Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Culpepper Is Grieve-ed

Wednesday Bullets:

- The NFLPA filed a grievance yesterday against the Dolphins on behalf of Daunte Culpepper, claiming the team is denying him the opportunity to compete for a job. The grievance basically came from Friday's mini-camp when Culpepper was asked to leave the field. Attorney for the NFLPA, Richard Berthelsen, says that C-Pep is employed by the Fins and should be allowed to compete for a job or released outright. Berthelsen also made this curious statement:

"You can't make the club in the tub. If he is being withheld from drills, then he isn't being given a chance to compete for a job." [bolds mine]

Oh I beg to differ Mr. Bethlehem? Bethlovessome? Berthlesen ... that is exactly how this club has been built the last decade. In a fucking tub!

-'s Bucky Brooks says No Face is in for a big year!

"Possessing the speed and quickness of a receiver, Martin gives them a bona fide threat down the middle. And while he has never caught more than 27 passes in a season, he has all of the tools to play the role of Antonio Gates (Cameron's tight end in San Diego) in the Dolphins' new offense. Moreover, new Miami QB Trent Green is used to throwing to a tight end after playing with Tony Gonzalez in Kansas City. It would not be a surprise to see Martin double his career high next season."

I like the sound of that. Unfortunately "doubling his career high" would mean like more than 2 TDs in a season or something like that. Martin is notorious for being fragile. And the comparisons to Antonio Gates is a bit much. But if Bucky is right, it's all good. And when a guy named Bucky says something, it has to be true.

- Congrats go out to former Heat coach Stan Van Gundy! He's the new man in Orlando. We wish him the best of luck and think he'll do really well up there. Until, of course, the Magic trade for Kevin Garnett to play alongside Dwight Howard. In which case, Stan will retire and Pat Riley will take it from there.

- JD has been all over the Marlins and weighs in on what is arguably the best back-end bullpen in the NL. Let's Go Fish!

- It's only June and already ESPN is cumming all over themselves over their favorite NFL team.

- Speaking of, my boys over at KSK tell us that King Douche won't talk about his private life.

- Cam likes Ted Ginn Jr. He even paraphrased Dennis Green:

"He was everything I thought he was and then some"

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King Douche is a Yankee fan???

That explains sooooo much!
LMAO at King Douche...

You live for moments when you see Bucky and No Face in the same sentence...I hope the Buckster's right...if so, I retract my laughter from yesterday's post (sorry No Face)...

I like Ginn too - giving defenses hell in September! :)
DAMN!!!!! I knew there was a dog that beat me over the fence trying to get to Giselle's place! That damn dog.
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