Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Returns: Ricky, Big Daddy & D-Wade

Monday Morning Bullets:

- Ricky Williams has taken the first step to getting reinstated into the NFL. So far, all reports say he’s been clean this whole time. Cam Cameron hasn’t spoken publicly about Williams and won’t until he’s officially reinstated. But unlike with Nick Saban, who coddled and visited with Ricky when he was head coach, Cam is going to treat Williams like any other player. And maybe that’s exactly what Ricky needs. And what we need.

- Looks like we lost the 6th rounder we got from Denver. Defensive Tackle Dan Wilkinson failed to report to Denver to take his physical, which prompted the league to void the trade. So we’re back to having just the one pick in the 6th round (and all the more reason to tell Carl Peterson to piss off with his draft pick requests for Trent Green). The only thing we might get in this whole deal is a return of Wilkinson to the lineup. Multiple sources and newspapers have said that Big Daddy just wants to avoid mini-camps (fat ass!) which means he’ll likely show up sometime in August. And while he’s another old guy, the depth at DT would be nice. Not thrilling. But nice. Stay tuned …

- The Heat squandered a 10 point 4th quarter lead to the Pistons yesterday. Many are saying these two are going to square off for the Eastern Conference title again this season. But the Heat is just an incomplete team without their MVP.

- Speaking of … D-Wade is expected to join the team at practice today! While he’s still a long way off from returning to the Heat, this is a significant first step. Wade’s goal is to return to the lineup by the last week of the regular season. Which leads me to say this: So we lost to the Pistons. Big friggin deal. We all know this team is built for the playoffs and if Wade comes back and is quick to get the rust off, and is fresh, and is -- in the words of Dennis Green -- who we all thought he was ... then we’ll be fine. The damn regular season could not end any quicker!

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Having Ricky back would be nice but i'm scared of getting used to that idea, it's like i'm gun-shy...will he stay off the ganja?...any help we could get is great, especially RW in top'll be a killer combo with Ronnie Brown...

Big Daddy is dancing on my nerves a bit, although I love the idea of depth at tackle a fresh gun would be nice too!...

Can't wait for Wade to come back...I don't follow a whole lot of B-Ball during regular season, but the playoff's just ain't the playoff's without D-Wade, everyone including Billion Dollar Penis should know about that! :)

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