Friday, June 15, 2007

Culpepper Can't Even Avoid Getting Sacked In His Own Car

Friday Bullets:

- Seems that Daunte's fine after his crash. But the dude in the other car pulled a Chris Gamble on C-Pep's '75 Chevy Caprice.

"Both drivers gave conflicting reports about the accident. Culpepper said he got back onto the Sawgrass using his hazard lights when Gary Wolfe's 2004 Chevy Avalanche collided with Culpepper's vehicle. Wolfe, however, told police Culpepper was driving too slow and without lights, Wysocky said."

Culpepper moving too slow? Culpepper's lights were out? Culpepper getting hit hard from behind? Irony is awesome.

- Armando kinda sorta muses regrettably over the Dolphins selection of Ted Ginn Jr. Shockingly, his readers disagree with him in the comments. Mostly some guy named Anonymous.

- In case you forgot, Nick Saban -- bit of an asshole. Roll 'Tide!!!

- Doh! Just a few days after SI's Bucky Brooks says No Face will have a big year, he says Trent Green will not.

- I received an e-mail from filmmaker Jerry Allen Davis this morning. He's the guy who made the movie Dan Marino is executive producing. He sent along some pics of Dan on the set, as well as others with the film's actors. The pic above is of Dan and actor Ron Yuan. (Turns out Yuan had a cameo on the most recent season of 24, which is pretty kick ass!) I posted another photo along with an article over at The Phish Tank for the MVN audience. Anyway, thought it was cool of Mr. Davis to do that.

That's it for this week (unless something breaks). Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! And a special Happy Fathers and a hardy congrats to my brother CT Dolphin Fan (seen here) for passing his Correctional Officer's test with flying colors!
Have a happy and safe weekend, MSD Nation!

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Long Titles Make It Hard To Comment, No?
I bet that Ron Yuan guy can kill a man 7 different ways with his bare hands. And Dan is looking good. That Nurtisystem crap seems to be working.

Speaking of, is that John Kruk in the background? that Kruk in the background...

I hate to see a man having that much bad luck but it's like the Bad Luck Fairy is pissing all over C-Pep, let's unload his ass now!

I'll pass on my Father's Day wishes to my pop Dude, and Happy Father's Day to all my MSD daddies...thanks!

Have a great weekend guys.

THANKS DUDE, ( A.K.A LITTLE BROTHER)Your Words ROCK!! and not only does lady phin sound sexy, but she's football savy aswell. let's dump bad luck shleprock before he gets into a fist fight with kurmit and we end up with a lemon at Q.B.
Thanks CT, I'll be sure to put you on my Christmas list! :)

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