Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perspective: Ginn & Beck Could Be Real Deal

I was able to calm down and re-think the Dolphins draft. Read my article over at The Phish Tank where I re-cap the first day and make an argument that maybe the Fins made the right moves after all.


I told my mom (Fins biggest fan in NW Florida)that for them to pass up on BQ when he was sitting there waiting for us to take him was sign of the FO's confidence in what he could bring...there were 4 other QB's out there with less sexier names whom the Fins were considering and they went with Beck...

after reading Dude's article at the tank, I have confidence in what they're trying to do...who knows (and i'm reaching here) maybe it'll be the second coming of "The Great One to the Mark's brothers) Ginn is fast and he's only gonna inspire Chambers to be that much better...

shocked...but not dissapointed.

Ginn's speed will stretch the field and opening things up for Chambers. And don't expect any jealousy between the two, they have been friends since childhood. I think Chambers will have a bounce back year.

I think we added some good pieces in this draft. Time will tell if we made the right call, but Ginn should be a weapon. Beck should give us some hope. I'm with you LP, shocked but not dissapointed.

The only thing I wish is that we drafted a TE. There were 5-10 decent ones out there.
i hear ya NY, we need a TE because i'm not so sure about "no face"...I can't wait for pre-season to get a gander at these boys...
here is something numbers to compare. There is another receiver in the league that is undersized, underweight for his position, yet is a perennial pro-bowler and future first ballot hall of famer. That's right, it's Marvin Harrison. Compare him to Ginn for one sec.

Harrison - 6'0" (generous, at best)
Ginn - 5'11 1/4

Harrison - 180 lbs (yeah, sure)
Ginn - 178 lbs

Harrison - 4.3s coming out of college
Ginn - 4.3s with more quickness

I know it's a little early to make this comparison but the numbers are remarkably similar. Sure, Harrison has better hands and has played with another future hall of famer, Manning, but just on paper, the two are eerily similar. If Ginn can be 3/4 of the player that Harrison is, I think he was worth the pick.

Also, remember the Monday Night game last season, Arizona v. Chicago? The Bears turned the ball over SIX TIMES! and still won the game. Why? Because they got two returns for TDs from Hester and one return on defense. Hester returned scored 6 TDs on returns last year, not including the playoffs. Players that can change the game anytime they touch the ball are highly coveted in this league and I think the Dolphins may have one in Ginn.





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