Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Done Need A Break

Wassup, MSD Nation.
I’m taking a few days off and heading out of town for a little R&R. Some chillin, some surfing, some kayaking and some reading. But mostly, some chillin.

Vacation time!

I’ll be back next week to resume my inane observations on all things Miami sports related.
So come back and see me on Monday or Tuesday (depending on how fried or jet-lagged I am from the return trip).
By the way, I wanted to thank you guys for making the draft live-blog the most successful day for the MSD since I started this thing. You showed up in droves. Along with all the hits, those of you who commented during the live-blog made it all worth while. I'll be announcing the winner of the mock draft contest when I get back. Anyway ... you guys kick ass. I love you all.

Until then, JD will keep you abreast on all things Miami sports related. If I don't don't come back it means I met a special someone out on the beach and have run off.

Take it easy.

-The Dude

Enjoy it Dude! Nice work on the draft coverage.
Have fun Dude!
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