Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dolphins Draft Pants Party (Live Blog) Round 2

Goodbye Dan Marino

Back For Round 2. The Dolphins have 2 picks in this round ... so we get to see them f-up two picks in the same round. Very rare. (Remember, hit Refresh to see the updates)

Dolphins fans are ready to riot over Cam and Mueller's passing over Quinn for Ginn. Cam tried to calm the masses in a brief press confrence that can only be discribed as awkward. The fans attending the Dolphins draft party won't let him talk as they boo and jeer and chant "Brady! Brady!" What a mess. It makes me wanna laugh. Then I realize this is all really happening and my head explodes. See the mad mob video here.

Cam assures us that Ted Ginn and his family will be really good. I heard his Mom is a devastating blocker.

More angry Fins fans speak out.

So proud to be a Miami Dolphin fan.

Still with me? Let's go. Onto Round 2 ...

3oth Pick: San Diego Chargers select... WR Craig Davis, LSU. I like this kid a lot. Good pick for the Bolts. They seem to know what they're doing... maybe I can be a Chargers fan. By the way, LSU is kicking ass today. They're the new UM of draft day.

Bears on the clock... some say they could pick up one of the QBs we're supposedly looking at.

Keyshawn is showing signs of strain... much like a bank robber trapped inside a bank with the cops and SWAT outside. He's been sitting next to these ass-clowns all day... he's gonna pop.

Keyshawn just snapped at Mel Kiper Jr.

We could see Keyshawn kill a man before the day is through.

Greg Olsen is going to go to Chicago. Great pick for them. A friend of mine who is a big Bears fan was hoping they'd land Olsen without having to trade up for him. Maybe I can be a Bears fan. They're a year removed from the Super Bowl and their front office seems to know what they're doing.

(By the way, I know the 2nd round hasn't started yet. But I decided to kick it off early in case the Dolphins are one of those teams rumored to move up late in the first)

31st Pick: Chicago Bears select ... TE Greg Olsen, The U

Mel Kiper just compared Olsen to Todd Heap. Heap has been a source of frustration for me on the fantasy football front. I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying...

True story that just happened: My Dad just stopped by. I opened the door and he said, "What the hell happened?"

I told him the Dolphins screwed the draft.

He shrugged and said, "Jack-asses." Turned around and left. My old man drove several miles to tell me the Dolphins are being run by jack-asses.

That's Dad. Always perceptive.

Roger Goodell just told us that this has been the longest first round in NFL Draft history. That explains the smells imminanting from my body.

32nd Pick: Indianapolis Colts select ... WR Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio St. Ted Ginn's teammate. I think he actually had more receptions and yards than Ginn last season. I think I'm going to be a Colts fan.

Ladies and gentlemen ... Mr. Personality! Bill Belichick! He and Chris Berman are making jokes with each other. I think we've suffered long enough today, Fat Man .. let's move on...

33rd Pick: Arizona Cardinals (from Oakland) select ... DT Alan Branch, Michigan

Buffalo moved up to the 34th pick. Traded with the Lions...

34th Pick: Buffalo Bills select .. LB Paul Poslust ... Postlek ... Poscaca ... Posluszny, Penn St.

35th Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select .. OT Arron Sears, Tenn.

ESPN just showed John Beck, Trent Edwards and Drew Stanton. Miami will pick in 5 selections. And among these three remaining quarterbacks, they will take ..... WR Joey Heckert, Queens College... Or maybe a long-snapper ...

36th Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select ... QB Kevin Kolb, Houston. WHAT??? Philly and Miami are officially infected with the Rick Spielman virus. Crazy. Eagles fans are pissed. Not as pissed as Dolphins fans. But pissed nonetheless.

Well, one less QB on the board.

37th Pick: SD Chargers select ... S Eric Weddle, Utah

The ESPN ass-clowns are now giving it to the Eagles front office jackasses. Giving the Miami front office jackasses a bit of a break.

38th Pick: Oakland Raiders select ... TE Zach Miller, Arizona State. Good pick. The Crypt Keeper has had a solid day so far.

