Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is John Beck Dolphins' QB of the Future?

The Palm Beach Post's Greg Bedard and Edgar Thomson both say that out of the second tier of quarterbacks entering the draft Saturday, the Dolphins like BYU's John Beck the most.
"The Dolphins favor John Beck of BYU. He's closest to being game ready. And at
25 years old, thanks to a Mormon mission, he's much more mature than the other
players. He's a guy you could feel confident in leading your team."

Of all the college football I watch (and I watch a whole hell of a lot of college football), Beck is the one guy I saw the least of last season -- only because BYU is hardly on TV. But I've mentioned here before that I like this guy. From what I've seen, I like him a lot. He's really accurate, cool in the pocket and looks to have a great head on his shoulders. I'd call him a poor man's Brady Quinn, in that he's not a big name and he doesn't play for a big program like Quinn. If the Fins are, in fact, targeting him. I can live with that.

Here's a brief scouting report on Beck:

- He's very accurate

- His passes are very crisp and he has a great touch with a very good quick release

- He has a pretty strong arm.

- He has nimble feet and good pocket awareness and can take a hit

- He's very smart and a savvy football player

In other words, he has all the makings of a QB Cam Cameron loves. Beck's draft stock has sky-rocketed in the last few weeks and draft-guru Mel Kiper Jr. has him ranked 5th, just under Trent Edwards, with his ranking rising by the day. Beck has also drawn comparisons to Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. And who drafted Marc Bulger when he was GM of the New Orleans Saints back in 2000? Randy Mueller.

We know the Dolphins are going to draft a quarterback this weekend. We know Quinn is their preference. But we also know that getting him will cost them picks. Which means Beck could be the man.


John Beck is actually pretty good. He played in a spread offense but that shouldn't deter anyone from taking a smart, athletic QB like him. He's a bargain compared to Quinn. Maybe not as polished but not far off either IMO.

I'm not sure about this guy, don't know much about him than what you guys post here...if he's the poor man's BQ (and at a bare minimum is at least that good) than I say take him and keep our picks if he's available...I like BQ but I like picks too!

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