Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Got 10 Picks

Wednesday Afternoon Bullets:
The Dolphins did not match the Rams' offer for punter Donnie Jones. We now have 10 picks in the draft. So, there you have it. Thus bringing an end to the most controversial item ever talked about here on MSD. Oh yea. Dolphins punter talk was the most divisive item ever talked about here on MSD. I'm such a contentious badass blogger.
Our friends (friends or friend?) over at The Phinsider likes Brady Quinn as much as I do. And he figures the chances of getting him are better now that the Lions and Bucs are reportedly talking swapping first-round picks.

- I just posted my full Dolphins Mock-Draft over at The Phish Tank. At post-time, I hadn't heard yet about the Donnie Jones thing, so use your imagination on how the Fins will use that 3rd 7th rounder.

- We'll find out tonight if the injury-riddled Heat will play the Cavs or the Bulls in the first-round of the NBA playoffs. But don't doubt the Heat. You doubt the Heat and Pat Riley will find you and beat you with a shoe.
See you guys tomorrow....

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I like the sound of having so many picks. This should really help in the future. Let's hope they don't give them up to try to move up spaces. I don't see a need for that.





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