Monday, June 04, 2007

Daunte To Ask Fins For Release

With the Dolphins increasing their offer for Trent Green last week, NFL sources are saying that Daunte Culpepper will request a release from the team once Green finally becomes a Dolphin.

Once Green is on board, the Dolphins will have several options, with Culpepper due to make $5.5 million this year (that's a hell of a lot of green for a backup):

1. They could keep him around and allow him to have a fair shot at the starter's job -- the Fins don't have to pay C-Pep until the season starts, so he could be kept around during pre-season mini camps.

2. They could trade Culpepper. But this is highly unlikely unless the Fins are willing to accept bottom-feeder picks and another team is willing to risk trading for the injured Culpepper.

3. They could release him and let him find work elsewhere.

It's my opinion that once/if Trent Green becomes a Dolphin, the job is his -- unless he gets injured. For all the calls by some fans to give Culpepper a fair chance to prove his worth this off-season, it'll be all for not. Cam Cameron has a specific plan in mind and right now Green is a huge part of that plan while Culpepper is not. Once Green becomes a Dolphin, Culpepper will become expendable.

Meanwhile, Green worked out with the Chiefs' first-team over the weekend. Green is still handling all this nonsense like a pro. Carl Peterson is still handling all this nonsense like a complete ass.


You got to give it to Peterson for staying committed to his cause...he's still got shit for brains and we may be getting cabbage for brains...

brilliant really...

Meanwhile John Beck remains unsigned. What a joke of a franchise this is.
I'm all for keeping Culpepper around incase Green does get hurt (in mini-camp or in-season). But you're probably right. C-Pep doesn't seem to fit into Cam's plans/philosophy. The QB problems continues for these Dolphins.
From Pete "Prick"-so at CBS Sportsline:

His picks for most underrated/overrated players per team

Miami Dolphins

LB Joey Porter. And it isn't even close. Why they paid him all that money is a great mystery.


S Yeremiah Bell. When he was inserted into the starting lineup in the sixth game last season, the defense became better. He's a good, solid tackler.

There is a reason the Fins payed that much money for Porter, he's a fucking beast!

I just came again!!






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