Thursday, April 26, 2007

Culpepper Issues Statement

Daunte Culpepper issued a statement about his health and his status as a Dolphin via an e-mail to Sun-Sentinel beat writers. Funny, why didn't I get an e-mail from C-Pep?

Here are some of the highlights:
"As it pertains to being traded or released I don't get to make that call so I will await the Dolphins decision. I am sure that they will do what is in the best interest of the team. While those decisions are being made, I am continuing to do everything I can to prepare to play at the level of expectations of the Dolphins (if they keep me) ...

"When I was cleared to practice and play ahead of schedule that meant that my ligaments were stable. However, I was not 100% by anyone's evaluation in terms of mobility. During the Buffalo game of 2006, while being tackled, I injured my knee cap which had nothing to do with my three ligaments. ...

"As I continued to rehab during the 2006 season the pain under my knee cap did not go away. I visited my surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who gave me good news and bad news. The good news was that my initial three surgically repaired ligaments were progressing very well. The bad news was that I would need a scope procedure to fix the knee cap pain. The thought was that since I was in the midst of healing and not expected to play I might as well get it fixed. Dr. Andrews let me know that it would be 4-6 months of healing. In comparison to the major surgery to fix three ligaments this procedure was considered to be 'minor'. ...

"I plan on playing at a high level for a lot longer in this league, so I want to do what is necessary to get healthy and stay healthy. ... "

My thoughts: The only thing new I can gather from this is that Culpepper hurt his knee cap and, according to him, Nick Saban benched him because of that. Meaning his being benched in favor of that gun-slinger Joey Harrington had nothing to do with A.) his surgically repaired knee -- you know the one that blew up in Minnesota -- not being ready or B.) The fact that he both held on to the football like he was waiting for opposing defenses to stop playing and would throw it to the other team quite a lot when he did decide to pass.

Other than that, I gather nothing new here. You have to assume the Dolphins are well aware of all of Daunte' health situations, so they're gonna do what they're gonna do. And maybe this was just his way, as a "player agent," to get it out there that he's fine so that once he is cut (or traded) he can land somewhere and still be affective. (*cough* Oakland)

Your thoughts?


Yup. This is a PR move. I think he knows he's about to get axed and he wants to put it out there that he's still good to go for anybody who will give him a shot. It's all he could do as a self-represented player.
I agree. He knows he's on borrowed time as a Phin and is getting the word out that he's on schedule to be ready to play. ANd he's doing it 2 days before the draft. But I'm not buying his story on being benched for an injured knee cap. Once his knee is fit, the Phins (or whoever) are going to have to worry about his psyche.
I agree scott, you can't easily repair battered confindence...his time is winding down. That's a shame because despite everything, I like DC. He came back to early (thanks to Saban). Good luck to him though.

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