Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Place To Find All Your Off-Season Non-Story Stories!

- Dolphins pre-season tickets go on sale Saturday. Hurry up and get your chance to see Trent Green play a series or two before the Cleo Lemon Era takes over. Although it should be cool to see John Beck take his first snaps in an NFL game, albeit against 3rd stringers and guys looking to find a job. But still.

- George W. Bush does not care about black people. Nor does he show much fondness for Nick Saban. Quick question for you: What do you call one dick who doesn't like another dick? An intolerant dick. Zing!

- I think I've found my new favorite blog. Awesomeness. Is that a word? It is now because it applies to the good and noble work being done by these outstanding individuals.

And now ... request time:

Fresh off the presses (no really, it's from the latest issue of GQ), Jessica!!!!!!!!!:

And for the ladies:
Ok ladies, lap it up ... cuz that's all you're gonna get. I am, after all, the Miami Sports DUDE. And if you've been a reader long enough, well, you know I'm all about the babes. So ... you want hot pics of Brad Pitt, knock yourself out. Otherwise, bookmark this page because this is our last and only stop to hot-dude's-without-shirts-ville. You see ladies, I don't care for men. I find them repugnant and unappealing. But that's just me. Sorry.

Hope you still love me, MSD ladies.

Because I will never stop loving you....

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I usually only comment here when addressing you guys. But I gotta say ...

Jessica Biel ... Gaaawwwddd DAMN!!!!

Especially that second pic. Whoa.

Ok. Carry on.

That second pic is incrediburrrrrrrr. That woman has ass and thighs for days on end. She is a true vision of beauty.

I really don't even know how I can get back to work. Seriously.
I'm witcha roro.

I've got a head rush looking at hat pic.

Dude, it is YOU who are doing the good and noble work.
DAMN!!!!!! She makes me wish I was a rock. Dude, you're the one.
These last couple of days have been the best damn Dolphins off season coverage I've ever seen!
That Patriots hater blog is pretty awesome by the way.
Dude!!! Muahhhhhssss...loved the JT pic, glad to see you guys happy and drooling today, your comments made me laugh...

J. Biel is hawt, I can't hate :)

Dude, the ladies (especially Lady Phin) has a whole lotta love for you!

I meant "have" a whole lotta love for you :)
I said goddamn!
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