Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicago Rolls, Heat Down 0-2

Heat Fall to the Bulls 0-2

Random thoughts from Game 2:

- D-Wade is half the player he should be. This is no longer about Wade’s usual struggles against the Chicago defense. This is about a super star being hobbled by injuries. The bum shoulder and the knee tendonitis are killing his game.

- The Heat look old. This exactly what I lamented about when I previewed the 2007 season. Miami did nothing to get younger in the off-season or before the trade deadline. Pat Riley’s often stubborn insistence to stick with veteran players is now biting us in the ass. Zo looks spent, Gary Payton is 756 years old and Jason Williams is a mess. He injured his foot in Game 1 -- I know, shocking! -- and has turned into Sucky McSuckerson ever since.

- I’m all for the love fest we fans throw at Eddie Jones. But it’s time to say it: He’s playing with the deer in the headlights look right now. He’s lost out there.

- Say, here’s an idea: Why not start the NBA’s best 3-point shooter?


- It’s bad when we’re looking for James Posey to bail us out.

- We need more effort from the Crushernaut. He’s been invisible the last two games.

- Can’t believe I’m saying it, but ‘Toine’s hustle has me wanting him to start Game 3. Jesus, that's desperate. But true. This Bulls team is an energetic bunch and we need good ole Leroy Jenkins to provide some kind of spark for the geriatric Heaters.

- Games 2 and 3 are now suddenly the proverbial “must win games.” We win our home games, it’s a whole new series where anything can happen.

- Frustrated but not worried. These are the champions. I fully expect them to act like it in the next two games. But urgency is the key word.
And Rebounds.


It sucks but we need to win Game 3. We lose that, we're fucked. It's no secret. I'll come in to work and take down the front page of the Miami Herald I've had up all year...sux.

We need to blow them the fuck out in Game 3.
I'm a little disturbed by the "passiveness" of some players after last night. They seem to think they're OK and can come back from 0-2 like it's the easiest thing in the world. I know they did it last year but that looks like a different team than last year's: older, more hobbled and a 1/2 of Dwyane Wade running around. Game 2 is when the road team is supposed to turn it on and split the series. Now we have to protect home court and hope to get a win sometime IN Chicago, or else it's an early exit for the champs.





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