 and seemed to just shoot balls like a little invisible goblin was sitting on his shoulder yelling, "THERE'S 2 SECONDS LEFT ON THE SHOT CLOCK!!! SHOOT!!!" Not to take anything away from his heroics, but J-Will ... we didn't trade you for Damon Jones for this. Pass the ball. Other than that, nice game White Chocolate.

2.) THE CHUCKER, part II: Far be it for us to give future Hall of Fame NBA coach Pat Riley advice, but we feel we need to say something here: Dear Coach, when the game is on the line and we need two points to win it, never, never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER have Antoine Walker on the floor. He will shoot that supposed game winner. And it will be an ugly, awkward shot like some one just told him there's a bumble bee hovering around his neck. And he will miss it off the rim or the backboard. Just be aware of this, coach. That is all.

3.) WADE SHOULD BE MVP: That's it. I'm convinced that either Shaq or D-Wade need to be voted league MVP. Two games in a row without Wade, against the Hawks and the Bobcats won by a combined total of three points? And we're a NBA Finals contender. No D-Wade on the floor = close wins against teams 88 games below .500. If Steve Nash got it last year ... come on!!

4.) DIESEL POWER: Did we or did we not say the Diesel gets it going when his birthday comes around? We did in this article. We rule! Shaq scored a season high 35 points on his 34th birthday. Not only that, he had 11 rebounds and played defense like it was the Lakers vs. the Kings. He was DOMINANT. Can You Dig It???

5.) Bobcats Fever: One final note -- we'll give props to the Bobcats tonight. They played a hell of a game. Tough loss for this young and scrappy team. But did anyone else get the feeling that if they won this game, the fans would rush the court like they just beat Duke?

Next Stop: Wizards visit the AAA.

R.I.P. Kirby Puckett


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That's Seven In A Row!

... (And Counting)

Guess who came to play tonight??? At least in the 4th quarter ... That's right! Our boy Toine!13 points, 4 rebounds against his old mates in Bean Town. Yoopie! Seriously. Yoopie.

Despite scrappy little Delonte West's best (the guy made like 80 killer three pointers) and Paul Pierciaparra's 38, the Heat escaped Boston with a 103 - 96 victory for their season-high 7th straight win. The Diesel did his part with 16 points and 9 rebounds as did D-Wade with a team-high 24.

But the two that stood out had to be Antoine and Shandon Anderson. Anderson had his best game with the Heat, pouring in 15 points, 6 rebounds and what 790's Boog Shiambi calls the "intangibles." Oh that Boog ... he loves the stats.

I have to be honest. Going into this game, I was a little afraid the Heat would get caught napping by a red-hot Pierce and his Celts. But the Boys In Red stood up and fought off everything Doc's Boys threw at them. Big Ups to J-Will's 3 pointer, putting the proverbial nail into the proverbial coffin. Done.

Anyway, did anyone else catch the Homeless Genius at the game? He was actually dressed in a nice sky-blue shirt and khakis. It was very bizarre. Like someone photo-shopped his head onto Calvin Klein's body. It was creepy. I found it amusing that he sat behind the Heat's bench. I'm sure the Boston media will have a hoot with that one. The game ended with Riles turning around and shaking Belichick's hand. It was like Bill was one of the assistant coaches. Maybe we can hire him and fire Erik Spoelstra. Only because it would be friggin hilarious. The meeting of two worlds. The Homeless Genius and the GQ Mastermind. Superman and Bizarro. Matter and Anti-matter. James Bond and ... a homeless guy.

Hope you're all enjoying the MSD's coverage of the Miami Dolphins' 2006 Draft. We're all over the Fins' off-season moves, so check in daily. The coming weeks will be interesting as we begin to see who's IN and who's OUT with NFL roster cuts. Drew Brees? Daunte Culpepper? You can be sure we'll have some things to say about it all. Hope you will too.

Till then ...

"Watch Out For Your Corn Holes, Dudes!"


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