Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Will The Dolphins Trade Up For Brady Quinn?

MSD Nation member and all around awesome dude, the handsome-sounding Brian, asked me an interesting question yesterday in the comments:
"There's talk of the Fins trading up with either Washington or Minnesota if
Quinn starts to slide. How much do you think we'd have to give up to make the
jump? The chart says an early third to get up to 6 (250 points) and a late third
to get up to 7 (150 points). Think either of those teams would be willing to
take just our third? Or in Minnesota's case maybe our 4th this year and a late
draft choice next year? Additionally, do you think we should make that move if
possible? I know you're high on Quinn."
His question inspired me to do two things: Think. And write. I don't do either one very well, but I did manage to squeeze out an entire article on the subject, which you can find over at The Phish Tank.

Will The Fins Trade Up For Brady Quinn?

Go read it. Tell me what you think.


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