Friday, May 25, 2007

YouTube Interlude 3, Bullets and A Hashmarks Review!

Ahh ... end of the week. Three day weekend ahead. Very nice. I leave you with one last YouTube entry for the week: "You just murdered one of your employees with a trident!"

And Bullets below!

- The Marlins and Phils rivalry is one of the quietest in the MLB. What with all the oversaturated Red Sox-Yankees coverage at the World Wide Leader. JD has the video of last night's bench clearing shouting match. Oh and, the Marlins won on a Miguel Cabrera walk-off double in the 11th. Fuck you Phillies!

- Trent Green alternatives? Let's see ... the options here are Jake Plummer, Seneca Wallace, Kyle Orton, and Aaron Brooks. Holy mother of God! Really? A guy who loves throwing the ball to the other team especially in crucial situations ... a guy who is just another version of Ray Lucas ... a guy who can't beat out Rex Grossman ... and a guy who was benched in favor of Andrew Walter even though he had Randy Moss as a target. Holy shit we're getting desperate!

- Greg Bedard says don't mind them rumors about the Falcons making a run for Trent Green. As reported here again and again -- Green will not go anywhere else other than Miami. He has already said he will only restructure his contract for the Dolphins. Unless someone is stupid enough to pay him $7.2 million to be a backup. I am now yelling the words Carl Peterson! while I pretend cough.

- The Dolphins have announced that center Rex Hadnot will move to right guard. Plugging holes in a dam with Bubbleyum.

- ESPN is getting desperate. They've just launched their own "irreverent" football blog called Hashmarks. I've read it. And here's my review: SHIT. The guy who does it, Matt Mosely is supposedly a real-life columnist (which, right there, defeats the purpose) and in trying to keep up with real blogs, tries a bit too hard to be ... funny is the word I'm looking for here, I guess. Anyway, the blog sucks. It's just a desperate attempt by ESPN to corner the market already being ruled by real blogs that are worth my time like Deadspin, KSK, the Big Lead, Awful Announcing and others. Here's Will's take on it. I might change my mind if Mosely publishes pictures of Sean Salisbury's "Lil Sean." Just for the sake of posterity. Otherwise ... too little time, too many other blogs to read... Fuck off ESPN.

- And finally ... looks more and more like it's going to be a Spurs-Pistons finals. Let it be known: Most NBA fans (outside of San Antonio and Detroit) are bemoaning this. Because the series promises to be boring and possibly break the record for most flops and shocked-looks after foul calls in NBA Finals history. Looks like the Heat-Mavs finals last year will be something folks will long for -- when a finals had action, excitement, Shaq, Dirk, Cuban and a bonafide super star in Dwyane Wade.

And I know he's still only 22 and that the future is still very bright for LeBron James. But we can pretty much put those Wade or James debates to bed. At least for now. I realize D-Wade had the benefit of O'Neal at his side and James has mediocre teammates. But you have to admit this: Right now, Wade has bigger cojones than James. Period. He knows how to close out games, wants to take the last shot and has the will to take over a series all by himself. Can't say that about James.

Well ... Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! Semper Fi!

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