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MSD Draft Pants Party (Pre-Party)

Well, this is it. Draft Day eve. Keep it here as I'll be posting rumors, news and miscellaneous whatnot throughout the day right here.

Also, today's the last day to submit your Mock Draft Contest entry. And a reminder to join me tomorrow as I'll be live blogging the draft right here. JD from SporTech Matter is going to be at the Dolphins training facility at the Fins Draft Party (Look! JD in a bubble!) and will be sending me pics for me to post here during the live-blog. So, MSD has got you covered on all goings on for your Miami Dolphins draft crap. Weee.....

Now ... on with the bullets:

Updated 5:53 PM

- The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins placed a call to Brady Quinn today. Quinn said he received a voice-message from QB coach Terry Shea. While Shea helped Quinn prepare for the NFL combine and this could be interpreted as a courtesy call to one of his students, the Herald speculates that the call was made to make sure Quinn knows he's Miami's number one choice and that they'll trade up for him should he fall pass No. 3 (or maybe even before that?).

This same article says that the early report from PFT (see below 3:25 PM) that the Raiders had a deal in place with Quinn is NOT TRUE. ProFootballTalk. Pfft. ProFootballLIES! I say. Anyway ...

Updated 5:40 PM

- My third and final Dolphins Mock Draft Rounds 1-7 has been posted over at The Phish Tank along with a prediction on how Brady Quinn will fall to the Fins at 9. I also list 3 Dark Horse picks AND a couple of bold predictions. Sheck it ow, mein...

Updated 5:34 PM

- Armando Salguero is confirming that the Chiefs are willing to accept a 4th round pick from the Dolphins for Trent Green. Salguero says that this is a sure sign that Carl Peterson wants to get a deal done before the draft is over. That means Mueller has to stand his ground even more. Accept our seventh or f%$# off! Salguero predicts a deal will be done by Monday.

Updated 4:50 PM

- PFT have addressed what we covered here in what John Clayton said about the Trent Green talks. Clayton said that the Chiefs are willing to now take a 4th round pick for Green and PFT says that that would be a fair deal. BUT ... I say to PFT, "What you talkin' bout Willis???" The Dolphins do not have a 5th round pick. This makes their one 4th round pick even more important. Screw PFT and screw Carl Peterson. Memo to everyone: The Chiefs are NOT going to keep Trent Green. They are NOT going to pay him 7 million to be a back up and he is NOT going to accept a trade anywhere else. So Randy needs to remain steadfast. The Chiefs are going to have to release Green eventually. Or let pride take the best of them and get reamed by paying someone 7 million dollars to hold a clip board. NO 4TH ROUND PICK FOR GREEN!!!!

Updated 3:39 PM

- There are constant rumors that the Cardinals, who pick 5th overall, like OT Levi Brown more than they do OT Joe Thomas. (Here and Here.) Thomas could go as high as No. 2 to the Lions or, if the Lions take either Russell or Calvin, then Thomas would fall to the Bucs at No. 4. The Bucs have said that their second choice after Calvin is Thomas. This means Arizona would then take Brown at 5. So, with Quin, Russell, Calvin, Thomas and now Brown all gone ... what do the Dolphins do?

As a side note, Mel Kiper Jr. and the new kid Todd McShay are having another spirited debate on Sports Center. Kiper seems to be the more aggressive one. No doubt he fears this new young buck who is challenging his draft-guru supremacy. This is why I'll be watching ESPN's draft coverage. Could be that Mel and Todd have a Thunderdome-like battle right there at Radio City with McShay ripping Mel's still-beating heart out his cracked chest cavity while he turns to Chris Berman and Chris Mortensen and shouts a primal scream towards them. "Anyone else wanna dance with the Toddinator? What about you, With Me Leather Fat Man? I'll take you on too, Mr. I Make Shit Up For TV Ratings Mortensen! Arrggghh!!!!!!!!"

That should be awesome.

