Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday Bullets: Empapanties Version!

Friday Bullets!

- The Dolphins have officially sweetened their offer to KC for Trent Green. According to Green's agent, the Fins are now offering the Chiefs a conditional sixth-rounder that could turn into a fifth-round pick based on Green reaching certain performance incentives. The Chiefs have not backed off their demand for a 4th rounder. So the never-ending blink-first face off will continue between Randy Mueller and Carl Peterson. This can't end well with Green and Peterson. Carl agreed to let Trent seek a trade, Trent found someone and now Peterson is being a stubborn ass about it. Wake me up when it's all done.

- Armando Salguero talks about a glaring problem on the Dolphins' defense. I've been shouting it from the rooftops since March! Anyway, it's a sobering problem what with the Pats having Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth and that little white guy what used to play for us at WR.

- The Marlins traded for Armando Benitez last night. Here's Say Hey's (an excellent Bay area sports blog) perspective. Here's JD's perspective. By the way, Say Hey's readers probably think I'm gay now. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I just don't want to get on Tim Haradaway's bad side.

- Fantasy Baseball Updates: JD has posted the standings to his league. I'm in 4th place! Yay! Just like the Dolphins! Meanwhile, over at the Deadspin Commenter's league, I currently hold the first place slot and have done so since Week 2. (I have now officialy jinxed myself, haven't I?)

- Finally, my apologies to LeBron James. Just a week ago I, like the rest of the nation, wrote him off and basically said he's not ready to lead a team to the promise land. Doh! I usually take my crow with a side of salsa. Because salsa is hot like me. Anyway, I'm happy for the guy and I'm rooting for him. Because fuck the Pistons and fuck the Spurs. And because James and D-Wade are, like, BFFs! Go Cavs!

-I'm out ... I'm heading out to the Bank Atlantic Center to catch the Tool concert with my girl. Empapanties tonight!!!

Catch you all on Monday when we'll be able to talk more about Trent Green not being a Miami Dolphin yet and when you all can keep hitting on Lady Phin in the comments.

Have a safe weekend!

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The Fish and the Giants essentially traded shit for shit. But since Armando has excellent history here and still holds the club record for saves, I guess I can welcome him back.

Hey Dude you know why Salsa is the number one condiment in the US? B/C people like to say "Salsa!"

BTW I just got a call from my buddy who has an extra Tool ticket tonight so I might be there as well. Drop a note on here what kind of shirt you are going to have on, maybe I'll be able to find ya. If not enjoy the concert tonight!!

BTW our bullpen depth is disgusting now. Wait for the return of Logan and C-Mart. Deeeeeeeeeep son!
It must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa. "I wanted seltzer, not salsa!"

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell Lady Phin we're hitting on her. She'll stop commenting. Enjoy the concert. Time is drawing near and Carl will take this latest offer. I don't see him holding out much longer. Oh, hi Lady P. (sniff, sniff, woof, woof) I understand how you feel about Lebron. I had to take back everything I said about him at work last week. Everybody wants to say he was Jordan-esque. I think he was more Kobe-esque. He still doesn't compare to Jordan. At least, not yet. Did I say hi to Lady Phin? :-)
Thank God we re-signed Yeremiah Bell. I also think Jason Allen is going to have a solid season now that he's at CB. There are holes in the secondary but at least now Dom Capers can do his thing without Dick Saban's meddling.
I mean it's like showdown at the O-K corral with those two (Peterson and Mueller) I can see the Muel standing there with a six shooter, camera panning in on his eyes and the voiceover saying "you got shit for brains Peedey if you think i'm giving a fourth rounder..." then the shot goes off...I hope Mueller gets the kill

Hi Gersom!!! Don't worry, you guys could never scare me away! I love the love I get here, spicy or mild!

Dude, I feel ya' on the whole Lebron thing, I didn't quite write him off but I didn't think i'd see this type of performance from him this year...

Is it me or are the Spurs the most boring "Champions"* ever? Watching them play is like fucking with an epidural, no feeling and pointless...

Love My MSD Men!! :)

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Dude, 'empapapanties' gets a front page mention for the weekend?!?!?! That's clutch and I feel as though I've really contributed something to the MSD lexicon. Nay, the WORLD. Yay, me!

Love ya, Lady Phin!
Oh yea, Roro. All in an attempt to lure more ladies into the comments.

I also proposed it to the Deadspin lexicon.
MSD is going worldwide!!! : ) Yay!!
I love it here...

Hi Roro!

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