Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Marlins Are 2-0. And Randy Messenger Is Like So Hot

Hey, look, Marlins Bullets! Neat!:
First off -- they're 2-0. Scott Olsen said this year's rotation was going to be something and, so far, so good. Okay, it's the Nationals. But kicking ass is this rotation's business. And business is good.

- Speaking of business -- the team's payroll is still at the bottom of the league. Shocking.

- The center field experiment known as De Aza is working. So far.
And Dontrelle and the boys were makin' it rain all Spring.

For at least two nights a week in March, bar staff tells Page Two, star pitcher
Dontrelle Willis, described as the ringleader, second baseman Dan Uggla and
others were known to swing by the Riviera Beach joint and shower the gals with
dollar bills until 3 a.m.

"There'd be, like, $3,000 in singles on the table,"
said waitress Nicole Spelling. "When they liked someone, a bunch of them would
just go up and throw dollar bills in the air by the handful.

There'd be so much money on the stage that the girls
had to get champagne buckets to pick it up. And (pitcher) Randy Messenger is,
like, so hot."

Here's to the great start for the Fish, manager Fredi Gonzalez's good vibes, Jefferey Loria's art collection, Dontrelle's big heart and Messenger's hotness. Good times all around.
Opening Day is this Friday at the Dolphin. The game is sold out. And that's about the only time I'm going to be able to say that about the Marlins this year.
Go Fish!

Update: The Fish blew a 5-0 lead to the Nationals today and lost 7-6. Jorge Julio looked awful in his first save-attempt and gave up 3 runs and the game in the 9th. I would say this post and the comments that have accompanied it jinxed the Marlins today. But then I realized Julio has a career 4.19 ERA. So I'll just chalk it up to sucky pitching.


Holy shit! A Marlins post! Guess we should enjoy it til the NFL Draft rolls around, huh Dude?

Olsen is right though. D-Train and his strip club hopping buddies, Dan Uggla and others are going to pick up right where they left off in '06. Migeul Cabrera is already off to a hot start, Hanley is a stud and as soon as Sanchez comes back from the DL, we're going to be that "sleeper" team Steve Phillips is going to drone on about on Baseball Tonight. GO FISH!!!
I'm so happy baseball has started again. Takes away some headaches I get from Antoine Walker.
Amen to that J.D.

And Rojowill, Sanchez is off the DL and is pitching right now, so he's good to go. The Marlins are up 5-0 to the Nats. Mike Jacobs and Miggy (again) have gone deep.

Could be headed for a showdown with the Phils atop the NL East. Go Fish!
Miggy > Your Whole Team FTW
Randy Messenger is hot?

Damn. Strippers are stupid and easy.
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