Updated 3:25 PM

- PFT is reporting a rumor that the Raiders are closing in on a deal with Brady Quinn. This flies in the face of all reports saying Oakland wants JaMarcus Russell. Could be just a rumor. Could be true. Keep in mind that last season everyone was saying Reggie Bush was without a doubt going to be the first pick to Houston. Then they screwed the pooch and drafted Mario Williams. As for Russell, I don't think he's on Miami's radar at all. Either way, he's not getting past the first 3 picks no matter what.

Updated 3:15 PM

- ESPN's Sports Center Special (airing now) has a few nuggets of interest. Michael Smith says his sources tell him the Raiders are going to take JaMarcus Russell with the first pick, even though they are really tempted with Calvin Johnson. John Clayton said that there is more than a 50% chance the Browns will take Brady Quinn with the third overall pick. He also said the Trent Green talks have made "some" improvements. According to Clayton, the Chiefs are relaxing on their stance for a 2nd rounder but are still not accepting Miami's offer of a 6th rounder. So the talks are moving but getting nowhere. There was also talk of the second-tier QBs moving up in stock. The talking heads there are saying that both Trent Edwards and John Beck are moving up rapidly and could even be late first rounders.

Whew! That's a lot of info to digest. But the breakdown is bleak for the Fins. With Cleveland taking Quinn, the Fins lose Brady. With Beck and Edwards moving up and being taken before Miami's second round picks, the Fins lose their plans A and B at QB. However, if the Raiders do take Russell, then that's one less team in the running for Edwards or Beck. So there's always a chance. But if either or both go before Miami's 6oth overall pick (with the Lions and Bears rumored to be targeting a QB with their second picks), then they're screwed on the QB front. There's always Drew Stanton and Kevin Kolb but the Fins don't seem to be too high on either of them (not sure why.)

Updated 1:07 PM

- The Sun-Sentinel's Harvey Fialkov reports that Ohio St. WR Ted Ginn Jr. is on the Dolphins' draft radar. This is especially true if the Fins trade Marty Booker, who is believed to be a chip in the on-going Trent Green trade talks. Me and my Phish Tank homeys drafted Ginn in our MVN mock. He's a divisive pick. But I am in the minority that likes him. He's not my preference. But I don't think he's going to be a bust by any means. All the stuff he's getting knocked for is fixable. But one thing you can't coach is speed. And speed kills.

- The Sun-Sentinel's Alex Marvez participated in a nation-wide NFL writers mock draft. His pick: Brady Quinn.

- Pro Football Talk reports that the Browns, who hold the No. 3 pick, are choosing between Brady Quinn and Joe Thomas (not Adrian Peterson, reportedly). So this means that Quinn falling to the Fins is still a real possibility. PFT also says that the Vikings, previously believed to like Quinn, are actually targeting LSU S LaRon Landry.

- Armando Salguero has an excellent post today on the latest pre-draft rumblings going on with the Fins. Salguero confirms that the Dolphins will try to trade up for Quinn if the gets past the 3rd pick. He also confirms that the Dolphins like BYU's John Beck over all the other second-tier QBs.

- I'll be posting my 3rd and final Dolphins mock draft over at The Phish Tank later today.


What exactly is a pants party? And if it involves ladies taking them off I want in on this extravaganza!!!
I'm all for a pants party if Lady Phin and FinGirl come along!
Only if those dollars are looking crisp enough for my thong! :)

Nice LP. You see... this is why I love this blog!

Friday is payday baby. Holla if you hear me!!
I love this. 5 comments in and not a peep about anything I wrote or the draft.

Gotta love MSD Nation!
MSD Nation = Bunch of pervs.

Ain't nothin wrong with that!
Football and boobies. I like.
I don't see Quinn getting past the Browns at 3. Their need at QB is just so glaring and he's a local guy over there. If the Dolphins truly want him, they're going to have to move all the way up to 2 and that's asking too much.

I love you guys...

LP :)





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