Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marino Is Going To F*** Up Traffickers Like He F***ed Up Secondaries

Dan Marino is now in pictures! Filmmaker Jerry Davis has written and produced a film about human trafficking and The Great One has signed on as executive producer.

Said Marino:

"It's an issue that's out there in society right now and . . . it's something people have to deal with. It's a story that needed be told and hopefully we did a good job of that.''

The film, called Shanghai Hotel, tells the story of a young woman, played by Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha), who flees China for a new life in America, where she is sold into prostitution.

Marino’s main role is to raise money and awareness.

No, he will not make a cameo as he did in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Besides, that would just be weird. (Look, that poor girl is being forced to do things against her will! Look, those guys are evil, vile and greedy! Man I really wasn't aware this sort of human injustice really existed. Look! There's Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino?)
But his presence should draw a lot of attention to the film and the issue of human trafficking. Which means, human traffickers everywhere are gonna get fucked up. Like this. Remember when he used to fuck up the Patriots? Yea. Me too. Sigh...
Anywway ... Davis has submitted the film to the Toronto Film Festival.


Ah Marino's come-back game against the Pats. Muddy field, Irving Fryer, fist-pumping Marino. Simply amazing.
Ah Marino's come-back game against the Pats. Muddy field, Irving Fryer, fist-pumping Marino. Simply amazing

Ah...good times, good times...I think it's awesome that TGO has signed up to back the film...

it would've been cool though to see him long arm a rock and knock the shit out of some child molester while the kid got away...

that would be well worth the price of admission






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