39th Pick: Atlanta Falcons select ... OG Justin Blaylock, Texas

Ok. Miami's next.

Some names still on the board: QB John Beck, CB Chris Houston (whom I love!), WR Steve Smith (whom we could've gotten here had we gotten Quinn instead of the punt returner).

40th Pick: Miami Dolphins select: QB John Beck, BYU

Know what? Good pick. He's the guy they wanted all along and some scouts say he's not far off from Quinn. Does this excuse them reaching for Ginn Jr with the 9th pick? Absolutely not. But I'll take it. I like this kid a lot. He was among the top of my QB wish-list along with Quinn, Kolb and Stanton. So I am very happy with this pick. Way to make up for it, Muel.

Also ... I called it! Yip.

The ESPN guys are marveling at the Cam Cameron meeting with Dolphins fans. "Like quelling a mob!" Berman said. "Your first pick with your new team and the fans are already coming after you." Steve Young blurted.

Mortensen just called Beck a "tall" Drew Brees.

Next Fins pick will be #60.

John Beck is a Mormon, by the way, and spent a few years on Missions. Well ... at least he won't cuss in the huddle when Ted Ginn runs the wrong route.

John Beck: Oh fudge sticks, Ted! Run the gosh-darn route properly, guy!

Ted Ginn: Hey f#$% you, man!

John Beck: I'm sorry I said 'darn.'

There's our future, folks. The next Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.

Panthers took C Ryan Kalil with the 59th pick. Damn. Figured he would fall to us. Not that that the numbnuts in the FO would take him or anything. But, whatever.

60th Pick: Miami Dolphins select: C Samson Satele, Hawaii

Could be that the Fins had Kalil in their sights and maybe settled for Satele instead? The Bears Olen Kruetz was a second round pick. Maybe we got another Kruetz? Maybe.

Satele had a solid Senior Bowl. He's athletic and a solid player. He could also move over to guard if needed. A solid pickup, especially if he can help fill the gaps we have on OL.

Third Round

71st Pick: Miami Dolphins select: RB Lorenzo Booker, FSU

This could be a potential steal pick. Obviously they had Booker rated higher than Michael Bush. Many scouts say he was mis-used at FSU and played behind a poor offensive line. He was expected to be another Warrick Dunn. Booker is a fast player who should be a nice change-of-pace back behind Ronnie Brown. Miami is adding speed to this team, that's for sure.

So now, what happens to Ricky Williams? He'll likely be reinstated. But maybe he becomes trait bait?

And when do we start addressing the secondary and offensive tackle?

Dolphins' next pick: 4th round, # 108


I love how Cam says Ginn's "gonna be a terrific punt returner for us." Jesus Christ. We used the 9th overall pick in the draft for a punt returner. As oppossed to, you know, a franchise QB.
Your Dad is a smart man.
Great Will Farrell clip, by the way. I've never seen that before. Is he a Marino fan?
Looks like all of the other QBs will be available when Miami picks here. Eagles, Bears, Raiders, Falcons...
Wow. Kevin Kolb to the Eagles? What does that tell McNabb when you draft a QB with your first pick?
Yea Dude you called it.

Nice pick. But it does not excuse their dumb ass first rounder.
Good call on Beck, Dude.

These picks are all big gambles. If Ginn Jr. becomes the next Randy Moss and Beck becomes the next Danny Boy, then we'll all be hailing Randy as a genius. If not and Quinn wins Super Bowls with Cleveland... heads will roll. Litterally.
Did Cam say Ginn's going to be a tremendous punt returner???

He didn't say receiver.

He said "punt returner."

We spent a top 10 pick on a punt returner.

Excuse me while I get this dick out of my ass cuz we Dolfans just got fucked!
i've got to believe in my heart of hearts that this Beck kid is as good as they say he is because for the life of me, why Ginn at #9, I mean Okeye? Hello, offensive lineman if you're not gonna pick marv said, we'll either be celebrating the Muel's genius or asking for his head...
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