Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stop The Bleeding: Raptors at Heat Tonight

The Heat host Toronto at 7:30 tonight in a game that carries playoff implications. The two teams are jockeying for at least first-round home court advantage as well as the Number 3 seed in the East. The sluggish Heat dropped one last week in Toronto. Tonight, they have to step up and show up. Miami is one half game behind the Wizards in the Southeast and currently hold the Number 6 seed. The Heat and Raptors are 2-2 against each other this season, which means the winner tonight will clinch the season series and have the tiebreaker if both finish the season with the same record.

So, yea ... big game tonight.

Before last week’s loss in Toronto, the Heat owned the Raptors. Tonight, they need to come out big, start off with a lot of energy and finish strong.

Meanwhile, Dwyane Wade practiced with the team yesterday, marking the first time he’s participated in full-contact workout since he dislocated his shoulder. Wade could be back in the lineup as early as next week, although the goal set is April 16. Wade says he wants to play at least 2 or 3 games before the regular season ends.

"Today was a good day for me," said Wade, who reported no pain or discomfort. "It's tougher on defense, because you're getting hit, [and] I'm getting screened a lot from the big guys," he said. "So that's a problem I had today, thinking too much. I'm thinking about the screen coming."

His teammates are reporting good things after their scrimmage with the NBA Finals MVP.

Dorell Wright: "He looked real good to me. All the moves he had been doing, he did the same things out there. Nothing changed."

Eddie Jones: "He was doing everything everybody did. Everybody was bumping him. He has to get knocked around in order to get comfortable again."With him, this team is a whole team."

Tonight, the boys need to take care of business against the Raptors without D-Wade.

Let’s Go Heat!


Big game tonight. I'll be there. More than anything I want us to catch the Wiz and with the SE.

And Kapono is supposedly going to play tonight, which kicks ass. We need offense!






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