Friday, April 06, 2007

Sixth Man

D-Wade is likely to come off the bench when he returns next week.

''Probably. That's a good possibility to see how he's doing,'' Riley said Thursday. "The starting thing doesn't shock the team, but it creates a bit of urgency with them. He could start. He could come off the bench. We'll just see how he feels.''

''I don't want to [start or play extended minutes] anyway,'' Wade said Thursday. "Me and Coach have an understanding my first game or so with how many minutes I'll play. It won't matter if I come off the bench or not. I just want to get into a flow a little
bit so I can hit my stride when we get into the playoffs.''

Perhaps he can come in right when the Heat have a 15 or 18 point lead against their respective opponent in the 4th quarter. Yea. That would be the best plan if you ask me.


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