Friday, April 20, 2007

Dolphins Fire RB Coach Bobby Williams

The Dolphins have fired RB coach Bobby Williams. Williams, if you recall, was asked by Nick Saban to come join him and his staff in Alabama (or Alabami, if you prefer). Williams decided, instead, to stay with the Dolphins. The Dolphins did say they would honor his contract this year but gave Willaims the boot anyway.
The timing is a little strange because teams fire guys right when the season ends or right when the new guy arrives. Doing it right before the draft and when most teams' staffs are already set is a little shady. But I guess they have their reasons.

By the way, Miami's rushing attack was ranked 22nd last season. That's partly because 420Ricky was in Canada, partly because Ronnie Brown danced a wee bit much instead of attacking oncoming defenders, and partly because Ronnie got hurt on Thanksgiving Day. And, oh yea, partly because our offensive line sucks ass.


420Ricky... you a pot head, Dude?

Is this a case of coaches not seeing eye to eye (maybe about Ricky's possible return) or is it a case of Cam getting rid of the last of the Sabanites? Or maybe something else all together. Hm.
This is a wee bit interesting...maybe the fins are thinking about drafting Peterson and want someone new at the helm to steer him...of course, they may be looking to get someone new in to steer R Brown in a new direction, like straight through tackles, once we can create some lanes for him...I dunno, this is kinda weird timing...

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