Friday, January 05, 2007

MSD Week In Review: Always Trust Saban

-Nick Saban is the model of honesty, integrity and class

-Pat Riley’s knee hurts and Antoine Walker is too fat

-My coaching choices, if you please

-Somebody e-mail the Dolphins with a link to this blog. Seriously.

-Ricky wants to come back and he’s pissing into cups to prove it

-Le Batard loves Saban like Joanie loves Chachi

-Hunt for the Dolphins' new coach expands

-UCLA Bruins fans correct my horrible mistake. Thanks guys!

-The guy who drafted Vince Young could be looking for a new gig

-Cowher resigns. Will he be Miami bound?

-Nick Saban types like he talks. No, really.

-Happy Birthday Coach Shula! Please come back.

-Jason Taylor is the best defensive player in the NFL. You might even say that he's, "LIGHTS OUT"

Thanks for all your comments this week. Seriously, guys – you really came strong. We also welcomed some first time commenters like The Captain (from Canada!), Gersom, and NYDolphin Fan … you guys are welcome to give your thoughts and insights any time!

I’ll post coaching interview updates throughout the weekend or anything else that breaks important enough to post.

Have a great weekend everybody! Be safe.

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