Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks MSD Nation! (New Site Update)

MSD Nation (not pictured: Lady Phin, FinGirl22)

This is officially the final post here on MSD. The next post you’ll see will be one with a link directing you to the new site.

A few things before I go: FPL was able to figure out why my internet connection has been on the fritz. It’s been like having dial-up all over again. Long story short – wires got all fucked up after lightning hit a tree in my back yard. But it’s being fixed. However, this might delay the launch of the new site (once again) by a couple of days. Now before you get all pissy about it like JD, please know that I promise this crap will all be fixed soon and we can commence our blogging & commenting orgy. So please be patient. We’ll get there soon. Really. I swear.

Also, having all this time on my hands has allowed me to do something I hardly ever do. I mulled. And I came to the decision that I’ll be covering only Dolphins stuff from now on. Sure I’ll do the occasional Heat post but I’ve decided I’ve gone as far as I can with Miami Sports Dude. So, when the new site is up, it’ll be all Dolphins all the time. Besides, there really is no one better at covering all of Miami’s pro sports teams like JD. There’s also MiamiHeatWired, who do a kick-ass job covering the Heat. But don’t worry, I’ll be chiming in on the Heat when things get cranking (I’m also in the planning stages of an Adventures Of Udonis “Crushernaut” Haslem site that will blow your mind. Well, blow my mind anyway).

Besides, scanning over the comments and hits I’ve received over the last year made me realize the majority of you guys are all about the Dolphins. Plus the Fins are my first love and I’ve always wanted to do a Dolphins-only site. Now that I have a built-in readership, this is my chance. And I’m going to work my ass off to make it the absolute best Fins blog out there. The new site will have all the coverage, analysis, humor and general awesomeness that was MSD – but concentrated to cover just the Dolphins – and it will be better than MSD ever was. I know, I know. Is that even possible? I’ll say, yes. It is.

All in all, I have you guys to thank. I have the best, funniest and most intelligent/rational commenters I’ve seen on a Fins blog or message board anywhere. Not to mention the hottest female Dolphins fans. Bonus! The positive e-mails I’ve received from a bunch of other “non-commenters” and the swell of hits we’ve gotten during things like the NFL Draft live-blog and Dolphins draft coverage, the new-coach search and, of course, the Heat’s glorious championship run (featured in Deadspin and TrueHoop), have been overwhelming. Plus stealing a few readers from Armando Salguero has been quite satisfying. I started out doing this thing as a hobby and as a place to vent my frustrations over the Fins’ futility and you guys have turned it into a great place to hang and chat and make fun of Tom Brady while cheering on our favorite NFL team. So that drives me to do my very best. I thank you all. I hope you’ll keep making the new site a regular stop.

As soon as it’s up, that is.

Which will be any day now.


Again, thanks for your patience. I’ll catch you all on the other side.

Much Love

-The Dude


"Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

So get that site up already!!!
Not pictured: Lady Phin and FinGirl22

Then why bother, really?
Awesome Dude. Nice choice on the Dolphins front. I've always felt your niche was with the Dolphins.

So listen to the man people and bookmark SporTech Matter for all your other South Florida sports needs!!!! If not Dude will come to your house and fight you on your lawn.

/end lame plug

Thanks for letting us act a fool in the comments Dude, its better than hanging out at the bowling alley.
Most intelligent and rational commenters? You obviously have us confused with someone else.
Looking forward to it Dude!

Q: If MSD is Delta House, who’s Dean Wormer? Who’s Omega House?
I’d say ESPN is Omega House. Bill Bilichick has to be Dean Wormer.

The Dude is Otter. He has to be. Have you seen his myspace page? It’s as if Otter had a myspace page.
Obviously Dan LeBatard is Flounder.
The Dude has a Myspace page? That explains his absence from the bloggosphere.
I am "D-Day."

JD is “Boon.”
I agree. The Dude is Otter. ;)
Tom Brady is Greg, the Omega House president.
Can't wait to get down and dirty on the new site...

JD, my apologies for not getting over to Sportech Matter more often (will be correcting that!! :)

yeah, Dude is definitely Otter

Fingirl...we should send in our swimsuit issue photos for the Dude's new site!! (i kid, i kid)

love you guys like a JT sack...

That's great news. I look forward to checking out your Dolphins site! Maybe for the launch of it, we can do an interview that I can post on my site to alert my readers about your new site.

-Matty I
Matty (Phinsider): Thanks so much! I'd be honored if you did that for me! Seriously. Thanks.

LadyPhin: You're going to cause a riot here. And knowing Fingirl, she'll be all over that idea. And knowing the MSD men, so will they -- in a matter of speaking.

Rojo: Animal House fan, much?

Marv: I've gotten a dozen e-mails asking for my Myspace page. Thanks a lot, douchey mcdouche!

JD: Never a lame plug here. STM rocks. And yea, Boon seems about right.
JD, my apologies for not getting over to Sportech Matter more often (will be correcting that!! :)


Dude: Good lookin out!

Too much bonding going on here I think I'm going to cry *sniff sniff*
Alright Dude!!! It's about dammn time. I was starting to get a bad impression. Oh wait. That's what makes your site sooooooo much fun. Lady Phin don't kid. Just do. You and fingirl22 keep the ball rollin' here (no pun intended). Can I be Judge Reinhold in the bathroom jerkin off? DAMN!!! Wrong movie. That was Fast times at Ridgemont High. I can't seem to get them right. Anyway, I ready for the next food fight at the new site. THE DUDE MOST CERTAINLY ABIDES!!!!!
Thanks Gersom!
No problem, dude. Shoot an e-mail to when you get a chance and we can work out the details.

-Matty I
Dude, question. Why is noone blaming the front office on this lack of Gnn signing? If he's late to camp it will be the third year in a row. Seems like a trend to me.
I hear you, Brian. It's frustrating. But all reports out of the FO is that they're really close on a deal and all the papers are saying it should be done by this weekend.

I read somewhere that Ginn's agent is notorious for holding out. But the Browns just signed their No. 1 pick (Joe Thomas), who is 5th overall and that should set things in motion for this thing to get done.

As for the FO, they're playing the "tough guy" role by implementing a deadline for rookies to sign. But it's just a farce, really. Either way, first round players are always going to be tough to sign and get into camp on time every year. Just the nature of the beast. But hopefully he'll sign and we'll have him in by Saturday when camp starts.
Just read on JD's site that Ginn is expected to sign by noon today. Go check it out.
Ginn just signed. Per ESPN and the Herald.
Lookin' forward to the new site and having you back regularly, Dude.

Good news about Ginn.
Good news about Ginn(whew,wiping forehead)

Fingirl and I will have to talk about posting our MSD Illustrated photos, if i'm bringing sexy back then I better get my ass in the gym...a little "hard workout" never hurt anybody :)

Dude...look forward to that interview on phinsider, hope it works out!

It'll be great to have you back. Just in time for Football Season!!
You should set up an MSD Fantasy Football League!
Looking forward to visiting your new blog. Cheers from a fat, drunk, and stupid fan in Mexico, Dude!
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