Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dolphins Are On The Clock (Updated)

Thursday Bullets:

- As I mentioned last week, is having their second annual NFL Writer's Mock Draft. We at The Phish Tank will be making our pick tomorrow morning. The mock draft itself has been a little screwy and unpredictable. Calvin Johnson went first to the Raiders, followed by JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn (argh!) and then, some surpirising picks -- Tampa Bay took DE Gaines Adams, then the Cards took RB Adrian Peterson, then Washington took S LaRon Landry, and the Vikings DE Jamaal Anderson. See who's dropping? OT Joe Thomas! Which means we'll be taking him if the Falcons don't. Otherwise, there's going to be fisticuffs among us Phish Tank writers because after Joe, there're a lot of disagreements. Anyway, come on over to PT and give us your thoughts. Then check in tomorrow morning to see our pick. If you want to see the draft so far, here it is.
- LOOK! PUNTER NEWS!!!! Wow. How lucky are we? Last week it was Olindo Mare news now it's ... that's right ... Donne Jones news! Yeee!! The Rams have signed Jones to an offer sheet. Which means if we don't match the offer, we get St. Louis' 7th round pick. I still can't believe some Dolphins fans actually debated the merits of Olindo Mare and losing him for a 6th rounder. They made cases like "touchbacks" and "reliable" and "I don't understand this move." (people ... HE'S A KICKER!!!!). But no doubt, there will be some debating about how we'll miss Jones' punting prowess. I say, see ya Donnie! Come on down extra 7th round pick! HE'S A PUNTER!!!!

- Brady Quinn "looked very sharp" in his private workout with the Dolphins. It looks more and more like Miami may try to trade up to get him. But they're going to have to leapfrog the Vikings and possibly even the Browns if they're going to get him. Dolphins fans seem to be split on this plan.

- Meanwhile, the Dolphins also had a private workout with Stanford QB Trent Edwards. Edwards' stock has been slowly climbing since the combine. And if the Fins can't land Quinn in the first round, they may look into pulling the trigger with Edwards in the 2nd -- although, I think their second choice would be Kevin Kolb, John Beck or Drew Stanton (and I would agree with either of those choices).

- The Dolphins may also look at WR with their first pick. They will host Ohio State WR Ted Ginn Jr. next week, according to the receiver's father. He might be a more realistic first choice if the Dolphins choose to go offense and choose to pass on OT Levi Brown. Ginn ran for scouts yesterday -- including Dolphins scouts who were present -- and clocked in a 4.38 40. That's disapointing for him. But he's still having problems with his bum ankle, which he hurt in the National Championship when his teammates mauled him during a celebration. Ginn's stock has been shaky ever since. Personally, I think he's too much of a reach for Number 9. But I do love his speed when he's healthy.

- Meanwhile, in Heat news: The Cavs and Bulls are in a race to see who will avoid playing the Heat in the first round.

That's it for now. Be sure to visit Phish Tank sometime tonight to give us some last minute imput on draft stuff.

UPDATE: The MVN Falcons went ahead and took Thomas. Son of a bitch! Didn't see that coming. So who's left? Levi Brown. Leon Hall. Tedd Ginn Jr. I'm not too jazzed about any of these guys. Come on over and let us know what you think.

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I say bring Ricky back (I know, I know Dude), grab Levi Brown, grab Stanton(i'm not seeing BQ in the stars although i'd love it1), pray that C-Pep rehabs back to playing level or find a lost semi-veteran QB for cheap (like damn near free) that's looking for a fresh start...

but not at the expense of a 2nd round pick!!

Donnie Jones is actually a good punter. I'm not saying the Dolphins should lock up a lot of cap money for him, but a good punter will take 5-6 yards off your opponents' field position on average, as opposed to a mediocre puntere. And in case you haven't noticed, the punter gets a lot of work in the Dolphins' offensive scheme.

What are the Dolphins going to do with a mid-7th round pick? Draft a punter?





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