Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Draft Stuff

Wednesday Draft Stuff:

- Randy Mueller says that the Dolphins' draft day approach will be "best available player." Which I completely agree with. Yes, there are a ton of needs on this team and yes that first pick should, ideally, be on offense. But best player available is best player available. If there’s a great future stud there – like an Amobi Okoye – you take him. This is how you build a football team. 1983 Dolphins? They had a quarterback (2 actually) that led them to the Super Bowl just the year before. Yet they took Dan Marino with their first pick. Even Mueller, when he was running things in New Orleans, took Deuce McAllister with a first round pick even though the team already had Ricky Williams on their roster. The recent sexy/popular pick on most expert mock drafts have Penn State OT Levi Brown going to the Dolphins. Now that Mueller has made his draft philosophy known, I am even more convinced than ever that Miami will pass on Brown.

- Still nothing on the potential Trent Green trade. The headline reads "No progress, but talks continue." What does that mean?

Carl: I'll give you Trent Green for your 2nd round pick.

Randy: No.

Carl: Oh. Hey! Howsabout you give me a 2nd round pick for Trent Green?

Randy: No.

Carl: I know! I know! Ill give you Trent Green and ... now listen to this ... all you have to give me is your second round pick! Ah? Ahh??

Randy: No.

Carl: (sigh) ... Ok. Ok. I hear ya. Wait! Wait! I got it!!! I got it!!! I'll say something and you answer without thinking about it, kay? Ready ... and ... 2ndroundpickforTrentGreen GO!....

Randy: No.

Carl: Damn!

- LSU punter Chris Jackson had a private workout with the Dolphins yesterday. says the Dolphins may take a look at former Hurricanes punter Brian Monroe (subscription required, so take my word for it). In other words, don't expect the Fins to match St. Louis' offer for Donnie Jones.

- I'll be posting my first Dolphins mock draft sometime this afternoon over at The Phish Tank. All 7 rounds of how I think they'll go. So check it out later ...

- And, by the looks of it, I'm not the only one in-love with Brady Quinn. (Just don't tell Tim Hardaway.)



ha ha! Carl Peterson is an idiot. 'Course we'll be the bigger idiots if we bow to his demands.
I like Mueller's approach. Filling needs is good and necessary. But you can't pass up on studs. Talent trumps everything. This is why collecting all these picks and not giving any up is so important, especially this year.
IMO I'm cool with them drafting a rookie punter. As long as it's in the form of A.) un-drafted or B.) very last pick.

This Trent Green thing is taking a while but, like you said, KC is the one with zero leverage here. But we can't give up a second round pick for him.

And the "best player available" philosophy is good to know. And now that you reminded us that Mueller took Deuce when he still had Ricky in NO makes this Adrian Peterson thing not so far fetched.
LOL. I love Brady Quinn for all the same reasons you do Dude. He's a great quarterback.

But I also love him because I think he's total hotness. :)
I'm with you Marv, it's like waiting to see what's under the tree for Christmas...exciting, yet scared as hell that you'll get another Poinsetta...(chick logic, sorry)

What the hell is a poinsetta??? Dude you've allowed the MSD women to completely gayify this comment board! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anywoo.. My take on best avilable player -- trade down. At 9, with Russell and the Dreamy Quinn gone, why stick around? Trade down, get yet another pick later in the draft (maybe a 5th rounder since we don't have one) and take a WR like Dwayne Bowe or Robert Mechem with the first pick.
Coral Gables Dave,
How can you say MSD is getting gayified? I come here because of the girls. There's nothing hotter than women who love football as much as I do. WOOF, WOOF, still sniffin' ladies :) Isn't KC planning on letting Green go after the draft anyway? If so, why not wait? Doesn't everybody who thinks Green coming to the 'Fins is a good idea because he already knows the system? I say wait Peterson out. He doesn't want to pay for Green and we should give up draft picks for him. Oh, yeah. What's up Dude. Gotta say hi to the guy that owns this cool forum.
I mean't to say shouldn't (SHOULD NOT) give away draft picks.
LMAO at dave and gersom...a poinsetta is that wonderful red leafed plant you see all over the earth during Christmas...I come here for the dudes!! Nothing turns me on more than a man that knows what to do with his draft picks!!

:) LP (i love this place!)





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