Friday, April 27, 2007

We Interrupt Fins Draft Rumors For An Important Announcement…

One last reminder for you to join me tomorrow as I live-blog the NFL Draft and make a total disaster out of this site.

It’ll be my first time live-blogging. It’ll be like we’re watching the draft together. Except that we can’t see each other. And you can’t see how I look unshaven with pizza roll crumbs all over my chest and beer stains on my shirt. And my smarmy comments will be what keeps you entertained and will make the time go by quick.

Alright, I know, it’ll probably be a debacle… but it’ll be fun.

I’ll be starting at 12:00 PM and I’ll be watching the ESPN coverage. Why ESPN? Because most people don’t have NFL Network AND ESPN personalities make easier targets to bash and make fun of AND I’m a masochist who likes to hear Chris Berman drone on and on and reveal to us the pick exactly one second before the commissioner makes the announcement. Plus I really think Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are going to go 12 rounds of bear-knuckle boxing with each other. AND I think Keyshawn Johnson will be a train wreck of an analyst.

So, come join me at noon as we watch this thing unravel all the way up to the ninth pick and possibly beyond.

Also, last chance for you to enter the MSD Draft Contest. I have about 114 entries already, so get in on the fun dammit.

See you guys tomorrow.

Until then, keep checking the post below for any breaking news, rumors and more false reporting from PFT!


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