Monday, March 20, 2006

Bring Back Fiedler! Nah ... Just Kidding. No, seriously ... I'M JUST KIDDING!!!

The loss of Gus Frerotte to the Rams was sort of a big one when you think about it. We're all hoping Daunte will make it by Opening Week in September -- he says he will -- be we do have to look into the Fins' backup QB a little more seriously than we have been.

You know, just in case. Now we're feeling that loss of Sage to the Texans aren't we???

The best backup QB in the NFL (Jon Kitna) signed with the Lions last week, meaning the best available options aren't all that great. BUT ... we need to take a close look at our options. Here are the guys I think the Fins should look into, ranked 1-5:

1.) Kerry Collins: He's a better version of Frerotte. His best days are clearly behind him but he still has a cannon for an arm and still has some gas left in the tank. With the right protection and the right weapons, Collins is a serviceable QB and would make a nice insurance pickup for Culpepper.

2.) Brian Griese: A comeback to SoFla would be nice for Griese. He's a fine QB who has had a run of bad luck with weird injuries throughout his career (tripping over his dog on the stairs!) and last year he was on his way to a career year before he was lost for the season with a knee injury. But he's healthy again and would make a solid backup.

3.) Joey Harrington: (yes, I'm serious) The former number three overall pick of 2002 and the much maligned Lions QB is reportedly available. Detroit released a statement saying they're "moving on" without him. Harrington is all about "potential" but he's clearly an NFL bust. Still -- and this is not a cheap shot -- he could eke out a solid career as an NFL backup QB if he can just stop making bone-headed mistakes. Plus, he's still young. Would be an interesting choice.

4.) Tommy Maddox: He was seemingly a one-year-wonder. But his experience is good and he can still throw the ball well. He's not a great option, but not a bad one either.

5.) Jay Fiedler: That's right ... he could be back, folks. But bringing him here would be a huge mistake. Just the thought of Fiedler being an injury away from becoming our QB again would be every Dolphin fan's nightmare scenario. It would be like living through the worst episode of the Twilight Zone ever: "The Return of the Giant-Eared-Armless Freak." No thanks.

Sleeper: Ken Dorsey: He's a home-town favorite and doesn't mind handing the ball off 28 times a game. He's heady, a leader, and the fans down here still love him. Why not? Well, he doesn't have an NFL arm. But he wouldn't be a bad option.


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