Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Posey For Freethrows!

Heat Win – and almost choke away – a Big Game Against the Raptors: 92-89

Chalk this one up to a little luck and some clutch free throws. We'll take it. The Heat were cruising in this game. Jason Kapono’s return to the lineup was a welcomed one as his shots looked smooth and hit all net. Even Antoine’ Walker was hitting his tippy toe threes on cue. Miami went into the half with a 13 point lead. Then, well, they did what they do best – they choked away the big lead in the second half and allowed Chris Bosh and the Raptors to within one with 17 seconds left in the game.

But James Posey’s clutchitude came to the rescue. Sort of.

Posey went 1-9 from the field. But his 13 rebounds and his 4 straight free throws to ice the game in the closing seconds were the difference. My man Udonis The Crushernaut Haslem had himself another monster night with 16 points and 9 rebounds -- making up for his forgettable performance last week against these Raptors. And Jason Williams proved that he is not, in fact, decomposing but, rather, still very solid when his knee isn’t falling off and he’s actually healthy. Speaking of healthy, did anyone else notice Gary Payton playing or was that just me?

And how bout them Bobcats? Huge win over the Wizards last night. The Heat are now back in first in the Southeast (probably for another 12-24 hour period) and within a game of the Raptors for that ever important 3rd seed in the East. If Miami can manage to, at the very least, end the season with the same record as Toronto (and win the SE), they will get that 3rd seed and host the first round of the playoffs. Their destiny is in their own hands.


Whew! Damn we almost blew that game. And I almost lost it. But Posey's FTs came up huge. And thanks to that in-and-out buzzer shot by T.J. "Who Is Chewbacca" Ford, we're in the driver's seat.

Let's Go Heat!





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