Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quarterback Drama: Fins Still Seeking Marino's Heir

At this point, it's safe to say the current Dolphins leadership is not too fired up about Daunte Culpepper. The past few weeks have been all about trading for Trent Green, interest in David Carr and speculation that the Fins will select a QB somewhere in this year's NFL Draft.

So, with not much going on in DolphinsNation lately (other than Olindo being shipped to New Orleans which, the more I think about it, the more I think Mueller can sometimes be brilliant. We were going to have to cut Mare sometime before mini-camps, yet we're able to finagle a draft pick for him anyway? Brilliant.), here's the latest in the endless fiasco known as the Dolphins' Quest for a Quarterback:

Randy Mueller, sometimes genius, sometimes a bit on the boneheaded side, spoke to WQAM radio. He told them that the Fins are going to take a "wait-and-see" approach with Culpepper. He also had this to say about Culpepper, when speaking to the media last week: "We’re trying to get better, whether it’s at quarterback or offensive line or receiver, we’re trying to get better. Anything I would say about the quarterback situation is really speculation at this point and I don’t think it benefits anybody ... We all would like to see a crystal ball for what’s going to happen with a lot of our players. I guess time will tell."

Not exactly painting a picture of faith there. Look, I've read a lot of comments (on other sites) and seen a few posts here and there (on other blogs) that say we should give Culpepper a shot, that he deserves another season, that we've invested a lot in him, that Cam Cameron is not doing right by him. But think about it. Cam wants to win. If he was 100% certain that Culpepper was healthy and right, then there's no question Cam would say so and all this quarterback talk would be non-existent. But the facts are -- as far as we can interpret them from what's being said and done by the front-office -- that the Dolphins are not confident in Culpepper right now. The plan, I think, is to get Culpepper healthy and see what happens. But from what I gather from what Cam and Mueller have said and done, they can't be feeling good about heading into the 2007 season with Culpepper as their starting quarterback. And we have to assume that the QB job is going to be up for grabs if and when they sign Trent Green or David Carr or someone else.

Meanwhile, Mueller said that Cameron and the offensive coaching staff will host a private workout with Brady Quinn next week. While Quinn's draft-stock has risen significantly in recent weeks, I think the Dolphins are going to try to do something to move up in the first round to get him. Whether or not they'll actually pull it off remains a long shot. It depends on how his workout goes and how much the Fins are willing to trade away to move up. But teams such as the Lions, Browns, Vikings and even the Bucs have expressed interest in drafting Quinn. All pick ahead of Miami in the first round.

As for Green and Carr -- the Browns keep showing a keen interest in Green. And Carr recently visited the Carolina Panthers. The Dolphins are still interested in Carr and Mueller said the team has spoken to his agent. But the Fins' interest in Carr seems to be more of a kicking-the-tires kind of thing (no pun intended).

Whatever happens in the next few months, at least we know the Dolphins are going to draft a quarterback this year. And that's refreshing news. Whether it'll be Quinn, Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton, Trent Edwards, or someone else, we'll just have to wait and see. Either way, it seems like the QB situation will remain a huge question mark until this team finally finds someone worthy of filling Dan Marino's shoes.

Meanwhile ... Jay Fiedler is attempting a come-back with the Falcons. Which means Atlanta fans better fall to their knees and pray to their ever-loving God that Mike Vick stays healthy. The more time passes, the more I can't believe this guy was actually our starting QB once. Ah, Dave Wannstedt -- how you ever got out of this town without being lynched is beyond me ...

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Nice summary. It's As The Quarterback Turns. Drama left and right. I think old Number 13 jinxed us on his way out. Curse of the Bambino Part II (Marino IS Italian).

When will this nightmare end?
Looks like a certain Mr Carr is making a visit to Miami soon...

Free agent David Carr is expected to visit the Dolphins. Carr was in Seattle on Thursday after leaving Carolina without a deal in place. One report had him deciding between the Panthers and Seahawks by Friday. When Carr will visit with Miami hasn't yet been determined.





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