Monday, April 23, 2007

Dan Marino Says Be Patient Dammit!

Monday Draft Bullets:

- The Great One tells us all to be patient. Listen to the Great One! Being a life long Dolphins fan and frequenter of blogs and forums, one thing I can say for sure about most Dolphins fans is this: They're an impatient and sometimes very unreasonable lot. But this is exactly what we need. Patience. Even with a new "offensive-minded" head coach, the 10 draft picks, the fact that this team will draft a QB somewhere in this draft, the aquisition of LB Joey Porter and the possibility of landing Trent Green ... it's going to take time for this team to become a true contender. Can the Dolphins turn it around in one year? Certainly. We have the New Orleans Saints of the world to show us it can be done. But the odds are against it. So if we end the 2007 season sub .500 again, don't bitch about it Dolfans. It's going to take time. So chill the hell out and let's have a little faith. Or Dan Marino will find you and kick your ass. Then he will find everyone you've ever known and kick their asses too.

- Fox Sports lists the top draft needs for the Dolphins. Somehow, quarterback was left off the list. Yet they manage to list a position I personally think needs help but most are ignoring: Defensive Tackle.

- We could be hearing "Allllrighhhtt Miiiiiaaamiiii!!!!" on the radio on Sundays again. WQAM will be broadactsing Dolphins games again. My question is, will they pair Jimmy Cefalo with Jim Mandich as the play-by-play and color guys? Talk about contrast in styles. One (Cefalo) sounds like he should be welcoming mourners to a funeral home, the other (Mandich) sounds like he's high on a cocktail of Moutain Dew, Coke, Diet Coke and actual coke. Should be fun.

- Ethan Skolnick says the Dolphins must take an offensive tackle with their first or second pick. Must.


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