Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh What A Week It Shall Be

- Heat loses Game 1 against the Bulls. The rebounding was atrocious, the foul trouble – um - troubling and all in all, the Heat were outplayed. Still, they were in the game the entire time and the Bulls couldn’t seem to put the boys away. And in the end, we were within 3 points and a rebound from taking it into overtime. So, I’m disappointed. But not worried. Game 2 Tuesday.

- This is quite a week for Miami sports fans. The Heat are in the playoffs defending their title and will be bringing the series to Miami Friday and Sunday. Oh and there’s a little shindig called the NFL Draft on Saturday and Sunday.

- My prediction on the Trent Green thing: A deal will not get done until sometime Saturday, while the draft is in progress. But only once Carl Peterson finally realizes he has zero leverage and decides to accept Randy Mueller’s offer of a 6th round pick. Supposedly, the perception is that we’re desperate for a QB. That very well may be. We are desperate to a degree. But we’re not stupid. Unless the spirit of Rick Spielman takes possession of Mueller’s soul this weekend, I don’t see Randy caving into Peterson’s “hard-ass” posturing (as cute as it may be).

- Just another friendly reminder to send in your MSD Contest entry (deadline Friday @ Midnight). So get to it. Even if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing – and really, who does? – send one in. Steal Mel Kiper's mock draft, he's always right! Cut and paste a mock draft from another site or blog or make up names for all I care. Just get in on the fun. I’m enjoying reading the entries I’ve already received. And don’t forget to visit me when I live blog the draft Saturday and really take this blog to the next level (from the trash heap to the toilet bowl, baby!)

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Question for you Dude. There's talk of the Fins trading up with either Washington or Minnesota if Quinn starts to slide. How much do you think we'd have to give up to make the jump? The chart says an early third to get up to 6 (250 points) and a late third to get up to 7 (150 points). Think either of those teams would be willing to take just our third? Or in Minnesota's case maybe our 4th this year and a late draft choice next year? Additionally, do you think we should make that move if possible? I know you're high on Quinn.
Brian: I think the best chance the Fins have of trading up would be to No. 6 with Washington. They've already said they're interested in trading out of the No. 6 spot for more picks and are probably targeting someone like Patrick Willis, who will in all probability be there at No. 9 anyway. And you're right -- the Fins would have to give up either their 3rd or their late 2nd rounder to move up to 6.

Will they do it? Randy Mueller's history shows us if he really likes a player, he'll pull the trigger.

In 1997 when with Seattle, Mueller swapped first rounders and gave other picks to Atlanta to move up to 3rd to draft Shawn Springs. Then he traded the 12th overall and a 3rd rounder to TB for the Bucs' 6th overall to draft Walter Jones.

So your point could very well become a reality on draft day.

Do I think they should? I would. I would try to offer the 3rd rounder in addition to swapping picks first. If that doesn't work, I'd offer the late 2nd rounder. But I wouldn't give up anything more than that. I'll probably be crucified for this, but I like Quinn that much. I'll live if we can't get him because I also like Stanton a lot. But if the opportunity is there, I'd go for it and I can see Miami making a move like this if the reports of them being in love with Quinn are true.

Thanks for your question, man. I just might make a more detailed post out of it (or did I already do that here?).
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