Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun With Killing Time While Waiting On Drew ...

Still waiting ... and while we're waiting we found this little nugget on All Time Sports Mustaches


Anyway, our boy Wand-stache barely made the cut. Must've been a "Bubble-Mustache."

Here's what was said about Davey Boy's Stache:

"Dave Wannastedt goes from job to job. The 'stache faithfully follows.

Peter: Like his career record, Wannstedt's mustache screams mediocrity. It's pretty much the most boring/least offensive mustache in sports history. If there were a 2005 college football team to compare it to, it would be Pitt — not quite a bowl team, but surely not a walkover."

I must say, that's the best commentary I've EVER read on Seriously. It was to the point, on the money and didn't pull any punches.

Personally, I'd pick Dave's stache over anybody else's in this column. Nobody else in the history of sports has quite as an original mustache.

Rollie Fingers? Yes it's unique, but we've seen those babies in many a silent-movie and cowboy epics.

Adam Morrison? You can open your high school yearbook right now and circle about 85 of those things. Or, better yet, drive down to Hialeah and throw a rock out the window and you WILL hit a face wearing an Adam Morrison mustache -- guaranteed.

Jake Plummer? Anybody who's ever seen a 70's porn flick would know.

I'm surprised Johnny Damon isn't in this thing. Did Steinbrenner burn all existing copies of Damon's pictures with the Red Sox already???

Anyway, Dave's mustache is unique. It starts out strong (like all his seasons with the Dolphins) and then, suddenly and inexplicably, gets scraggly and thins out (like all his seasons with the Dolphins) then just fades off into a different form. Weird.

And unique.

He's got my vote. Anyway .. that's all for now.

This is what Drew Brees has turned us into ... zombies who kill time by surfing the net for crap like this.


P.S. Is anybody else disturbed by the obscene height difference between Wannastedt and Zach Thomas in the picture above? That's freaky. The 'stache truly is a potent and powerful entity!

... Fear the 'stache


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