Friday, April 06, 2007

This Week In the MSD (4/2-6)

Well, the weekend is upon us. Finally. So let us review the week that was...

- So long Olindo Mare. We lost a guy who can’t kick on dirt, or short grass, or long grass, or fake grass. But we re-gained a 340 lbs. defensive lineman and a second 6th round pick. Everybody wins, really.

- The Heat blew not one but two double-digit 4th quarter leads. And still managed to win both games. Hear that sound Canada? That’s the sound of Pat Riley and his fake hip on your heals!

- Dontrelle Willis: Friend of single mom strippers the world over.

- I called out the World Champion Heat to start behaving so. And Antoine Walker agrees with me! Holy S#&+!!

- The Dolphins still don’t have a quarterback

- The Heat have clinched! Yay!

- David Carr is now a Panther. Trent Green will probably be a Dolphin sometime next week. Any other washed up, injured quarterbacks out there we can finagle for a draft pick or two? Hey, we have 9 picks to give away folks!

- D-Wade will be a sixth man. I can handle that.

That's it for this week. The Marlins home opener is tonight against the winless Phillies. Don’t forget to enter the MSD Mock Draft Contest. I’ve gotten a good amount of e-mails from a bunch of you already. But more of you need to join in on pants party!

Be sure to check The Phish Tank next week. I’ll be posting several articles dealing with the Dolphins draft situation and what I think they should and will do. Plus, (the 'Tank's network) is having their annual NFL mock draft and the Dolphins – represented by The Phish Tank – will be making their draft pick a week from today. So check that out.

Have a great weekend everybody! And Happy Easter!


I just heard that the Pats released Corey Dillon (this is probably old news but i just crawled out from under a rock)..Dude, was wondering what the likelihood would be that the Fins would talk to Dillon? (if Ricky doesn't come back...I heard a snippet of Ricky's interview with Dan Patrick and he seems kinda nonchalant about coming back to Miami, he basically said he wants to play and doesn't care where it is, he's sure someone will pick him up if the fins don't want him back---

would love to hear thoughts about this situation...

I doubt very much that we'd get Dillon. He's a malcontent and he's washed up (although the whole washed up thing doesn't seem to stop this front office). He asked the Patriots to release him because he wants to be the primary back somewhere else. And yea, he's been out of there for a while and teams aren't exactly knocking eachother over to sign him.

If the Dolphins are going to get a 2nd RB, it'll probably be during the draft. If not, they'll sign somebody's cap casualty. But I think Ricky will be a Dolphin in '07 unless the Fins trade him. And his nonchalant tone? That's just his normal way of speaking, isn't it?
Well said. That is Ricky's way of speaking. I think he wants to play for the Dolphins, but wouldn't be surprised if they traded him. DC talking to the Sun-Sentinel really begs the question What exactly are we doing with the QB situation? I guess Cleo will get most of the snaps with the first team during minicamp, right? I speculated a while ago that maybe the FO wanted to bring in Green as a mentor to help DC learn Cam's offensive system quicker. Well it seems DC may not even make it onto the field. Okay, okay that's enough for now. I'll talk to you later Dude. Oh, and a special hello to Lady phin. We're still all dogs here sniffin :-)
Thanks Dude....and yeah, I guess that is Ricky's normal way of speaking :)

Hello to you as well Gersom :) and yeah, I feel the draft from my dress being lifted up by the bloodhounds :)

woof! woof! //pant pant//
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