Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Random Thoughts 3/8

Some random thoughts as I continue to wait for my copy of the 2006 Baseball Prospectus (they tell me it'll arrive March 20th or so) ...

The MSD's Office has DirecTV so we're watching baseball on ESPN. Yes, it's the World Baseball Classic and yes, I'm one of those people that actually like it and looked forward to it.

Here we go ...

Mexicans Hate A-Rod Too!
In the U.S.'s debut WBC match against Mexico in Arizona Tuesday, the Yankee third baseman was booed emphatically by the overwhelmly large Mexican crowd whenever he came up to bat or made a play on the field. He was the only U.S. player to receive such a response. Nice to know we can share not only our cultures but also our mutual loathing of Slappy.

MLB the Show
Have you seen these commercials for the new PS2 baseball video game, MLB the Show? They're pretty darn funny. Makes me regret paying $500,000 for my X-Box 360.

Clemens The Merc
Speaking of commercials, my personal favorite is the Roger Clemens one for the WBC where he says, "It's great that other countries are involved. But this is our sport. And I'm going to do everything I can to win for us. I'll be there for my country ..."

That's great! That is, until Panama offers Clemens $10 million and free air fare to and from Texas. El Rocket.

Ex-Marlin In The Booth
Ex-Florida Marlin Orestes Destrade is a commentator for the WBC. He did okay, but needs some help. Some things the Big O said in today's broadcast: "That was a great slide to first. Man! But it's not funny. I played some first base and a guy can get seriously hurt doing that." And he also dropped the obligatory cliche': "Pedroria was struggling there for a bit. But then he got the eye of the tiger and turned it on."

We love ya Big O.

Good Competition
This thing is turning out to be better than I thought it would. Yesterday's Dominican Rebublic - Venezuela match was electric. And our own Miguel Cabrera had a monster game with a big fly and some nifty Gold-Glove caliber play at third for Venezuela. The Cuba-Panama game was equally exciting. Seven hit batters, a lot of weird non-MLB base running strategies, extra innings and wire-to-wire intensity. And that Cuban second baseman ... a gamer. Somewhere in Tampa, George Steinbrenner is telling Costanza to go and sign that kid. Good stuff.

I'm not sure who I'm cheering for in this whole thing. On one hand, I am American. But, the Dominican team is loaded with some of my favorite players like David Ortiz, Miguel Tejada, Albert Pujols. The U.S. does have Dontrelle Willis. But half the team is the friggin Yankees. I guess ultimately I'll root for the U.S. but, like A-Rod, I'll be changing my stance between the U.S. and Dominican Republic about 13 times before this thing ends.

But for today, I'll root for our man Dontrelle. He faces Team Canada today. Can't wait to hear the fans of the Great White North boo A-Rod.


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