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The MSD Miami Dolphins Free Agent Wish List

Tonight, when the clock strikes 12:01 AM, NFL teams can officially start signing free agents. The Dolphins have needs up the wahzoo. Here now is my top 10 wish list of free agents I hope the Dolphins will target. This list comprises only players that are unrestricted free agents. No more giving up draft picks nnndammit! They are in order of team-needs and personal desire. We don’t have a lot of room salary cap wise, so we’re going to have to hope and use some imagination. Let’s start the insanity …

1. CB Nate Clements, Buffalo: The best cornerback on the market. Clements has great size, speed and agility and has immense potential to be the next great shut down corner in the NFL. He’s a ball hawk who sticks to receivers and who quarterbacks avoid at all costs. He knows how to jam receivers and uses his length brilliantly to bat down passes and disrupt plays. And he’s only 27 years old. The Dolphins secondary is in dire need of playmakers and Clements is the one guy I’d target above all others this free agency season. He’s obviously going to be in high demand but the Dolphins need to throw their hat in the ring for this guy.

2. OL Eric Steinbach, Cincinnati: He’s the best unrestricted offensive lineman in my opinion. The 26 year old Steinbach has all the tools to be an effective pass protector. He’s young, strong and durable. He’s a great athlete for his position and has long arms and is fluid off the line. He’s well known for being a student of the game and can be very aggressive and technical. He would make an excellent left guard or left tackle and has even played some center.

3. OL Kris Dielman, San Diego: Obviously, Cam Cameron knows Dielman who played for Cam with San Diego the past two seasons. He’s strong, durable and young (26). He’s going to be highly sought after and for good reason. Not only was he a part of an offensive line that helped MVP LaDanian Tomlinson set running back records in 2006, Dielman is also considered one of the toughest and meanest guards in the league. As a former defensive lineman, Dielman is a great athlete and is nimble as well as quick with his feet. Strong, durable and with a ton of upside, Dielman might actually be the one guy the Fins do land through free agency and he would be a great addition.

4. LB Adalius Thomas, Baltimore: This guy landing on the Dolphins is a long shot. But a man can dream. Thomas is one of the most versatile linebackers in the NFL. He’s built like a truck, is really fast, can break off blocks and is massively disruptive to both the passing and running games. He has a nose for rushing the passer and is extremely powerful. Imagine this guy playing along side Zach, and Crowder while opening things up for JT. Holy Moses!!
5. SS Ken Hamlin, Seattle: Hamlin is one of those guys I think has been flying under the radar because of a head injury that knocked him out for the season in 2005. Hamlin is a vicious hitter who has great instincts and flies to the ball. He has great quickness and knows how to read offenses well. He’s a versatile player who has played at both strong and free safety. He’s more effective as a cover guy but can also be a big help in run defenses as his speed and aggressive nature make him an effective tackler and blitzer.

6. OL Derrick Dockery, Washington: He’s a sound blocker who is tough and durable. Dockery has a lot of power and is quick off the snap. He’s not terribly agile but is a bruiser, is athletic for his size and is a player who can bring a lot of stability to an offensive line. He’s not as talented as Dielman or Steinbach but for a guy with his talents and age (26) could be a bargain.

7. FS Deon Grant, Jacksonville: This guy is everything Nick Saban thought Jason Allen would be. I know a lot of you dislike Allen. I am still holding out judgment on him but you guys have a real good case against him. Grant is a fantastic athlete with good speed and leadership skills. He’s long and rangy as well as tough and durable. He’s mainly a cover guy but is smart enough to pick up Dom Capers’ sometimes complex schemes and do well in them.

8. FB Ovie Mughelli, Baltimore: The Dolphins have lacked a true, bull-rushing, hole smashing full back. At 6,1 255 lbs. Mughelli is a solid full back and definitely better than what we’ve had at the position in recent seasons. He’s a sound run blocker who attacks powerfully and plays aggressively. He’s also athletic enough to catch passes and can break tackles on short routes. He’s not a mountain but he’s someone who I think would mesh well in the Dolphins backfield and help Ronnie Brown a ton, especially in short yardage situations.

9. CB Nick Harper, Indianapolis: He’s had an up and down career but is coming off a huge season for the Colts. He’s tough, fast, plays the run well and has an eye for turnovers.

10. LB London Fletcher, Buffalo: He’s a veteran and the Dolphins need youth but Fletcher is a great play maker who plays very aggressive and brings a lot of leadership. He knows how to shed blockers and would be a nice compliment to Zach Thomas and Channing Crowder. Buffalo is going to want to re-sign him so there’s no point in getting into a bidding war for a 30+ year old linebacker but it’d be nice to have him.

Likeliest To End Up In Miami: 1.) Dielman. Cam Cameron knows him and the Dolphins have made no secret of their desire to sign him. 2.) Dockery. He’s a bargain (i.e. cheap compared to the other guys) and a solid player and would fill a need nicely. 3.) Mughelli. Just a hunch. But I think Cam wants to build a solid running game and Mughelli would be a relative bargain. The man knows running games.

Biggest Sleeper: Hamlin. I really think Hamlin’s only suitor will be his 2006 team, Seattle. If I were the Muel, I’d jump on this guy immediately (not literally, of course). Hamlin is going to be a star in this league and needs to play for a hard hitting, gritty, scrappy defense like Miami’s. Get em!!

Omitted from the list: Wide receivers. There is not one free agent WR that gets me going this year. Not one. Donte Stallworth? He’s a hamstring injury waiting to happen. Ashlie Lelie? Are you kidding? Those of you who’ve had Lelie on your fantasy teams know what I’m talking about. Bobby Wade? Who? Keenan McCardell? Old. Drew Bennett? White. Kevin Curtis? Ditto.


Steelers just released Joey Porter. Put him on MY wish list to play alongside Zach and J.T.
Would LOVE to have Clements. But I don't see it happening.

I really hope they can get one or even two of those free agent offensive linemen.

It's going to be interesting to see what the FO does. Whoever we get will give us a clearer picture as to what direction Miami will go in the draft.

If Cam can turn Mughelli into Lorenzo Neal, then I’m all for us spending some $$$ on a fullback. Otherwise, nah. Spend the money on bigger needs!
And jason13 ... YES on Porter!
No way we’re landing Adalius Thomas or Nick Harper. I do like Drew Bennett. He’s a reliable receiver and I can see him doing well with Chambers and Wes Welker out there. It’s not a jaw-dropping WR free agency class but we need reliable guys down here!
I think we gotta make a run at some of these free agent linebackers. I read on PFT that the Pats are interested in Adalies Thomas. I know there's not a lot of wiggle room with the salary cap but there are a good number of really talented LB on the market. Starting with Thomas and of course Porter too. Make it happen, Dolphins! Let's go Phins! Let's go Muel!!!
I'm sure you've all heard by now but the Sentinel is reporting that the Dolphins are interested in Porter. Hope he's interested in us!,0,5044423.story?coll=sfla-dolphins-front
PFT is reporting that the Falcons have signed Mughelli.
Scratch off Clements and Steinbach off the list too. Clements is going to San Fran and Steinbach to Cleveland. That leaves Dielman as the one guy we need to focus on. I'd love to have Porter down here but he's going to be asking for top dollar and there are like 20 teams with more salary cap room than the Dolphins
Fucking Patriots signed Adalius Thomas!!! Shit!!! What a coup... what the hell is our front office doing??? "Patience aggression" my ass. More like sitting on your asses!
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