Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stand Your Ground, Mueller!

Tuesday Bullets (updated):

- The Herald reports that, while the Dolphins and Chiefs are still talking, there has been no progress made in the Trent Green trade discussions. Basically, KC President Carl Peterson is stubbornly refusing to accept anything lower than a 2nd round pick for Green. Peterson said that he will wait it out, even up until draft day, if he has to. He also used our recent trade with the Patriots as an example of why he won't give up Green for a second day pick:

''I told Randy that they made a great trade with New England,'' Peterson said, referring to a recent deal that sent receiver Wes Welker to the Patriots. "They got for what we would consider a third wide receiver and kick-return specialist second- and seventh-round draft picks. I told him that I think a starting quarterback is worth that."
Look ... I'm tired of bashing Peterson for having his head up his ass. He's clearly trying to get the best deal he can for his team, so you can't blame him for that. Howevva ... Mueller needs to stand his ground here. As I said yesterday, Peterson and the Chiefs are the ones under the most pressure to make a deal here. They're the ones that will owe Green big money if he stays in KC, and Green has made it clear that he will make it very difficult for any other team other than Miami who wants to trade for him. He's already agreed to re-structure his contract with the Dolphins. But he won't do that with any other team. So -- I cannot emphasize this enough -- Randy Mueller needs to stand his ground and not give in to Peterson's demands. A 2nd round pick for Green is ludicrous. Ludicrous I say!

- The Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov has a minicamp wrap-up and also gives a shoutout to Cam Cameron's good-guy approach in contrast to Nick Saban's assholeishness:
"It is a pleasure to actually have press conferences again -- and not press
confrontations -- like we did with Nick Saban on a regular basis. Clearly,
Cameron is more comfortable in his skin than Saban, who has some serious issues
with public speaking and a clear distrust for everybody - not just media.
Cameron charms us with hokey sayings and compliments our questions without
answering them, but it's still nice to lose the daily tension that Saban brought
with him. The Alabama reporters can deal with that now. The players seem more
relaxed, too."
Fialkov (damn that's a pain in the ass to spell correctly) also writes that the verteran players on defense are still distrustful of Manny Wright until he can prove he's mature. He also reports that Anthony Alabi will get a shot at the left tackle position. And he gives some positive news about the Fins' secondary:

"Let's hope that no team decides to throw a lot of money at restricted free
agent safety Yeremiah Bell because he proved that he's a playmaker once Saban
finally started playing him last season. I believe that a more relaxed Jason
Allen will display the athleticism at corner now that Saban isn't sitting on his
shoulder pads. He's a huge corner and hard-hitter. A healthy Travis Daniels will
also improve this season so the defense is absolutely set."
- Armando Salguero predicts on his blog today that the Dolphins will take Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, if he should fall to No. 9:
"If Peterson is there, the Dolphins take him, assuming someone like Brady Quinn
or JaMarcus Russell are already off the board...I've been told the Dolphins are
not going to fall into the trap of counting on Ricky Williams ever again."
At first glance, this sounds batshit crazy. And no doubt there will be cries for Mueller's head if he were to draft Peterson. But if the scouts and "experts" are right about him, Peterson is going to be the next great running back in the NFL. And given the precarious spot the No. 9 pick is, and given the fact that the FO is not in love with Levi Brown and the fact that many feel WR Ted Ginn Jr. is a big risk to take at 9 and given the fact that Peterson is ranked in the top 5 in this year's draft prospect class ... it's not all that crazy. There are needs aplenty on the Fins. So it'll all come down to drafting to fill needs or drafting the best player available. It's an interesting little argument Salguero makes here.
- Speaking of the No. 9 pick -- here is ESPN's All Time Best No. 9 Picks in Draft History.
Fox Sports' Adam Schein writes about Brady Quinn and places the Dolphins as one of the teams likely to land him. He also suggests that if (when) the Dolphins get Green, drafting Quinn or another QB will not be on the Dolphins' agenda -- which makes no sense to me. Of course it will! Besides, the FO has already said they plan to draft a QB sometime during the first day. Schein also points out that Quinn says the Dolphins have shown the most enthusiasm for his services and that Quinn loves Cam Cameron's cerebral approach to the game:

"I actually think this is the best fit for Quinn. He can deal with the pressure
of being, yet again in South Florida, the next Dan Marino. And Quinn raved about
his meetings with Cam Cameron and the Dolphin brass and says Miami has, perhaps, shown the most interest in him. He loved the cerebral nature of Cameron and the Dolphin brass in the interviews."
Cameron and Quinn seem to be a match made in heaven. And I've read and heard that Cam is really high on Quinn. I wouldn't be surpised if the coach somehow convinces Mueller to make a move up the board to get him. The door is still very much open -- not by much -- but still.


- Taking a somewhat uncomfortable, but necessary, break from Dolphins news and Patriot-fan bashing for a second ... Fanhouse blogger Nick Dallamora is a student at Virginia Tech. He posted a piece on his experience during yesterday's horrible tragedy up in Blacksburg. It’s a poignant -- albeit frightening --first-hand account that really brings home the overwhelming feelings of distress, fear and, ultimately, profound sorrow for the students of Virginia Tech and their families. Give it a read.

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Dude, I hope you're still on board with the drafting the best player available idea when that player turns out to be Willis, Okoye, or Landry.

I think Brown is going to be gone along with Peterson and Quinn. And Ginn definitely won't be the best player available.
Those are three great names, Brian. I'm all for getting best available player -- especially if Landry is there -- it's just there are sooo many needs on offense. Still, you make a great point.

Man the No. 9 pick is such a crappy place to be with what this team needs.
I say trade up or trade down.

I'm all for addressing the offense with our first pick, but I really don't like the idea of Ginn or Brown at 9.
I know we need everything including the kitchen sink but trading up for Quinn?...I dunno, this FO is crazy enough to do it but if we have a very capable QB in the later rounds, why not go with that...I think Quinn would be great, not so sure about Ginn. That Peterson nugget was very interesting to ponder though...

I'm not completely against Quinn as he does have some things on his side of the argument
1) he WANTS to play in Miami
2) he has already played for a
NFL coach
3) he WANTS to prove he is
better than critics say
4) he is LB strong and smrt
enough to go to ND (no easy

I agree dude #9 sucks hairy ones
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