Friday, April 13, 2007

At This Rate, We Might As Well Just Call It A Season

Friday Afternoon Bullets:
Well, the snake-bitten Miami Heat continue to be, um, bitten by snakes. Dwyane Wade told reporters that, because of the tendonitis in his left knee, he can’t dunk.
"It's just real sore," Wade said of the knee. "The only thing I can do is
continue to do the therapy and then one day, I come in and it feels good. I know
it's not going to go away; I am just looking for a little relief."
Supposedly, the tendonitis makes landing a bit painful. So, there’s the good news heading into the playoffs. For the record, I did say Wade should’ve called it a year after he dislocated his shoulder. Now, we’re heading into our title defense in shambles and D-Wade's offseason is going to see more surgeries than Burt Reynold's face. As my friend Daniel Goldberg would say, "Oy vey!" Yes Daniel. Oy vey indeed.

- Startling revelations out of Tuscaloosa: Members of the Alabama sports media realize Nick Saban is an asshole! (And he still says “relative to” when he talks. What an asshole).

- Dolphins started mini-camps today. Here are some updates from the always excellent Greg Bedard. What stands out to me? Jason Allen is playing corner. Interesting. Jamar Fletcher 2.0 anyone?

- Wow. Plenty of feed back over my punter comments from yesterday. Mostly in e-mails as well as comments made here and over at Dolphins In Depth (if you noticed, I commented there and then someone called me a queer. Salguero's readers are the best!) and SporTech Matter.

Here’s my thing: I hear you about how good a punter Donnie Jones is. But look how sad we are. We’re debating the possible loss of a punter! We’ve gotten so used to the mediocrity of our offense and our propensity to go three and out on every possession that this is actually becoming an issue among Dolphins fans!? A dividing issue!? What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on around here??!! I’m sorry. But that’s just sad. Punters are a dime a dozen in this league and if the front office feels that the offer sheet is too much to match – for a punter – then I’m trusting that they know what they’re doing here. The argument is that Jones helps our defense because he’s a good punter. Fair enough, I guess. But – quick! – name the middle linebacker for the 2000 Super Bowl champion Ravens! Quick! – name the quarterback for the 2000 Ravens! Now – quick! Name the punter! Here's another test: Quick! - how many games did we win thanks to Donnie Jones' punting the last two seasons he's been here? (And don’t Google it either). See what I mean? He’s a punter for Petesake! Let. It. Go.

- Anyway, lost in all this silly Punter talk (sorry but it’s silly. I love you. But you’re being, well, just silly.), is Salguero’s take on what the Dolphins will/should do with the ninth pick. Salguero writes:

"Has anyone seen the Dolphins play lately? They do not score enough points to
win. It's been like that for about half-a-dozen seasons, which through no
coincidence, is about the time the Dolphins have been out of the playoffs."

Armando proposes we pass on defensive prospects like Amobi Okoye, Leon Hall and Alan Branch in favor of an offensive prospect. I somewhat agree with him. This is part of why I conceded to my fellow Phish Tank writers that we take Ted Ginn Jr. in our mock draft. We need offense. And, besides, this is a mock draft that has Joe Thomas going 8th to the Falcons. So, you know, that is as mocky as it gets. So we went with the sexy pick. And yes, this draft needs to be all about the offense.

Salguero also writes:
"...if the Dolphins do not land [Brady] Quinn in the first round, I'm told they will likely have Michigan State QB Drew Stanton on their radar in the second round."

Yessir. I have been touting Stanton here for a while. If we can’t land Quinn, I want Stanton. Some of you disagree. That’s fine. But he’s a hell of an athlete and has a hell of an arm. Go get ‘im Muel!

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I say GET RID OF THE PUNTER! HE'S JUST A PUNTER FOR GOD SAKES!!!! I would rather have the 7th round pick anyway. There are plenty other punters out there that would take less pay. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS FOR A PRETTY GOOD PUNTER?????? YOU'VE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME!!!! I just hope Mueller gets kissed before he gets screwed with this deal. Hey, won't Matt Turk be available if the Rams take Jones? Oh, by the way. How's it going, Dude?
Ha ha! I'm good Gersom. Glad to see someone else agrees with me on this thing.
Ted Ginn is a sexy pick. But yea, any mock draft that has Joe Thomas going 8th is probably going to be a little off from the real thing.

As for the punter thing: I'm with Gersom. What ever happened to Matt Turk? Let Jones go, save our money and get another pick. Who knows, we might uncover a hidden gem in the 7th round.
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