Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ted Ginn Jr.

WR Ted Ginn Jr.

For whatever it's worth, maybe this highlight reel can makes us feel a little better:

You can also read the scouting report on Ginn that we did over at The Phish Tank for our MVN mock-draft. I can't believe we got it right.

I also called Ginn a sleeper pick in my final mock draft.

See you during the second round...


Hope that speed translates to success in the NFL.

Glad you showed that...I don't mind the pick although I would have picked Quinn. I'm more surprised than disapointed. Don't boo the guy it isn't his fault. Its okay to boo or complain to the front office, but support Ted he is now part of our team. He could be a fine WR and excellent KR. I think he will open up things for Chambers and they could be a great duo. If Quinn is a pro-bowler it will be tough to get over passing on him. Our front office must have something that they weren't sure about. If they liked Beck equally, than everything worked out, because he won't be nearly as big of a financial commitment. Beck could be the next Brees so this may be an awesome draft after all. Im curious to see what we do with our next pick. Lets try to keep our cool and give these guys a shot before we stone them.
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