Friday, January 05, 2007

Bill Cowher To The Dolphins?

Since the Bill Cowher resignation from the Steelers is now official, I guess I need to address this.
Cowher’s been a popular name among Dolphins fans as soon as we all knew Saban was going to Tuscaloosa. And in my Dolphins Coaching Prospects post yesterday, I noted Cowher as a possible “dark horse” candidate to take over as the Dolphins' head coach. But I did also say that I don’t see Cowher taking on a project like the Dolphins. Why would he? Unless he really does want to become the highest paid coach in the NFL. That’s not to say that the Dolphins job is bleak by any means. You want bleak, look no further than the Raiders' coaching vacancy. Or that Cowher would never come down here. It’s just that I think the chances are slim.
It seems a bit farfetched that Cowher would leave a team he just won a Super Bowl with to go to a team that has a lot of glaring issues on both sides of the ball -- quarterback issues, offensive line issues, receivers issues, secondary issues and an aging defense, to name just a few.
Is there a chance? There’s always a chance with these crazy people who call themselves head coaches in the NFL. And Wayne Huizenga did say that he doesn’t care what it costs to turn the Fins into a winner. Plus there's the fact that Cowher did not use the word “retirement” during his press conference but, rather, the word “resignation.” His reason for leaving the Steelers is, so he says, to spend more time with his family. But many NFL insiders believe he’s going to take a year off then come back to the NFL in 2008. And I agree.
If the Dolphins really wanted him, they’d have to compensate the Steelers since Pittsburgh still owns Cowher’s rights (he has one year left on his current contract). Now, it should be noted that when Don Shula came here from Baltimore in 1969, Miami was forced to give up a first round pick to the Colts. In 2002, Tampa Bay gave the Raiders 4 draft picks – including 2 first rounders – and cash for Jon Gruden. So, something like this can happen and has paid off with Super Bowl titles for both Miami and Tampa.
SporTech, and the Miami Herald each have polls as to who the fans want down here and Cowher is winning the votes by a popular margin. And now that’s he’s officially no longer the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, teams can now officially talk with Cowher without being tagged with tampering chargers.
Cowher may very well be serious about spending time with his family for a year. But it would behoove the Dolphins brass to at least fly to North Carolina and “kick the tires” with Cowher and see what it would take to lure him to South Florida. In this league, you just never know.
I still personally don’t think Cowher will coach in 2007. Nor will he be the next coach of the Miami Dolphins. I think he’s an outstanding coach. But I still would rather not give up draft picks for a coach – even a high profile coach like Cowher – but I do think the Dolphins should at least check things out with Cowher and see what bites. But, ultimately, I don't think he's the answer -- not for what we'd have to give up for him.
The search continues

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I agree Dude. I wouldn't want us to give up draft picks OR money just to get him here. Plus, I think NYDolfin fan said it best yesterday -- Cowher seems tired and burned out. We need someone down here who WANTS to be here. Someone who will bring some fire to the team and help give our offense a boost. Like you, I don't believe Cowher is the answer down here.
For me it depends on what exactly we'd have to give up or how much Cowher would want in salary. The Bucs gave up 2 first round picks for Gruden? No thanks. But if Pittsburgh justs asks for something like a 2nd round pick, then I personally think Cowher's worth it.
I wouldn't give up a draft pick (even a second rounder) for someone not named Belichick.

Neg on Cowher.
I didn't know about the draft pick compensation. Dude do you or anyone else here know that it's definately draft picks that we have to give up? Can we give Pittsburgh cash instead? If we can I say he's worth it. There's no one better suited to come here and clean up & fix Nick Saban's mess.

- Jay
Jay: Yes money can be given in compensation. But I don't think it can be just money alone. The fact is, when Tampa gave Oakland their 2 first round picks for Gruden it set the benchmark for what teams should give up for a coach who is still under contract.

There's no way we're getting Cowher without giving up high draft picks to Pittsburgh. And what this team needs -- more than a coach -- are draft picks. Cowher is a great coach but he's not going to play QB, O-line, WR or defense. We need players for that and we need to build through the draft. We've already given up draft picks for Daunte and Joey so we need the picks we do have.
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