Saturday, March 03, 2007

Your Miami Dolphins Free Agent Update

Holy cow, lots has been going on since the NFL free agency kicked off on Friday. Teams are making moves. The 49ers, the Browns and even the Patriots are wheelin and dealin. The Dolphins? MMmm. Not so much. Here's the latest:

-The Dolphins released DE Kevin Carter and OL Jeno James. They also lost OL Seth McKinney and Damien McIntosh who signed with the Chiefs.

-The Dolphins also traded DT Dan "Big Daddy Wilkinson" to Denver for a sixth round pick.

-There's also news that Miami has placed TE Randy "Good Hands" McMichael on the trading block and are asking for a 3rd round pick.

-The Patriots signed WR Wes Welker to an offer sheet, which means the Fins have a week to match the offer. However, if the Pats end up signing Welker, Miami would get their second round pick in April's draft.

-The Patriots also signed RB Sammy Morris.

As for non-Dolphins free agents ... My free agent wish list has pretty muched blowed up. Let's re-cap, shall we?:

-CB Nate Clements signed with the 49ers for a rEEEdiculous 10 year, $80 million deal.

-OL Eric Steinbach signed with the Browns.

-OL Kris Dielman decided he likes to play for winners and re-signed with the Chargers.
-LB Adalius Thomas signed with the Mother F%$## Patriots!!!!! F%$#!!! F%$#!!! F%$#!!!

-OL Derrick Dockery signed with Buffalo. Again, F%$#!!!

-FB Ovie Mughelli signed with the Falcons.

-That leaves my boy Ken Hamlin from the Seahawks. He's yet un-signed and I'm telling you, the Dolphins need to make a move on this guy....

My expert analysis: This sucks! The only thing I can think of is that the Fins are getting ready to make a serious push for former Steelers LB Joey Porter with all this extra cap space they're making. Either that, or they're already bagging the 2007 season by going really young, positioning themselves for another top 10 draft pick in 2008 and looking at next year's free agent crop. Meanwhile Welker and Sammy will both have career years with the Pats. It's bad enough Larry Izzo has a Super Bowl ring and Zach Thomas doesn't. Crap.

C'mon Muel! Make a damn move already!!! Subtraction is nice but ADDITIONS ARE BETTER!!!


Seriously...what is our FO doing? I figured we'd get at least one of the top lineman but now we might have to settle for a Leanord Davis or some shit. Joey Porter would be great, I mean really great. But as much as we need an outside linebacker, it's not our greatest need. What are we doing about the O-line??? I'm just confused by what we've done, or haven't done. But I'm trusting Cam and Mueller. *sigh*
You know, I thought that sometime today I would get news that the Dolphins signed someone of great importance to the team. But NOOOOOOOO!!! Not one move has been made yet. There must be some outstanding players in the draft (you know, the people we haven't seen). I hope Mueller doesn't show us that there was a reason for his limited personnel powers in previous years. Otherwise GO O-line (whoever that's left)!!!
It may not be pretty but I actually like what we've done so far.

We're cutting and trading a lot overpaid, underachieving crap. We're acquiring draft picks. We're freeing up cap space.

What's not to like?
And I like Welker and all, but the Pats giving him $38.5 million over 7 years is absolutely absurd.
I see what you're saying Brigadier. It's just the thought of seeing a big time QB killer like Adalius Thomas going to NE or losing out on prime offensive linemen like Dielman or Dockery while our front office does nothing but cut players is what sticks in my craw.

I agree that we're cutting the fat and adding draft picks is a good move. But it's not like this year's salary cap will overflow into next year's. Joe Toledo must really be looking good because our O-line is really shallow right now. Maybe the Dude's guess is right. Maybe we're just making space to go after Porter. I hope so.
My Gut Feeling is with yours Dude.I think our boy mueller is trying to cut cap space in order to land porter, while adding draft picks along the way. Porter would be nice to have, but we need to fill other holes here. Maybe That's his thinking, Try and recoup all, or most of the draft picks given away by dick saban.But what sucks here is that were giving up all these players to non-other than the ffff--in patriots!!!
I hear all you guys, my gut is telling me that the Muel is cutting the fat to acquire Porter. I do like the idea of recouping our draft picks. I'm the most impatient person there is but if patience is what we need to see the fruit of all this labor (or non-labor depending on the side of the coin you're looking at) then fine, i'll wait.

But the Muel needs to show his cards...


P.S. It is a shame to lose Welker, he's such a tough little guy
Cameron and Mueller are doing a good job, and it is difficult. They are going to be under the gun because of the enormous pressure they are under. The cuts made are going to critised by media and us the fans, but we do not have all the facts behind the cuts.

I liked chambers as a receiver, but if he is not living up to his expectations, do we really want to keep him.

The cap is of big importance this year (or any year) and with looking for key players like a QB, we need enough room to get someone worth while. I was hoping for Cameron to come in as headcoach, so I am going to trust in his judgement and see if he does what was expected of him and Mueller.
So, Helbourne, do you know something that the rest of us does not? Is Chambers on the dead end, too? I really liked Welker, and think that he's going to be terrific under the fleeping Patriots. Sigh, I share the feeling with you. Yet again, as some of you have said, cap room is important, and the Phins will sign Porter, or else...

Let's see if the guys up in the desk know what they're doing. So much has been happening in Dolphins' frontdesks over the past few years, though, that I don't even know what to expect anymore.
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