Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Patriots Fans Are The Best

This is the "pizza-throwing" video from yesterday's Angels-Red Sox game. Most of you have seen it by now, I'm sure. But if you haven't, then why not waste 3 and a half minutes of your life and watch it now? (the NESN coverage is hilarious). You won't regret it.

"It's ultimately a tale of fans shit-talking each other
and one beleaguered Boston girlfriend just trying to keep the peace while her
drunken Red Sox boyfriend wants to fight. Basically, the guy who missed the ball
and received the pizza toss had, earlier in the game, been mocking the pizza
tosser for eating a pizza in the stands. So when he missed the foul ball, all
was fair game." [

One of the greatest mysteries of the Universe to me is not The wonders of DNA or Is there a God? or What's the meaning of life? or Will there ever be peace on Earth? No. The greatest mystery to me will always be why ... why on God's green earth ... oh dear Sweet Baby Jesus please explain to me why ... why have these New England uber-douchebags been able to enjoy 3 goddamned Super Bowl winning teams in the last 7 years while we've been suffering for 35 years waiting for just ONE???

Karma is a bitch. A mean-spirited bitch.


Fucking douchebags! Or should I say douchebaaaaahgs!
"uber-New England"?
That's funny. And stupid. Doesn't a stadium pizza cost something like 7 bucks? And what a f-ed up thing to get ejected for. What did you get ejected for, Johnny? Did you punch a guy out?

"No, I got ejected for throwing a pizza at another dude."

whoops. I placed my "uber" in the wrong place. corrected. thanks.
If you ever go to a Heat-Celtics game, you get to see this kind of thing first hand. Boston fans are not just obnoxious, they're drunk-off-their-asses-obnoxious, which makes it less irritating and more funny and embarrassing for them. Still, throwing a pizza slice at someone and then almost going to blows over it is over the top hilarious. Classic.
man, $5 beer lost, $9 pizza thrown. what a waste.

i love the sox announcers. they make the video 10X funnier.

Prior to the 2004 miracle, they probably thought the same thing about that tacky, no-fan-base, 10 year old franchise, bullshit team called the Marlins - and I couldn't be happier to rub it in any of their ghost-like, dumbfuck faces any time I got the chance.

In the bar up here where I watch the Fins, there's a Patriots-fan couple that always says stupid shit out loud whenever we play them. I have thought of punching both of their fucking faces on numerous occasions and after several second half 'Caucasians' (as is our tradition). I'll punch the bitch, too, cuz with her stupid Patriots hat she looks like a carpet-muncher. Yea, they really bring out the worst in me.
Roro: Do they also give you shit every time Jason Taylor tears Brady a new one?
I think we should send Lady Phin to go kick that Patriot fan chick's ass. The one that harasses roro kid..
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