Thursday, March 01, 2007

MSD NFL Combine Report: Cornerbacks

It’s that time of year again! Time for a bunch of old men with clip boards & whistles to gather around and poke, prod, touch and ogle young athletic men standing around in their underwear. That’s right. It’s the NFL Scouting Combine! And it’s here that we’re going to scout the NFL’s future. The MSD takes a look at the Dolphins needs (in no particular order):
Combine Report, Part Four: Cornerbacks:

Pitts’ Darrelle Revis, whom I originally pegged as a possible first pick for the Dolphins in my very first draft report, did not workout at the combine. This is very disappointing. Although he will have an individual pro day next month, doing something in the combine – at the very least, running the 40 – would've helped his stock given the log jam at the position this year. reported yesterday that Revis’ stock is falling and that several GMs and coaches spotted him eating at a swanky restaurant, bringing up questions about his commitment and pre-draft preparation. Not sure why that's a big deal but it certainly doesn't help us in evaluating him as a possible first round pick. He has an eye for good food. But that's all we really know outside of what we've seen in his college career.

The other top CB, Leon Hall from Michigan, did workout and had a really good combine. He ran a 4.39 40 and showed a lot of athleticism and agility during his drills. I love his speed and his quickness to the ball and after watching him workout this weekend, he’s elevated himself over Revis on my board (yes, I have a board. I’m Mel Kiper Jr!). I like Hall a lot. He’s got the quickness to cover and shut down receivers as well as the speed to do a lot of damage in blitz packages.

Arkansas’ Chris Houston’s draft stock had been rising before the combine and he helped reinforce that surge with a strong combine workout. He recorded a blazing 4.32 40 (that's Tiger fast!) as well as a 10’2 broad jump. He also showed a lot of agility in the drills, running a 4.12 in the 20 yard shuttle. He also had an impressive 225 lbs. bench press, recording 27 reps (one less than OL Joe Thomas). His name is beginning to surface more frequently among the draft experts but it's possible that he can slip down past the first round. If he does, he will be a 2nd round steal if he’s still there at the 40th pick.

Conclusion: The biggest challenge the Dolphins face in this off-season are the myriad of holes it needs to fill. Some of you have argued for the offensive line to be addressed with the first pick – and for great reason. But I really believe the cornerback position needs to be top priority for this team. Be it through free agency or the draft, the Fins need a shut down corner in the worst way. And, as we’ve seen from the top teams in the NFL, you need a shut down corner to have a playoff caliber defense. Everyone is looking for the next Champ Bailey. I’m not sure there is one in this draft but I do know there are some studs we should take a good look at and consider. Hall and Revis figure to be mid round first rounders. As I mentioned, I like Houston a lot and if he can slip down to the 2nd round, I’d think he’d be a huge steal. Either way, this team needs to address this position this off-season.


did you see that article about Ricky in the SF chronicle?? it's on Deadspin.

Somehow, that's EXACTLY what I thought his 'partner' would look like. That's some Ft. Laudy shit...
haha! Yea I caught that Roro. I left a comment on Deadspin. Batty.
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