Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Culpepper On The Block

As I reported on Monday, now that Trent Green is a Miami Dolphin, Daunte Culpepper has become expendable. Via an e-mail written by C-Pep:
"This morning I met with [General Manager] Randy Mueller and [coach] Cam Cameron. They finally notified me that they are going in a different direction at the quarterback position. They would like to trade me in order to get something for me."
It makes sense. Culpepper just doesn't fit into Cam Cameron's style and has never really been a part of his plans. Cam just had to wait for the QB situation to get resolved -- and with Green he feels that it is -- to pull the plug on the Great Culpepper Experiment.
Now the question is, what team is willing to give the Fins something for damaged goods? My prediction: They'll eventually release him.

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I hate that C-Peps getting treated like this because of an injury but it's a dog-eat-dog world in the NFL, on Armando's blog someone mentioned we should try to get a 2nd rounder for him then they put the crack pipe down...

He'll be released and go somewhere where they can use him...

such high hopes but i'm excited about our possible future, if Beck fulfills on his much heralded promise then i'm ok with this...i understand the reasoning with Green I just hope cabbage is not on the menu with a side of fin'

The end of an era... or something like that.
The wisest move here is for Miami to cut Culpepper soon. If he should get injured during practice the Dolphins will have to swallow that contract because cutting him will likely cause a legal mess. Cut him now. No one is going to take on a peg-legged $5.5 million QB.

Do him and us a favor and let's move on.
Surely we can convince Rick Spielman to give us a 2nd rounder for Culpepper!
No choice here really. I think they were more worried about some friction between all the QB's competing more than the money.

I gotta say I'm probably in the minority when I say this move to bring in Trent Green could prove to be very wise. Not necessarily for winning now but for winning in the future.

Trent Green is a much better option for mentoring Beck. If Trent can keep this team afloat the next 2 years to pave the way for Beck I would be very happy. I am starting to think along the lines that we need to take the time to build this franchise back up. If that means going through a year or 2 of "rebuilding" or "restructuring" as the FO would call, I'm all for it. I'm sick of going into every season with high expectations only to be highly disappointed.

Trent Green might have been the "product of a system" in KC but I do really feel he has a chip on his shoulder after this whole fiasco. It's a shame Daunte had to be the product of the Nick Saban era. I truly feel bad for him.

Bring on Trent Green.
I only have two things to say to C-Pep. Good luck and GET AN AGENT!!!!!! You are not smart enough to properly make an appropriate deal for yourself. You're the TALENT not the agent. Oh, and Lady Phin; JOEY PORTER, JOEY PORTER, JOEY PORTER, JOEY PORTER!!!! I don't want to miss it again ;-)
Yea, dude needs an agent. Totally agree w/ Gersom down there. (Adam Gersten??)

Anyway, kinda sad in a way cuz you can tell he was really trying hard to get out there. Memories harken back to last year when he was excited to play back in Florida again and I myself was excited to have a hometown boy that was actually a Dolphins fan growing up playing Q for us.

I know, I know...they should just draft me...
By 'hometown', I mean a Florida boy, natch. Not MIA...
Coral Gables Dave: More like the end of an error.
Hey guys...thanks Gersom, I needed that release! :)

Does Tampa Bay need a QB?...maybe he could act as his own agent and move a few hours north...this is bittersweet really...

If you're reading this C-Pep, good luck we aint' mad atcha...Cabbage, er, Green if you're reading this, we here at MSD absolutely expect you to perform at top playoff contention level, we've been a bit testy since "The Great One" (insert moment of silence for reverence here)left...

You got a big shadow to tap dance around until Beck is ready

:)No pressure!






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