Wednesday, January 03, 2007


So bascially, all the coaches down here are bailing on us. Saban flies to Bama and now this? What the hell????

Update 4- News Conference: During today's 3:30 press conference Riley confirmed that he will be out indefinitely due to upcoming hip and knee surgery. Riley said that assistant coach Ron Rothstein will act as interim coach while he is out. The thing about this surgery is that there is rehab involved, which could keep him out for a few weeks. But Riley did make it clear that as soon as he's strong again, he will return to the sideline.

Oh yea, and Riley announced that Antoine Walker and James Posey have been de-activated because they're fat. They didn't meet a certain weight goal and need to fix it fast or they'll be fined. So the Heat enter tonight's game against the Clippers without Riley, without Shaq, without Wade, without Walker and without Posey. Good times!

Update 3: The Heat has scheduled a 3:30 news conference at AmericanAirlines Arena. We'll know more then and, yes, I will post the highlights. Now excuse me while I go set myself on fire.

Update 2: This from SporTech Matter: "According to reports looks like it might be a full resignation due to health reasons." FANTASTIC!

Update: Just called my source -- yes, I have a source! -- at the Sun-Sentinel to ask what he knows about this and he told me that word is Riley is having knee surgery and will be out for a few weeks only.

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Kill me now. Just kill me now.
2007 has started off with quite a shit bomb, eh?
"Riley to Alabama": That headline scared the crap out of me, and I work at a local news outlet.

Very funny!

Happy New Year, dude.
First Ricky Williams wants to smoke dope ... then Girardi gets fired because he and his boss couldn't get along ... now Saban and Riley.

The sports in this town is a fucking joke. I'm embarrassed.
I don't know how else to tell you guys. I am not going to have surgery. I thought we had a rule about this.
Thanks JB. Happy New Years to you as well.

Thanks for stopping by!
Riley's Knee and Hip: That's hilarious!
Ron Rothstein is the coach. With all the injuries, maybe he can start Sparrow, Edwards, Long, Seikaly, and Sundvold. Hey, where's Alan Ogg these days?





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