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It's official: Nick Saban has agreed to become the new head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

I'll be posting my column on who should be the new Dolphins head coach sometime later today ... or may tomorrow ... give me until 10AM tomorrow. Anyway, we're now waiting for a press conference from Wayne Huizenga.

The Nick Saban era is over. What a mess.


Huizenga Press Conference

Wayne Huizenga's 11:30 AM press conference addressing Saban's departure was brief but here are some highlights:

- Huizenga met with Saban and his wife this morning at their home. It appears that Mrs. Saban had some serious input in this matter.

- Huizenga said that he wants to win. "I don’t care what it costs," he said. "We’re going to get back to winning."

-Huizenga said that there is right now a process in place on the search for a new coach. He also invited the press to call them and give their input in to what the Dolphins should do. "We value your input," he said. "We need to be good listerners. I'm serious about this." Does this invitation include bloggers? Someone get me Wayne's number. Seriously.

- Huizenga said that Saban's decision was "never about money." And that the numbers in the contract reported have been "way off." (ESPN reports that the contract is worth $32 Million). Huizenga never offered Saban a raise.

- Huizenga also said that he does not feel betrayed.

-He also said that he and his brass have bee talking about possible Saban replacements since New Years.

- Finally, Huizenga said that they will hire the best available candidate -- college or pro.


Good riddance you gutless asshole!! I hope in you flop in Alabama fucking cunt!!!!
Practice bubble ... 21 assistant coaches ... power to make ALL the decisions ... boat loads of money ... anything he wanted Wayne gave him ... and what does he leave us with 2 years later? A 17-15 record, a flammable secondary, a rapidly aging defense, 2 terrible drafts and a complete mess at the QB position. Oh and Jason Taylor will probably retire now instead of going through another coaching change.

Fuck. Nick. Saban.
Sorry ... make that record 15-17.
I want 2 years of my life back.
This guy fucked us royaly. Since he was in charge of everything this team is now without a definitive leader and the team has not progressed in any way since he took over 2 seasons ago. Now with the aging D and the Culpepper thing I think we're 5 or even more years away from ever being a contender.
The only person I can see actually wanting to take on the project called "Daunte Culpepper" would be his mancrush Denny Green.
I wear the pants, assholes.

they need to give randy mueller the power to pick players -- whoever they hire as coach.

jd: dennis green can trade for culpepper from wherever he ends up because i certainly dont want green here!!
TK trust me, I don't want him here either. That's the only person I can think of who would actually want the Daunte Project.
A week ago this guy said flatly that he was not going to be the Alabama coach. He treated the press like children and talked tough but in the end, he couldn't hack being in the pros. 2 years ago we were hailing this guy as the next Bill Bellichik. Now he's shown his true colors. I'm pissed. But I really think we're better off.
Fuck me and the high horse I rode on.

I gotta go ... Mrs. Saban just told me to shut off the lap top.

Yes dear ... I'm coming ....
Le Batard just echoed my sentiments in his latest column:

"Talk like a warrior. Act like a weasel."
This guy takes my money and makes me look like a complete imbecile in the eyes of the entire football watching public! It's a wonder I made any money let alone billons at all. I'm in the process of looking for a new coach but I need to get Saban's dick out of my ass first. Or maybe that's Mrs. Saban's dick?
Boy, LeBatard just ripped Nicky a third asshole.
“The best way to disrespect somebody is to just walk away from them. But that is the show business part of what we have to deal with, and to me it's wrong. It's a bad example for young people to see and it's not the kind of character and attitude that we want our players to represent this organization in, our owner, the Miami Dolphins ... or the people on the team who all have to suffer because of that.”

--Nick The Dick Saban (actual quote)
Yea that LeBetard column is funny. He was also fuming about Saban yesterday on his show.

Whatever man. We're better off without the DickTator. Had he decided to stay I think I may have been more upset. The guy sucked with personnel decisions and would've have botched this off season too.

He is the new Larry Brown.
What a f%$# joke this team has become. I'm so humiliated to call myself a Dolfan today. I was one of those who hailed Saban as a savior. God I was wrong. What a damn two faced lying sack of sh%# Saban turned out to be! And what pisses me off is that Wayne Huiezenga should be angry at this and isn't!!

this ass hole not only left us in the lurch but he litterally phoned in his announcement and wasn't man enough to have a press confrence and had wayne do it for him. now he's on a plane bound for tuskalooska. what a big pile of horse shit this guy is. fucking pathetic.
Well yesterday I said I didn't think Saban was leaving. Like Wayne, I was wrong.

I guess more than anything, what angers me is the the WAY he left. He never showed his face, told his assistants of his decision on a conference call, and flatly lied about it the whole time. What a clown. I'm sorry I ever believed his rhetoric and garbage. Good luck with the cowardly lair, Alabama.
This guy, as we all know, has fucked us royally. I mean, to lie to the players, the fans, and the press is unbeleivable. We have the ERROR Bros. at QB (HERRORington and CulpeppERROR), an aging D that have been loyal and now betrayed. Get ready for the rebuilding years guys. That whiny, bitchy asshole, I am nt (unlike Huiezenga) a Nick Saban fan. I hope he dies of gonorrhea and burns in hell.
Error Bros. That's funny.

Just read in the Herald that Nick the Dick claims that he left the Dolphins "better off" than how he found it. What a f'ing joke!!!

Those poor saps in Alabama have no idea what a cowardly, classless, honorless weasel this guy is. They hailed him as the conquering hero.

Fuck him and his wife-who-calls-the-shots.


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