Wednesday, March 01, 2006

That's Seven In A Row!

... (And Counting)

Guess who came to play tonight??? At least in the 4th quarter ... That's right! Our boy Toine!13 points, 4 rebounds against his old mates in Bean Town. Yoopie! Seriously. Yoopie.

Despite scrappy little Delonte West's best (the guy made like 80 killer three pointers) and Paul Pierciaparra's 38, the Heat escaped Boston with a 103 - 96 victory for their season-high 7th straight win. The Diesel did his part with 16 points and 9 rebounds as did D-Wade with a team-high 24.

But the two that stood out had to be Antoine and Shandon Anderson. Anderson had his best game with the Heat, pouring in 15 points, 6 rebounds and what 790's Boog Shiambi calls the "intangibles." Oh that Boog ... he loves the stats.

I have to be honest. Going into this game, I was a little afraid the Heat would get caught napping by a red-hot Pierce and his Celts. But the Boys In Red stood up and fought off everything Doc's Boys threw at them. Big Ups to J-Will's 3 pointer, putting the proverbial nail into the proverbial coffin. Done.

Anyway, did anyone else catch the Homeless Genius at the game? He was actually dressed in a nice sky-blue shirt and khakis. It was very bizarre. Like someone photo-shopped his head onto Calvin Klein's body. It was creepy. I found it amusing that he sat behind the Heat's bench. I'm sure the Boston media will have a hoot with that one. The game ended with Riles turning around and shaking Belichick's hand. It was like Bill was one of the assistant coaches. Maybe we can hire him and fire Erik Spoelstra. Only because it would be friggin hilarious. The meeting of two worlds. The Homeless Genius and the GQ Mastermind. Superman and Bizarro. Matter and Anti-matter. James Bond and ... a homeless guy.

Hope you're all enjoying the MSD's coverage of the Miami Dolphins' 2006 Draft. We're all over the Fins' off-season moves, so check in daily. The coming weeks will be interesting as we begin to see who's IN and who's OUT with NFL roster cuts. Drew Brees? Daunte Culpepper? You can be sure we'll have some things to say about it all. Hope you will too.

Till then ...

"Watch Out For Your Corn Holes, Dudes!"


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