Wednesday, March 28, 2007

MSD Mock Draft Contest

The NFL Draft is exactly one month away and with all the mocks out there we still have no earthly idea who the hell the Dolphins are going to select with their first pick.

So, with that said, I wanted to announce the first annual MSD Mock Draft Contest.
What You Win:

1.) A brand new copy of the Miami Herald book Marino: Stories From A Hall Of Fame Career

2.) A Miami Sports Dude t-shirt!

3.) One free post here on MSD to write about whatever you choose as long as it is in no way deragatory towards the Dolphins, the Heat, me, other MSD commenters or anything else that might piss me off. Otherwise, the floor will be yours.

The Rules:
1.) Go to the View My Complete Profile link on the right side of this blog (located under the Dude's mug) and then e-mail me your entry. In the subject line please write: MSD DRAFT CONTEST

2.) In your e-mail you will give me your first round mock draft (1-32).

3.) The winner is decided on who comes the closest to nailing down all 32 picks.

4.) If there is more than one entry with the correct answers, then the winner will be decided on a couple of tie breakers: A.) The one who got the Dolphins pick correct or, if that doesn't work, B.) A coin flip. If, for some reason, the coin flip doesn't work (in case there is more than 2 winners) then two names will be randomly pulled from my Dolphins cap, then I'll flip a coin, then that person will be declared the winner. Don't like the tie-breaker? Fuck you. It's my game.

5.) The last day I will accept an entry will be Friday April 27th. The day before the Draft.

BONUS GAME: If you feel lucky, send me the Dolphins' entire mock draft -- every Fins pick for every round. If any one gets that right (and I mean 100% right) I'll throw in a couple of gift cards from Dave & Busters.

So send in those entries.

And be sure to come visit me here on Saturday, April 28th as I will be live blogging the NFL Draft, spilling beer on my laptop and calling down curses onto Randy Mueller and his kin after every Fins pick. It'll be loads of fun!
Questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comments. Good luck!

1. One entry per person please
2. This is a blog contest that is not being promoted by anyone other than me, the Dude, so I have the right to refuse anyone the awards if I deem said person to be a total dick. i.e. Be cool about this, people. It's all in fun and you're getting free shit from my own pocket. So don't act like one of those pick-up basketball pricks who think they're playing in the NBA and act like jackasses.
3. As this is the first time I do something like this, expect more rules to be be added and/or altered in the coming weeks.

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I'm excited about this Dude! Sounds like it's gonna be fun.





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